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  • 31st July 2012

    Video: Matrix director Lana Wachowski speaks on film after transition 12

    4:15 PM — Co-director of the Matrix films Lana Wachowski has appeared on film for what is believed to be the first time since transitioning.

  • 30th July 2012

    First out lesbian MP Angela Eagle becomes patron of Liverpool Pride 7

    Angela Eagle will lead the march on 4 August (Photo: Nicola Denton)

    4:27 PM — Former government minister and first openly lesbian MP Angela Eagle has now become the first patron of Liverpool Pride.

  • New condom guide for gay and bi men launched 40

    THT advise that condoms remain the best way to prevent HIV

    3:03 PM — HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust has launched an online guide instructing gay men in condom use.

  • 29th July 2012

    US: Michigan gay rights campaigners launch hunger strikes 5

    Michigan gay rights campaigners will take shifts in a hunger strike

    9:14 PM — Gay rights campaigners in Michigan, US, are launching an 100-day shift-based hunger strike to protest against the state's "extreme anti-gay environment". The strikers, from eight gay rights organisations, will fast for 24 hours at a time at LGBT centre Affirmations in Ferndale. The shifts end on election day.

  • Vietnam considers legal recognition for gay couples 22

    Vietnam is considering legal recognition of gay couples

    9:10 PM — Vietnam's Communist government is considering whether to legalise marriage or civil registration for gay couples. The Justice Ministry is debating whether to include rights for gay couples in an overhaul of marriage laws. It has been suggested that these rights will focus on inheritance, property and adoption of children.

  • New York City council speaker Christine Quinn wants Chick-fil-A to leave 19

    Christine Quinn said she does not want discriminatory businesses in the city

    9:07 PM — New York City council speaker Christine Quinn has called on fast-food outlet Chick-fil-A to leave because of its anti-equality views. Ms Quinn, who is in a same-sex marriage, wrote to the president of New York University where Chick-fil-A has an outlet, urging him to break off his relationship with the chain.

  • Oxford University changes dress code for transgender students 14

    Students will be permitted to wear clothes for their preferred gender

    9:04 PM — Transgender students at Oxford University will be permitted to wear formal dress appropriate to their new sex. The institution has changed its strict dress code for students taking exams or attending formal events after a campus LGBT group intervened.

  • 27th July 2012

    Video: Campaign promotes ‘worry-free sex’ 7

    5:05 PM — Sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust has released an inventive new video showing the thoughts about condom use by both gay and straight couples in the final moments before sex.

  • Liverpool: Two-year project on life of April Ashley launched 4

    The project will use documents from April Ashley's personal archives

    2:57 PM — Arts festival Homotopia is preparing to launch a two year heritage project to research, explore and document the experiences of transgender people in Britain over the past 70 years, focussing on the life of trans model and actress April Ashley.

  • 26th July 2012

    Target releases a gay-friendly ad 15

    Target is trying to appeal to gay couples

    11:33 PM — US retailer Target has been praised for advertising depicting a gay male couple on their wedding day. The ad, highlighting the company's wedding gift registry service, shows a male couple holding hands. The taglines say: "That's Love" and "Be Yourself. Together."

  • Small HIV study raises hopes of ‘functional cure’ 5

    Scientists are looking for a "functional cure"

    11:31 PM — A small HIV study carried out in France has raised hopes of finding a "functional cure". Twelve patients were able to stop taking HIV medication and maintained a low level of the virus in their bodies for a median of six years.

  • Glee star Chris Colfer set to top New York Times bestseller list 3

    Chris Colfer tweeted that he would top the NY Times Bestseller list.

    11:29 PM — Glee actor Chris Colfer's first book is set to top the New York Times bestseller list. The gay star's debut, The Land Of Stories, is a children's book.

  • Elton John thanked Jay-Z for marriage equality support 6

    Elton John thanked Jay-Z for supporting equal marriage.

    11:27 PM — Sir Elton John made a personal phone call to rapper Jay-Z to thank him for his support for marriage equality. In May, Jay-Z announced he agreed with President Obama's position on allowing gay couples to marry, saying: "What people do in their own homes is their business... It's no different than discriminating against blacks. It's discrimination plain and simple."

  • Dan Gillespie Sells, Linda Riley and Charlie Condou new patrons of LGBT homelessness charity 1

    Dan Gillespie Sells is one of the new high-profile patrons

    5:16 PM — The Albert Kennedy Trust, the charity for young homeless gay, bi and trans people has announced Dan Gillespie Sells, Linda Riley and Charlie Condou are to join as patrons.

  • 25th July 2012

    California scouts staff return badges over dismissal of gay Eagle Scout 17

    Boy Scouts of America ban gay members, staff and volunteers

    11:07 PM — Ten scouts staff in northern California have returned their badges to protest the firing of an openly gay 22-year-old Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout, Tim Griffin, says his sexual orientation was not previously a problem.

  • New Hampshire speaker wants another attempt to ban equal marriage 12

    New Hampshire legalised equal marriage two years ago

    11:05 PM — New Hampshire's House speaker has said that he will launch a second attempt to ban equal marriage if he wins another term. Speaking on New Hampshire Public Radio's the Exchange, Bill O'Brien claimed that allowing gay couples to marry weakens families, which in turn causes the government to spend more money fixing social problems.

  • Ryan Murphy says One Million Moms will like The New Normal 10

    Ryan Murphy: 'Subjecting families to moral decay' (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    11:02 PM — After anti-gay campaign group One Million Moms attacked his new show, Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said they might like it if they try it. The online campaign group hit out at Murphy's show The New Normal, in which a surrogate mother carries a baby for a gay couple.

  • Chicago politician says he will block Chick-fil-A stores 9

    Chick-fil-A has given millions of dollars to anti-gay groups

    11:00 PM — A Chicago politician says he will block fast food chain Chick-fil-A from opening stores in the city because of its anti-equality stance. Joe Moreno, an alderman who represents Chicago's Logan Square neighbourhood, says he will use his aldermanic privilege to block the restaurant's permit.

  • 24th July 2012

    Republicans join push for marriage equality in Maine 6

    Maine will vote on marriage equality (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    10:26 PM — Twenty Republican leaders have joined a Republican group pushing for marriage equality in Maine. At a press conference yesterday, state representative Stacey Fitts explained how he changed his mind on the issue.

  • US: Hedge fund managers back marriage equality in four states 1

    A few wealthy Republican investors are backing marriage equality

    10:23 PM — Pro-Republican hedge fund managers are backing marriage equality efforts in four US states. Marriage equality campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington have received financial support from hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer and Cliff Asness, the founder of AQR Capital Management, the Financial Times reports.

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