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Author photoDave McElhill

  • 31st August 2006

    Firemen disciplined after no show at gay pride 5

    Firefighters at Euro Pride in London

    12:00 AM — Nine firemen from Glasgow have been ordered to undergo an intensive course in "diversity training" as a punishment for refusing to carry out their jobs at the gay Pride Scotia in June.The decision from fire chiefs at Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (SFR) came after days of deliberation over what their response to the case should be.

  • 30th August 2006

    Seamen required for cruising channel 57

    Get set for the cruise to begin in May 2007

    12:00 AM — The Big Cruise is looking for seamen to jump aboard when it sets sail next May on its maiden voyage.The luxury liner, described as "one of the campest ships in the fleet" by its owners, will set sail from Dover on a 3 day cruise around the channel, including a day in St Peter's Port, Guernsey.

  • “Elton is gay” attackers found guilty

    Fans Graham and John Brydon were attacked after the June concert last year

    12:00 AM — Thugs Henry Peters and Neil Wattley have been found guilty of attacking Elton John fans following the star's concert at Watford football stadium last June, according to HemelHempsteadToday.The pair attacked uncle and nephew Graham and John Brydon shouting "Elton John is f***ing gay" after Peters had spotted the official concert T-shirt Graham Brydon was wearing.

  • Local party stops modernising Tories

    Tory party member Mr Laws can stand for the Falmouth seat

    12:00 AM — Controversial Tory Ian Laws has moved back into the fold in his local Conservative party by being allowed to stand as a nominee for the Falmouth Camborne seat, according to The Times.Conservative party member Mr Laws was suspended following his public appeal for openly gay Ashley Crossely to be dumped as the local party candidate for the parliamentary seat at the last election.

  • 29th August 2006

    Protest for gay couples’ immigration rights

    It is hoped that the protest will send a clear message to the US Congress and the White House regarding immigration rights

    12:00 AM — Immigration groups have organised protests to argue for the extension of right to same sex couples.The protest, led by Out4Immigration, will take place across California next week to highlight the discrepancy in current immigration law that only allows for heterosexual partners to apply for green cards because of their relationship.

  • Saddam suffers South Park

    Saddam Hussein is said to be stuck watching South Park in his cell

    12:00 AM — It has been revealed by the makers of hit cartoon TV show South Park that Saddam Hussein has seen his cartoon movie debut.Trey Parker and Matt Stone speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, claimed that the former dictator has been shown the film "repeatedly" by the US marines guarding him.

  • 25th August 2006

    Wal-Mart criticised for pro-gay attitude

    Wal-Mart has been criticised by the AFA for its pro-gay stance

    12:00 AM — Wal-Mart has risked the wrath of its bible belt roots in the United States after joining the a gay commerce group.The Arkansas based company has faced opposition in its changing attitude to gay and lesbian people in the US by groups such as the American Family Association (AFA).AFA says that by joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Wal-Mart has abandoned its "pro family stance."

  • Badgering for LGF

    Ruth Badger will be helping the Lesbian  Gay foundaion for this weekend's Manchester Pride

    12:00 AM — The Apprentice finalist Ruth Badger will be helping out with the Lesbian Gay Foundation (LGF) at the forthcoming Manchester Pride's Big Weekend, August 26-28.Ms Badger has apparently been putting her entrepreneurial skills to the test by helping out to organise and develop the LGF's campaign for the weekend which is aimed at people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

  • 24th August 2006

    Afternoon cruising in local park angers residents

    Gosford Park in Newcastle is said to be the third best cruising ground in Britain

    12:00 AM — A local community park in Newcastle is suffering because the numbers of cruising gays visiting the area.Exhibition park, refered to as "X park" on the internet, has become a popular venue for gay cruising with people visiting the area to meet others looking for carefree sex in the afternoon.People living in the area have given up going to the park at night, according to the Evening Chronicle.

  • South Africa set for gay unions 10

    The change in the law is part of an improving South African situation for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)community

    12:00 AM — South Africa's cabinet has given the all clear for a change in the law regarding same sex unions in the country.The change in the law will come following a constitutional court decision that the definition of marriage in the 1961 Marriage Act was unconstitutional and as a result needed to be changed by Parliament.

  • Couple divorce over transsexual husband 1

    Stephanie, then Stephen, had begun gender reassignment while the couple were awaiting the arrival of their new child, and hadn't informed his wife of the procedure

    12:00 AM — A Surrey couple have been forced into a divorce after wife Catherine Everett claimed that her husband's behaviour resulted in the break down of their marriage.Ms Everett admitted feeling "used" when she discovered her husband had been a transsvestite prior to their relationship which began back in the 1990's and had not given upon his secret desire to be a woman.

  • 22nd August 2006

    This article has been deleted

    12:00 AM —

  • 21st August 2006

    Gloucester celebrates first Mardi Gras

    Gloucesters first ever gay pride march went off without a hitch

    12:00 AM — Hundreds turned out in Gloucester last Saturday, 12 August, for its first Gay Pride March, held in memory of Jody Dobrowski, who was murdered last year in London for being gay.Bristol meanwhile held its Mardi Gras and FRINGE events despite the cancellation of the Bristol Pride March several weeks ago following a problem planning the event between organisers, police and the local council.

  • America obssessed with “transsexual murderer” 1

    America's media has gone into a frenzy to place guilt

    12:00 AM — On Christmas Day 1996 the dead body of JonBenét Ramsey was found by her father in the family basement, eight hours after she had been reported missing.A number of suspects have been put before the cameras, from the Ramsey family (both parents) to locally registered sex offenders, although the media's obsession for the killer has found no guilty party yet.

  • AIDS 2006 conference closes with “challenge”

    The AIDS 2006 conference in Toronto attracted over 25,000 delegates and global press attention

    12:00 AM — The XVI International AIDS Conference closed late Friday, with Dr. Vincent Idemyor commenting that the challenge is "to translate the information that we've gathered into action on the ground."Dr Idemyor told the radio station Voice of America that the conference "should have (been) delivered five years ago. But I guess we can still do something to ensure that we deliver now."

  • ‘Gay’ issues cause Anglican split? 4

    Dr Rowan Williams will hold a meeting to avoid a schism within the Anglican church

    12:00 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury is to host a summit next month between to two sides of the American Anglican church to deal with potential problems over homosexuality.This is to avoid the "nightmare" scenario of a church split due to a decision in 2003 to allow a gay priest to become a bishop in America.

  • 18th August 2006

    The local band challenging national anti-gay laws

    “People don't like (the name) because they think of the word 'whore' in purely sexual terms, not in the way that we are using it.“

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveOn Monday Pink News brought you the story of Paparazzi Whore cancelling a gig in Pacha Marrakech over problems with Moroccan law regarding homosexuality, Dave McElhill meets a band challenging African attitudes.Speaking to lead singer Micci leaves you in no doubt that Paparazzi Whore are a band on the rise, with their strong lyrics and fun take on life.

  • Lesbian lover responds to verdict

    Alison Lewis has responded  to “thug“ David Morris's guilty verdict

    12:00 AM — Alison Lewis, the lesbian lover of murdered mother Mandy Power, has responded with relief to the guilty verdict of David Morris, telling BBC reporters that "I want him to rot in jail for the rest of his life.""He will spend the rest of his life being punished for what he did," she told the BBC, adding "there has been justice for Mandy, Katie, Emily and Doris."

  • 17th August 2006

    Mayor attacked for Pride support 4

    AM Coleman has attacked the Mayor of London over support of Tallinn march

    12:00 AM — London Assembly Member Brian Coleman has attacked London Mayor Ken Livingstone for caring "more about Estonian Gay Pride than he does about Londoners" after last week's terror attacks.The attack came in the wake of the announcement of Mayor Ken's support for the Tallinn march yesterday following violence at the event, as reported by the Pink News.

  • Tel Aviv hosts AIDS art exhibition 3

    Artspace provides an outlet for HIV positive artists

    12:00 AM — This August the Artspace hall will host the 'Positive Photographers-Positive' exhibition in the Israeli city Tel Aviv.The exhibition, running until September 4, involves work that stems from the emotions and experiences of eight people living with AIDS in modern Israel.

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