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Author photoAdam Lake

Adam Lake was acting news editor and political reporter between 2007 and 2010.

  • 26th February 2010

    Police reassure gay businesses and visitors in Soho 7

    Police are setting up third party reporting schemes in Soho

    4:56 PM — Members of the Metropolitan Police Equalities Unit have met with LGBT businesses and the gay media in London. Today's meeting was part of a new initiative to improve the relationship between the police and minority groups.

  • 9th February 2010

    INTERVIEW: Why I believe in an international day against hate crime 9

    The 17-24-30 group was set up by Mark Healey to mark the 10th anniversary of the London nail bomb attacks

    4:48 PM — Pinknews.co.uk speaks to Mark Healey from community group 17-24-30 about why more needs to be done to combat hate crime.

  • Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell ‘disappointed’ with FA decision 11

    'This last minute cancellation is a big disappointment,' said Mr Tatchell

    3:46 PM — Peter Tatchell of the LGBT rights group, OutRage! claims today that the FA’s decision to cancel the screening of an anti homophobia film, “Has thrown the Football Association’s commitment to tackling homophobia into disarray”

  • Parents complain after children directed to gay fetish site 14

    The 'Busters World' gay porn site claims it was designed to inform, educate and otherwise entertain inquisitive minds

    2:18 PM — A government spokesman has had to apologize after children searching for an educational website were directed to a gay pornography site instead.

  • Judge overseeing Prop 8 trial ‘outed’ by US media 9

    Judge Vaughn Walker's sexuality was described as “the biggest open secret in the landmark trial"

    12:19 PM — Vaughn Walker, the Chief US District Judge overseeing the Proposition 8 trial, has been outed by a leading American newspaper.

  • 8th February 2010

    New site set to support African HIV/AIDS epidemic

    The project, named FLOWE(RED), will sell ethically sources flowers imported from Africa and donate all profits to projects aimed at tackling HIV/AIDS in Africa

    4:35 PM — The HIV/AIDS charity (RED) has launched a new online flower service that will help provide AIDS drugs for people living in Africa. The project, named FLOWE(RED), will sell ethically sources flowers imported from Africa and donate all profits to projects aimed at tackling HIV/AIDS in Africa. Last week saw the launch of its website www.flowered.com

  • Tory Councillor defends ‘Queen team’ jibe 48

    Keith Parker is the councillor for the Brizes and Doddinghurst ward in Brentwood.

    1:42 PM — Conservative Councillor Keith Parker has refused to back down on comments made at a scrutiny board meeting, despite admitting referring to gay men as the “queen team.”

  • 22nd December 2009

    INTERVIEW: Why we need a London AIDS Memorial 35

    Organisations, individuals already involved in HIV/AIDS projects and club promoters have all put their names forward to help

    4:29 PM — PinkNews.co.uk speaks to London scene legend Gary Henshaw about why he is pushing for permanent London AIDS memorial in the capital. The London AIDS memorial group was founded on December 1st 2009 by Gary Henshaw and Swarmite Ananda. Its aim is to provide a permanent AIDS memorial where people can gather to remember the ones who 'succumbed, dying bravely, defiantly and with no knowledge of the battle ahead.'

  • Ugandan President threatens to reject homophobic bill 28

    US newspaper DC Agenda claims that President Yoweri Museveni pledged to reject the bill

    3:00 PM — The President of Uganda has threatened to veto the a controversial new bill that could see homosexuals sentenced to the death penalty or lifetime imprisonment. US newspaper DC Agenda claims that President Yoweri Museveni pledged to US secretary of state for African affairs Jonnie Carson on two separate occasions that he would reject the bill currently making its way through parliament.

  • Mexico City becomes first Latin American capital to legalise gay marriage 22

    The decision to allow full marriage for gay couples prompted jubilation in the streets from Mexico City's LGBT community and gay rights groups

    12:47 PM — Mexico City has become the first capital city to legalise gay marriage in South America. Same sex couples have been allowed to enter civil partnerships since 2006 but the new legislation will give gay couple equal rights when it comes to family social security benefits and loans.

  • Former drag queen awarded £30,000 in unfair dismissal case 7

    Mr Awford, known on the club circuit as, 'Dean the Queen,' was awarded £30,000 compensation

    11:10 AM — Former drag queen ,Dean Awford, has been awarded £30,000 for unfair dismissal from a high end furniture store. Employment Judge David Kearsley found that Mr Awford had been unfairly dismissed by store manager David Gray.

  • 21st December 2009

    Exclusive: Eurocreme CEO speaks to PinkNews.co.uk about the bareback porn debate 19

    Eurocreme was founded in the United Kingdom by director Max Lincoln, whose first film was 'DreamBoy', released in 2002.

    3:09 PM — Max Lincoln, CEO of one of Europe's largest gay pornography producers 'Eurocreme', speaks exclusively to PinkNews.co.uk about his decision to stop producing bareback porn.

  • Chinese government backs first official gay bar 11

    Last year China's Ministry of Health implemented its first ever national programme to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS among gay men

    11:01 AM — China's first official gay bar has opened after a three-week delay sparked by intense media attention. Opening on Saturday evening, the bar is situated in the tourist town of Dali in the southwestern province of Yunnan. It is the first venue of its kind to receive government backing.

  • 31st October 2009

    Crowds gather in Trafalgar Square to say ‘NO TO HATE’ 20

    Thousands gathered for the candle-lit vigil in memory of Ian Baynham

    2:50 PM — Nearly 10,000 people gathered in Trafalgar Square last night for a candle-lit vigil against hate crime. The packed square observed a two minutes silence, after which the names of the victims of homophobic hate crimes were read out. The Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown attended and spoke exclusively to PinkNews.co.uk

  • 30th October 2009

    Gordon Brown voices support for tonights hate crime vigil 18

    In the letter Brown writes, "I wanted to send my appreciation to you for having the courage to act even in the midst of your sorrow"

    5:54 PM — Prime Minister Gordon Brown has sent a letter of support to those attending and organising this evenings hate crime vigil. The candle lit vigil, which is expecting to attract up to 10,000 people, will commemorate the life of Ian Baynhan, who was murdered in a homophobic attack two weeks ago.

  • Boris Johnson meets with police chief to discuss the rise in homophobic crime 19

    The Mayor said today: "Londoners have become increasingly concerned about the number of homophobic attacks and the recent death of Ian Baynham was particularly appalling

    3:53 PM — London Mayor Boris Johnson has sought assurances from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner that everything is being done to tackle the problem of homophobic attacks in the capital.

  • Glasgow council makes controversial appointment for LGBT centre 55

    Ms Black was previously manager of the LGBT Centre, although left before it closed earlier this year with debts of more than £300,000.

    2:44 PM — Gay rights groups in Glasgow have spoken out against the controversial decision to hand over the running of the Glasgow LGBT centre to one of its senior councillors.

  • Thousands expected to attend candle lit vigil in Trafalgar Square 7

    The event is expected to attract thousands this evening

    12:27 PM — Up to 10,000 people are expected to take part in a silent candle-lit vigil against Hate-Crime this evening in Trafalgar Square. The event, organised by the facebook group 17-24-30, is being held to commemorate the homophobic murder of Ian Baynham.

  • London LGBT Tourist Office welcomes 100th visitor 9

    The LGBT Tourist Information Office opened last Friday

    11:22 AM — The London LGBT Tourist Information Office has welcomed it's one hundredth visitor today. The service, which is London's first ever tourist office aimed specifically for the LGBT community, provides help and advice for community projects, as well as information about Soho's vibrant gay scene.

  • 14th October 2009

    Controversial Daily Mail journalist addresses gay event 74

    Melanie Phillips addressed gay drinkers at an event last night

    2:02 PM — Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips spoke last night about the danger of “criminalising religious beliefs” at an event debating the conflict between LGBT equality and freedom of speech.

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