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Author photoDanny McCoy

  • 9th December 2005

    Gay HIV man convicted of transmitting the virus

    Mark Reid was found gulity of transmitting the HIV virus with intent

    12:00 AM — An HIV-positive gay man who told a sexual partner he was negative and then infected him has been convicted of deliberately transmitting the virus.Brisbane District Court convicted 37-year-old Mark Reid of transmitting the HIV virus with intent yesterday and is due to be sentenced shortly.

  • 6th December 2005

    Belgium’s Parliament backs gay adoption

    The law will grant gay couples in Belgium the same rights as heterosexual couples

    12:00 AM — Belgian MPs have backed plans to allow adoption by gay couples, just two years after legalizing same-sex marriage.The lower house of Belgium's parliament voted 77-62 in favor of the measure, which must also pass the upper house. If fully approved, Belgium will become the third country in the EU, after Sweden and Spain, to allow same-sex adoption.

  • 5th December 2005

    Gay Prisoner Behind Rape Accusation Heads Back to Jail

    A court official said Johnson will not be returned to the prision where the alleged rapes occurred

    12:00 AM — A gay man who alleged that he was forced to perform sex acts for a prison gang while incarcerated at a Texas penitentiary headed back to jail this week.Roderick Keith Johnson, 37, will spend about 60 days locked up for violating his parole.Johnson was re-arrested earlier this month when he failed to appear at a hearing over allegations of cocaine use and his failure to attend drug-rehabilitation treatment.

  • 3rd December 2005

    HIV Rate Hits All Time High for Gay Men in UK 2

    More gay men tested positive for HIV last year than any year since records began

    12:00 AM — As the world gathered to celebrate World AIDS Day 2005 this week, new figures in the United Kingdom suggested the country's gay community saw more gay men testing positive for HIV last year than any year since records began.So far, 2,185 positive tests have been reported among gay men during 2004 to the Health Protection Agency (HPA), and this number is likely to rise further as late reports come in.

  • 16th November 2005

    Germany to host 2010 Gay Games 3

    Sir Elton John has signed on as one of the Gay Games Ambassadors

    12:00 AM — Gay Games officials have announced that Cologne, Germany will play host for the 2010 Gay Games VIII. The city beat bids from Johannesberg and Paris.The Gay Games has become a sought-after international event by cities worldwide. The 2006 Gay Games VII in Chicago is expected to bring more than 100,000 people and millions of dollars in tourist revenue to the city. "As one of Europe's most welcoming and diverse cities, Cologne welcomes the international LGBT community, their friends and families, with open arms," the Cologne bid committee said following the announcement.

  • 15th November 2005

    Nurse Found Guilty of Dismembering Gay Men

    Rogers is scheduled to be sentenced January 26th. Prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

    12:00 AM — A New Jersey jury found a former nurse guilty of murdering and dismembering two men whose body parts were discovered along New Jersey highways in the early '90s.Richard W. Rogers Junior, who had been a nurse for 20 years at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, faces up to life in prison with a minimum of 30 years without parole for the murders of Thomas Mulcahy, a married bisexual businessman from Massachusetts, and Anthony Marrero, a gay hustler from Manhattan.

  • 11th November 2005

    Gay sex just like pedophilia, court hears 11

    Ake Green said “if two men sleep with each other, or if two women do so, it is abnormal, just like pedophilia“

    12:00 AM — A Pentecostal pastor charged with hate speech for denouncing homosexuality as a "cancerous tumor" during a sermon defended his views in Sweden's highest court Wednesday, saying gay sex was an abnormality on a par with pedophilia.Ake Green, 64, delivered a fiery anti-gay sermon two years ago that triggered a legal battle testing the limits of Sweden's freedom of speech. Green told the Supreme Court that his sermon was meant to warn gays that their lifestyle will result in an "eternal divorce" from God.

  • 26th October 2005

    Anti-gay Warsaw Mayor, Lech Kaczynski, wins Polish Presidential election 2

    Lech Kaczynski as Mayor of Warsaw cancelled 2005's gay pride parade

    12:00 AM — Lech Kaczynski, the conservative mayor of Warsaw who cancelled the city's Gay Pride parade earlier this year, has won the Polish presidential elections.Kaczynski, representing the Law and Justice party, received 55 percent of the vote, defeating the more liberal Donald Tusk of the Civic Platform party.Turnout for the vote was 50 percent, the lowest in 15 years.

  • 10th October 2005

    Russian Railway Found Guilty of Discrimination for Sexual Orientation

    12:00 AM — A St. Petersburg court has ruled that the Oktyabrskaya Railroad acted illegally in rejecting a man's application to work as a train conductor because he was gay, the plaintiff's lawyer said this past week.

  • Fox TV Station Refuses Gay Democrats Campaign Ad

    12:00 AM — A New York affiliate of the Fox network is refusing to run a commercial for a gay Democratic candidate running for Manhattan Borough President.

  • Former Bartender Admits to Torching of Cardiff Gay Bar

    12:00 AM — A former bartender at Club X, the Cardiff night club set on fire in July, has admitted to torching the bar, although he says his actions were not motivated by malice.

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