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  • 8th March 2006

    Gay pride is music to Virgin’s ears 6

    EuroPride 2006 marks the third year that Virgin Mobile have supported London's Pride festival earning the company a reputation as the most 'gay friendly' of all mobile phone service providers

    12:00 AM — Virgin Mobile is the first blue chip company sign up as a gold sponsor for the massive EuroPride London festival taking place across the city during the last two weeks in June and featuring EuroPride day on Saturday, July 1.The mobile phone service provider will host, as their main attraction, the Virgin Mobile Cabaret Stage in London's Leicester Square following the largest ever LGBT Pride Parade through central London from Oxford Street.

  • Netherlands may deport gay Iranians 1

    Ms Verdonk said last month, “For homosexual men and women it is not totally impossible to function in society, although they should be wary of coming out of the closet too openly“

    12:00 AM — The Dutch Immigration minister is facing criticism over plans to deport lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender asylum seekers back to Iran.A ban on deportations was imposed last September after reports of gay executions in Iran, but now the minister, Rita Verdonk, wishes to end the moratorium as she believes there is no clear evidence of execution for being a homosexual in the country.

  • Pub owner charged for reprimanding kissing lesbians

    Mr Malone denies discrimination insisting that he would have stopped a heterosexual couple from kissing

    12:00 AM — An Irish pub owner has been charged with discrimination after ordering a lesbian couple to stop kissing in his establishment.Judges ruled yesterday that the request breached the Equal Status Act because it was discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.The case was brought by the Equality Authority on behalf of Eileen Twomey and Myra McGuirk, against publican Michael Malone of Malone's Pub in Cork.

  • Elton John’s gay marriage goblets go on sale

    Sir Elton has slammed this years Oscars as the “most boring show ever”

    12:00 AM — Edinburgh Castle is offering goblets similar to those used at Elton John's civil partnership ceremony.As part of a make over at the castle's shop, remakes of the cups used when the singer wed his gay partner David Furnish, will form part of a banqueting collection of Scottish food and drink.

  • Lesbian Homecoming King causes college review 1

    Some students hailed the result as a positive symbol while others are seeing it as offensive to the men who took part and that it makes the election look like a joke

    12:00 AM — A lesbian who sparked controversy amongst students after winning a Homecoming King contest has prompted college officials to review their homecoming rules.Jen Jones, a senior at the school, beat three men to the crown at Hood College in Maryland, USA. She praised the school for appointing her.

  • Gay bishop returns to work after alcohol treatment

    Bishop Robinson caused surprise when he checked into an alcohol treatment centre last month

    12:00 AM — The first openly gay bishop of the Anglican Church has returned to work after a month's rehabilitation from an alcohol problem.Gene Robinson, The Episcopal Church's New Hampshire bishop returned from treatment last week. He was catching up with work and not granting interviews. His spokesman Mike Barwell, told the Press Association, "He is going to kind of ease back into things."

  • 7th March 2006

    Schools must allow US army to recruit despite gay sacking policy

    Congress had threatened to withhold millions of dollars in funding to schools refusing to comply

    12:00 AM — The U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously rejected a free speech challenge to the Solomon Amendment. The Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR) coalition of law schools challenged the constitutionality of the amendment, passed in 1996, which requires universities to grant military recruiters full access to students despite university non-discrimination policies which bar recruiters who discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.Congress had threatened to withhold millions of dollars in funding to schools refusing to comply. In November 2004, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favour of FAIR. Today's court decision overturns the 3rd Circuit ruling. The Supreme Court did not consider the constitutionality of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in reviewing the Solomon challenge.

  • Human rights groups to fight gay marriage ban 1

    A statewide campaign to defeat the amendment will launch soon with the support of organizations and individuals from across the state

    12:00 AM — Wisconsin has moved a step closer to banning gay marriage with the legislative passage of a constitutional amendment banning civil unions and marriage for same-sex couples. The discriminatory amendment will go before voters in the November elections."The legislature voted to discriminate but fair-minded Wisconsin voters will have the final say in November," said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. "Wisconsinites do not want to see their friends and neighbours forever denied the ability to visit their loved one in the hospital or share health and retirement benefits - but that's exactly what this far-reaching constitutional amendment would do."

  • I thought Michael Jackson was gay, says brother 15

    In his upcoming autobiography, Jermaine Jackson, who gained a handful of Motown hits, claims that in the Jackson 5 era there were fears that their little brother was gay

    12:00 AM — The brother of pop superstar Michael Jackson has revealed that he and his brothers thought the singer was gay.In his upcoming autobiography, Jermaine Jackson, who gained a handful of Motown hits, claims that in the Jackson 5 era there were fears that their little brother was gay.

  • New Zealand reports increase in gay unprotected sex

    Ms Le Mesurier said that further analysis was needed but it was highly likely that major factors influencing the increase would include, the success of HIV treatments causing people to be less worried about avoiding HIV; the growth of internet dating, which is hugely increasing the opportunities men have for sex

    12:00 AM — The New Zealand Aids Foundation has revealed that more gay men are having unprotected sex than ever before in the country.Last year there were 89 new HIV diagnoses among gay men, the highest number since the epidemic began and a 19% increase on the previous highest figure in 2004. It means that in 2005 there was one new infection every four days.

  • Kate Moss in lesbian tryst, agent claims

    Ms Moss was in Cape Town for a Versace charity fashion show organised by fellow beauty queen Naomi Campbell

    12:00 AM — A modelling agent has claimed in The Sun that supermodel Kate Moss and a top American model spent a cocaine fuelled lesbian night of passion together whilst on a charity trip to South Africa honouring Nelson Mandela.Gavin Maselle told the Sun newspaper that the catwalk princesses snorted cocaine before getting under the sheets with a female counterpart in their king size hotel suite. He told the tabloid that Ms Moss phoned him the morning after to tell him about the evening.

  • More gay people should be welcomed to the Church, dean says

    The Very Rev David Brindley, said openly gay people should be welcomed into church communities and allowed to become priests

    12:00 AM — A senior Portsmouth Reverend is calling for gay people to be welcomed into the Church.The Dean of Portsmouth Cathedral, the Very Rev David Brindley, said openly gay people should be welcomed into church communities and allowed to become priests. According to Church policy gay clergy should not be sexually active.

  • Unprotected gay sex contributing to PNG AIDs epidemic 1

    An AIDS research group also found that half of the new infections were caused by gay sex

    12:00 AM — An AIDs summit has warned that Papua New Guinea (PNG) faces an HIV epidemic in the next 20 years unless action is taken to fight the disease.Speaking at PNG's first national summit on HIV prevention, Australia's representative for HIV/AIDS Annmaree O'Keeffe predicted that half a million people could be infected over the next two decades.

  • Australia to give gay partners immigration rights

    Ms Vanstone said citizens and permanent residents would be able to sponsor same-sex partners

    12:00 AM — Gay partners will be given immigration rights in a bid to recruit more doctors in regional areas of Australia.The Australian Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone announced that the country is expecting more gay and lesbian doctors to work in regional areas after changes to immigration laws.

  • ABBA reunite for gay rights 1

    Abba are the most well known celebrities to have made donations to the auction so far

    12:00 AM — Legendary Swedish pop group, Abba, have come together for the first time in ten years to sign souvenirs in support of gay rights in Poland.Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad are offering signed posters, photos and music on auction site eBay to raise money for Warsaw Pride in Poland, which has come under attack by president Lech Kaczynski.

  • Gay cannibal blocks film screening about his life

    The case is currently under appeal from the prosecutors who argue he should have been found guilty of murder

    12:00 AM — A film about the real life story of the German gay cannibal who killed and ate a man he met on the internet has been banned in Germany.Self confessed cannibal, Armin Meiwes, 44, who is currently undergoing a second trial for killing and then eating a man he met in through a gay website, asked that the screening of the film be blocked.

  • 6th March 2006

    Spanish gays marrying in their thousands

    Spain was the third country to grant civil marriage rights to same-sex couples, after the Netherlands and Belgium

    12:00 AM — Over a thousand same sex couples have been married in Spain since the country's marriage equality law came into force last summer.International newspaper reports claim that 800 same sex ceremonies have been recorded on computers and that only accounts for half of the marriages performed.

  • Prevalence of gay teens using clubbing drugs, says study

    Drug use was higher amongst the 2.5% of students who identified themselves as gay or bisexual

    12:00 AM — Gay or bisexual school children as young as fourteen are 17 times more likely than straight students to use crystal methamphetamine and other "club drugs," according to research in Canada.The study surveyed over 600 students aged 13 to 19 at Vancouver and Victoria high schools. It found 14% have used crystal meth and other "club drugs"

  • Gay army recruit refuses discharge

    The South Korean army defines homosexuals as “Disabled in character and attitude“

    12:00 AM — A gay Korean conscript is looking to highlight gay rights issues by refusing a discharge from the Korean army .Yoo Jung Min-Seok announced to the press, "My identity, the duty my country demands and my rights as a citizen are in conflict in a world where it is regarded as compulsory for men to be masculine.""I reject the harm done by the macho barracks culture and an army that produces aggressive, belligerent men."

  • Teenager sues school for not preventing homophobia

    Michale Bullis, 18, says he was injured last November in the Grove High School cafeteria after being attacked because he was gay

    12:00 AM — A gay teenager is seeking compensation from his school in Oklahoma after claiming he was assaulted by another student because he was not given enough protection.Michale Bullis, 18, says he was injured last November in the Grove High School cafeteria after being attacked because he was gay.

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