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Author photoJames Phillips

  • 6th October 2006

    Promiscuous robbers leave you less than satisfied

    The promiscuous robbers have been known to take phones and men's cars.

    12:00 AM — Gay cruising grounds in Croydon are being targeted by criminals who have sex with you before robbing you at knifepoint, police have warned.Croydon Police are warning gay men to be extra vigilant after it emerged the attackers lure their victims into a false sense of security by engaging in sexual acts and then threatening men at knifepoint.

  • London clubs support Hep C Trust 1

    London club night 'fiction' this weekend supported greater awareness of Hep C within the gay community

    12:00 AM — Popular Friday club night 'Fiction' along with a host of other clubs are lending their support to the Hepatitis C Trust by supporting its new campaign 'what not to share'.The campaign was launched by the Hep C trust to coincide with 'World Hepatitis Awareness Day' on October 1st.

  • First Slovenian gay partnership branded ‘awful’ 4

    “It looked more like a car registration, not a wedding ceremony,“ Blazic told Serbia's FoNet news agency,.

    12:00 AM — A gay couple this Friday became the first to enter into a civil partnership within the Balkan country of Slovenia.Unfortunately for Mitja Blazic and Niki Kern the partnership hasn't got off to a great start after the couple branded the ceremony "humiliating" and ''awful''.

  • 5th October 2006

    Polish Ministry will ”not support cooperation of homosexuals organisations” 1

    The policy of the Polish ministry ''is not to support cooperation of homosexuals organisations.“

    12:00 AM — The Polish Ministry has rejected a youth proposal from Polish LGBT organisation Campaign Against Homophobia with the words ''the Ministry does not support actions that aim to propagate homosexual behaviour and such attitude among young people.''This decision violates article 13 of the Amsterdam treaty, which explicitly forbids the discrimination of sexual minorities in the European Union.

  • 4th October 2006

    Debate over controversial gay police ad. 9

    The advert, which everyone appears to have an opinion on, was displayed earlier this summer in the Independent at the time of  London Europride.

    12:00 AM — The Gay Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) is hosting a panel discussion entitled 'Religious rights vs Gay rights: Should the Gay Police Association (GPA) be prosecuted for inciting religious hatred?'Last week the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to prosecute the GPA following their advert which linked religious belief to homophobic incidents.

  • Philippines under pressure to end gay discrimination 1

    Amnesty reveal that “masculinity tests“ or other arbitrary tests have been used to separate possible LGBT students during the admissions process to some schools.

    12:00 AM — Amnesty International has launched a global campaign calling upon the Philippine government to pass legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.The campaign sees amnesty members from around the world joining forces with the lesbian and gay legislative advocacy network Philippines (LAGABLAB-Pilipinas).

  • Gay Indonesians facing oppression

    Several local governments have passed laws making homosexuality illegal.

    12:00 AM — A decision by the Indonesian government to allow regions semi-autonomous power has led to the gay community being persecuted and victimised, reports the Jakarta post.Indonesian local authorities have been granted the right to use Islamic law, the result being a strict conservative attitude to homosexuality often leading to the prosecution of gays, despite a federal constitution supposed to protect LGBT civil rights.

  • Gay radio station wins top award 2

    In the summer, GaydarRadio also received a nominated for the CRCA Arqiva Commercial Digital Radio Station of the Year Award.

    12:00 AM — GaydarRadio was voted Best Radio Station of the Year at the BT Digital Music Awards 2006 at London's Roundhouse Theatre, Camden last night.The London based digital radio station beat off stiff competition from last year's winner BBC 6 Music, Ministry of Sound, Pulse Rated and Yahoo's LAUNCHcast to take top prize at the awards ceremony before an audience of more than 1,000 guests and music artistes.

  • Mercosur countries fighting homophobia

    The Spanish version of the “Brazil without Homophobia” Programme was also launched at the meeting.

    12:00 AM — Ten South American Nations have expressed approval and agreed to action with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity being included within the human rights agenda.The sexual orientation acknowledgment was part of a Mercosur meeting held in Brasilia at the end of August.

  • 2nd October 2006

    Changes to South African gay blood donation ban 5

    The decision comes as a result of a number of changes designed to create a more streamlined questionnaire, said SANBS.

    12:00 AM — South Africa has overturned its ban on gay men giving blood, with one condition - celibacy.Gay men who have been celibate for over six months will be allowed to donate, reports the South African Independent online.

  • ”HIV is a gay disease. Own It. End It” 4

    Despite the controversy, the group insist that their campaign is supported by fact.  L.A public health officials note three out of four HIV cases are the result of gay sex.

    12:00 AM — These are the words at the front of a new controversial advertisement campaign dividing opinion within the gay community.The L.A Gay and Lesbian Center has launched an extensive campaign to provoke debate within the gay community. The controversial advert hopes to highlight what they see as a vast complacency within the gay community surrounding the issue of HIV/AIDS.

  • Copper crowned Mr Gay UK 3

    Mr Gay UK winner PC Mark Carter

    12:00 AM — Yorkshire Policeman Mark Carter 23 has been crowned Britain's Mr Gay UK.PC Carter who lives in Bradford but works in Huddersfield beat 25 other regional winners to claim a years work of personal appearances, photo shoots and £5,000 worth of prizes.

  • Archbishop disciplined over lesbian marriage 4

    One of the lesbians has known Finlay since she was a child, her father having been Finlay's theology professor.

    12:00 AM — A retired Anglican archbishop has been disciplined and had his licence to officiate marriages revoked after admitting he had blessed a lesbian marriage last summer, reports the BBC.The fact that bishop Finlay officiated the marriage comes as a particular surprise as it was he who dismissed a priest back in the 1992 for having a homosexual relationship.

  • 29th September 2006

    Gays banned from church leadership roles in New Zealand 4

    2006 national census figures reveal 11% of New Zealand's 4 million population identity as Presbyterian making the church the third-largest in New Zealand.

    12:00 AM — Leaders of New Zealand's Presbyterian Church today voted to bar gays and people having sex outside of marriage from having leadership roles within the church.The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand 's top decision-making body reaffirmed its 2004 rule that those involved in sexual relations outside of marriage cannot become ministers or elders.

  • American Airlines discipline gay couple 3

    When the couple were called to meet the captain, they were told to stop complaining or the flight would be diverted.

    12:00 AM — A gay US couple travelling from Paris to New York were astonished when they were told by an American Airlines stewardess to stop ''the touching and kissing,'' reports the New Yorker Magazine.Journalist George Tsikhiseli and his boyfriend Stephan Varnier, were told by a stewardess just after departure to stop their ''inappropriate behaviour.''

  • Matthew Shepard Foundation urge greater LGBT voter registration

    If Matthew was alive today he would ''beg you to let your voice be heard and to use your precious right to vote.''

    12:00 AM — The Matthew Shepard Foundation has launched a 'Get Out The Vote' campaign urging the US LGBT community to utilise their voting privilege.Writing in this month's issue of The Advocate Judy Shepard, mother of murdered gay hate victim Matthew Shepard, , called the low levels of LGBT voting ''totally unacceptable''.

  • 28th September 2006

    Taiwanese Gay Festival comes to an end

    Yet underneath this public face of acceptance and tolerance, Taipei's gay community have been angered by what many are seeing as underhand attempts to ruin the event.

    12:00 AM — This Saturday is the date for Taipei's annual gay pride march, rounding off two weeks of gay public events within the Taiwanese capital.Taiwan has over the last two weeks shown the world why it is considered one of the most gay friendly nations in Asia.

  • Gay and Lesbian History Month met with protest in US

    200,000 calendars have been sent to parents, and there had been praise from some of the districts residents for the recognition of the month.

    12:00 AM — Over 120 complaints have been made to The Philadelphia School District over the recognition of Gay and Lesbian History Month on their school calendar.Cecilia Cummings, Philadelphia's senior vice-president for communications and community relations said the month was added for the first time this year in an effort to be more inclusive and follow the districts policy requiring equity for all minority groups.

  • Sunshine attracts increased civil ceremonies

    The total number of gay ceremonies by the end of June 2006 now stands at 658 (388 male and 270 female).

    12:00 AM — The number of gay civil ceremonies in Scotland increased by 20% compared to the beginning of the year.The figures released today from the Registrar General for Scotland show that many gay and lesbian couples used the warm summer months to register for civil partnerships

  • 27th September 2006

    PinkNews Apology

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk would like to apologise to Mark Latham and Melbourne University Press for claiming his book "A Conga Line Of Suckholes" made homophobic statements.This was reported in error and Mr Latham's publication makes no such statement, we are sorry for any distress caused to any parties.

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