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Author photoJane Fae

  • 6th July 2010

    Review: Trans at London Pride 20

    London Pride was held last weekend (Photo: Pride London)

    5:25 PM — Fun, impressive, exciting, inspiring – but Pride London still has a way to go if it wants to bring the transgender community back into the fold, writes Jane Fae.

  • 2nd July 2010

    Large-scale survey to explore bisexuality in the workplace 12

    The survey will look at bisexuality in the workplace (Photo: Jyri)

    3:54 PM — One of the largest-scale surveys on bisexuality in the the workplace is now underway. The research is being carried out by American learning and development expert Heidi Green and will take into account workers predominantly in the UK and US.

  • 11th June 2010

    France tells trans woman her breasts don’t measure up 11

    Delphine Ravisé-Giard was told she must provide proof of breast surgery (Photo: limaoscarjuliet)

    4:07 PM — If your breasts don’t measure up – you just can’t be a “proper” woman. If you thought such archaic attitudes had long since disappeared, think again: in a recent ruling, French authorities declared that before trans woman Delphine Ravisé-Giard could be classed as a woman, she needed to provide written evidence that she had undergone breast enhancement.

  • 16th April 2010

    Analysis: Who’s courting the trans vote? 66

    Which party has the best understanding of trans issues?

    4:52 PM — While politicians have been hastily courting the gay vote at this election, they overlook the trans community at their peril. Jane Fae asked Labour, the Conservative Party and the Lib Dems for their views on trans issues.

  • 19th March 2010

    Australian government withdraws non-specified gender status 18

    Norrie mAy-welby was devastated at losing hir no-gender certificate

    3:32 PM — The Australian government has changed its mind about awarding a gender activist a status of "gender not specified".

  • 11th March 2010

    Australia is first to recognise ‘non-specified’ gender 48

    Norrie has been recognised as not having a gender

    6:29 PM — Australia may have made gender history this week, as the New South Wales government lays claim to being the first in the world to recognise an individual’s sex as officially “not specified”.

  • 1st February 2010

    Chaos at Queer Question Time 44

    Julie Bindel appeared at Saturday's Queer Question Time

    6:10 PM — A drink is hurled – or was it an id badge? A speaker quits the stage in tears (but returns in time for the final round-up). Recriminations follow Julie Bindel's appearance at Queer Question Time.

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