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Author photoLaurence Watts

Laurence joined PinkNews.co.uk as a features writer in 2011

  • 19th December 2011

    Interview: Joe McElderry on The X Factor, coming out and winning Popstar to Operastar 20

    Joe McElderry won X Factor in 2009

    9:30 AM — 2009's X Factor winner talks to Laurence Watts about life after the competition, the publicity around his coming out and plans for a fourth studio album.

  • 13th December 2011

    Interview: Russell Grant on Strictly Come Dancing and returning to his theatrical roots 6

    Russell Grant returned to the spotlight recently in Strictly Come Dancing

    9:26 AM — Russell Grant talks to Laurence Watts about his accidental fame in astrology, exceeding expectations on Strictly Come Dancing, and asking Holly Valance to star in a lesbian production of Romeo and Juliet.

  • 12th December 2011

    Interview: Boy George, King of Queens 26

    Boy George's latest single is about homophobia

    10:23 AM — He’s one of the world’s most instantly recognisable people. He’s sold more than 50 million albums. He’s the lead singer of Culture Club, a singer-songwriter, a world-famous DJ, an author, a fashion designer, a gay man, a former drug-addict and now an ex-con. A new coffee table book called King of Queens documents his life to date. Laurence Watts interviews Boy George.

  • 5th December 2011

    Interview: Russell T Davies on shelving US projects, his partner’s cancer diagnosis and coming home 28

    The acclaimed screenwriter talks to PinkNews.co.uk about returning to the UK and the future for his US project

    10:21 AM — Russell T Davies speaks exclusively to Laurence Watts about returning from the US following his partner's diagnosis with brain cancer, and the future for Torchwood and his highly anticipated new American show, Cucumber.

  • 10th November 2011

    Interview: Melissa Etheridge on Ellen, The Oscars and Rock and Roll 14

    Melissa Etheridge won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2006 (Photo: James Minchin III)

    10:20 AM — Laurence Watts talks to the multiple award-winning musician about eighteen years of being an out performer, and how talent transcends sexuality in the public eye.

  • 7th November 2011

    Interview: Wanda Sykes on stand-up, her four Emmys and coming out 3

    Wanda Sykes had her own sitcom, Wanda at Large for two seasons

    9:49 AM — Laurence Watts meets comedian Wanda Sykes, who came out publicly three years ago while protesting against Proposition 8.

  • 2nd November 2011

    Interview: The Rocky Horror Show’s Richard O’Brien 7

    O'Brien describes himself as "more male than female" (Photo: Stuart Mentiply)

    9:32 AM — Richard O'Brien talks to Laurence Watts about writing a cult hit, bisexuality, sequels and turning seventy.

  • 25th October 2011

    Interview: Jonathan Harvey on writing, Corrie and Beautiful Thing 10

    Jonathan Harvey wrote Beautiful Thing

    4:00 PM — After early success as a playwright, Jonathan Harvey's career now spans theatre, film and television. He wrote Gimme, Gimme, Gimme for his pal, Kathy Burke, collaborated with The Pet Shop Boys on the musical Closer To Heaven and since 2004 has written 136 episodes of Coronation Street. With Beautiful Thing about to open at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, Laurence Watts meets him.

  • 21st October 2011

    Interview: Steven Russell on infamy, escaping prison and Phillip Morris 27

    Steven Russell pictured in 1997 (Photo: George Hixson)

    4:58 PM — Steven Russell was originally imprisoned for fraud. Four successful, non-violent, love-fuelled prison-escapes later and he has achieved infamy. His life is immortalised in the film 'I Love You Phillip Morris', in which he is portrayed by Jim Carrey. He is currently serving a 144-year sentence in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility. Laurence Watts interviewed him by exchange of letters.

  • 5th October 2011

    Interview: Andy Bell on Erasure’s new album and new life 12

    Erasure are releasing their 14th album

    4:28 PM — Laurence Watts meets Erasure's Andy Bell to discuss the band's history, future and coming out as HIV-positive.

  • 4th October 2011

    Interview: Sean Maher on coming out in Hollywood 8

    Sean Maher came out last month

    2:46 PM — Sean Maher made headlines last week when he became the latest Hollywood actor to come out. With a film and TV career spanning 14 years, he is perhaps best known for his role in Firefly and its movie sequel, Serenity. He currently stars in NBC’s The Playboy Club. Laurence Watts caught up with him to discuss the public’s reaction to his announcement.

  • 22nd September 2011

    Margaret Cho: ‘I’d f*** Michele Bachmann and Christine O’Donnell’ 8

    Margaret Cho says she doesn't like labels

    4:04 PM — She’s the Queen of stand-up. She’s twice been nominated for a Grammy. She wore a tasselled rainbow flag dress on Dancing With The Stars and has been one of the gay community’s most vocal allies. On The Cho Show she introduced America to anal bleaching. She’s a Drop Dead Diva with, according to one of her songs, a p**s that has won 15 Tonys. Laurence Watts caught up with comedienne Margaret Cho.

  • 15th September 2011

    Interview: Don Lemon, CNN’s openly gay anchorman 6

    Don Lemon says he was already out to family, friends and colleagues

    3:19 PM — Don Lemon is an Edward R Murrow Award-winning reporter and news anchor for CNN. As the weekend face of CNN Newsroom he can be seen each week in more than 100m US households. He publicly came out in his recent book, Transparent. Laurence Watts caught up with him to find out more.

  • 24th August 2011

    Interview: Chaz Bono on the journey to be himself 41

    Chaz Bono announces plans to transition in 2009

    10:35 AM — Chaz Bono is approaching the end of a personal journey. Having once been the blonde-haired daughter on the Sonny and Cher Show, then a lesbian musician and activist, he recently emerged as the world’s most famous transgender man.

  • 17th August 2011

    Bishop Gene Robinson: God celebrates gay people 74

    Gene Robinson is to retire in two years (Photo: BProud Photography, Philadelphia)

    4:46 PM — Laurence Watts travels to New England, USA, to talk faith, service and retirement with the openly gay Right Reverend Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire. "After my election but before my consecration I was getting calls to step down from archbishops around the world. People I’d never met were calling me. I took that to God and said: "If I’ve done enough and I’m to back off, let me know,! but I never got anything from God other than, 'Come forward and I will be with you'."

  • 8th August 2011

    Interview: RuPaul, America’s first drag superstar 14

    RuPaul speaks to PinkNews.co.uk about his career (Photo: Mathu Andersen)

    6:09 PM — Laurence Watts meets America's first drag superstar, RuPaul.

  • 26th July 2011

    Interview: Reichen Lehmkuhl on life, love and reality TV 12

    Reichen Lehmkuhl is a former model

    1:51 PM — Since winning The Amazing Race in 2003, Reichen Lehmkuhl has forged a successful career in television and print. Laurence Watts caught up with the US Air Force veteran as he finished filming the second season of The A-List: New York.

  • 14th July 2011

    Interview: NOH8 campaign founders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley 6

    Adam Bouska started the NOH8 campaign

    5:47 PM — Laurence Watts meets Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley, the gay couple who founded the NOH8 photo campaign to call for gay marriage in California.

  • 7th July 2011

    Interview: It’s more than OK to be George Takei 15

    It's OK to be George Takei

    5:41 PM — For many, George Takei will always be Sulu, the helmsman he immortalised in the science-fiction series Star Trek. But the veteran actor has forged a long and diverse career incorporating stage, television, radio and film. He has been involved in civil rights movements for just as long. Laurence Watts met him at his Hollywood home.

  • 27th June 2011

    Perez Hilton: Gay men were embarrassed by me but I’ve changed 39

    Perez Hilton says he's changed (Photo: MichaelTuckerPhotography.com)

    3:54 PM — Exclusive interview: Like him or loathe him, it’s hard to deny that Perez Hilton is anything less than a media phenomenon. Though highly controversial in the past, he’s been better behaved of late. Laurence Watts caught up with the world’s most famous blogger to find out more.

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