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Author photoTony Grew

Tony Grew edited PinkNews.co.uk between 2007 and 2009. He now edits ePolitix.com

  • 29th December 2006

    Gay teens reluctant to reveal sexuality to GPs

    Only a third had told their family doctor they were gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

    12:00 AM — A study among out LGBT teenagers in the US has found that only 35% of them have revealed their sexuality to their doctor.131 teenagers attending the Models of Pride Youth Conference, which met in Oregon to discuss empowerment for LGBT people, took part in the survey.The fact that all of the young people who participated in the study were attending such an event means they are more open about their sexual orientation than most other gay teenagers.

  • Chat room teenager stabs 43-year-old lover 3

    Holden's bowel and colon were penetrated in the attack, though he has subsequently made a full recovery.

    12:00 AM — An intergenerational relationship that started on the internet ended with a near-fatal stabbing, Carlisle Crown Court has heard.19-year-old Artan Fana was sentenced to two years in jail for stabbing 43-year-old Mark Holden in February this year.The Essex teenager had met Holden in an internet chat room and they spent many hours getting to know each other online.

  • Camper than Christmas?

    It's Now Or Never  is an example of the sort of high-concept TV format that seems to have dominated the schedules in recent years.

    12:00 AM — For some it was the most exquisite realisation of their gay daydreams - what if real life was just like a musical?For others it was car crash television, a jaw-dropping, buttock-clenching disaster and yet another sign that ITV have lost not just the plot but the whole damn novel.Viewers will have a chance to judge for themselves as the programme that divided the critics returns to our screens tomorrow night.

  • Gay Lib Dem defects to the Tories 2

    12:00 AM — A prominent gay Liberal Democrat has defected to the Conservative party, launching a bitter attack on the leadership of Ming Campbell.Richard Porter, a former London Borough of Southwark councillor, is reported to be one of two current LibDem prospective parliamentary candidates to have switched their allegiance to David Cameron's party.Mr Porter was contacted by PinkNews.co.uk and confirmed his defection. The Liberal Democrats press office had no comment on reports of defections at this time.

  • 27th December 2006

    The future of New Labour?

    In an exclusive interview with The PinkNews, outsider candidate Jon Cruddas MP outlines his ambitious plans

    12:00 AM — One political drama will dominate 2007 - the fight for the soul of the Labour party. With Gordon Brown almost certain to succeed Tony Blair, the contest for deputy leader is the one to watch.In an exclusive interview with The PinkNews, outsider candidate Jon Cruddas MP outlines his ambitious plans for reform of the Labour party. New New Labour, in fact. 

  • 11th December 2006

    Lesbian Tory ‘feels at home’ after selection 2

    Ms James, a successful businesswoman, is one of the more high profile names on the “Tory A List” of candidates

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveConservative Party Vice-Chairman Margot James has spoken of her delight at being selected to contest the Stourbridge seat at the next general election, claiming it will be like "going home."Ms James, the party's first openly lesbian female candidate at the last election, will fight Labour MP Lynda Waltho for the Black Country constituency of Stourbridge, a key Conservative target, after being selected last week.

  • 8th December 2006

    No going back on gay marriage – Canadian PM

    MPs had a free vote, and six Cabinet members voted against the government motion, while 13 Liberal members voted to end gay and lesbian marriages. photo: government of canada

    12:00 AM — The Conservative Prime Minister of Canada has conceded defeat over his plans to re-open the debate over gay marriage.In July 2005, under the previous Liberal administration, Canada became the fourth country to allow gay and lesbian couples to get married.During the 2006 election campaign, the Conservatives had pledged to re-open the debate about the issue.

  • Cabinet row over goods and services discrimination 3

    Kelly, a devout Catholic, is accused of being a closet homophobe and pandering to the Catholic Church in granting them exemptions based on prejudice.

    12:00 AM — Ruth Kelly and Peter Hain are at loggerheads over the introduction of new rules barring discrimination against LGBT people.Regulations making it illegal to refuse goods or services on the grounds of sexual orientation are being introduced in Northern Ireland before England and come into force on January 1st.As the Northern Ireland Assembly is suspended, decisions about the province are taken by the Secretary of State, Peter Hain.

  • UK Youth denounce Polish homophobia

    In July The prime minister of Poland claimed his country is being misrepresented by the press, and hit out at the Western media.

    12:00 AM — The UK's national youth council has called on politicians of all parties to denounce publicly the attitude of the Polish government towards LGBT people.The British Youth Council, a coalition of over 150 youth organisations, including GirlGuiding UK and the NUS, issued a statement today highlighting the multiple incidents of discrimination and homophobia involving high-ranking Polish government officials and politicians.

  • 7th December 2006

    Electrifying performance kills drag artist

    It is thought that Montegracia's hands were wet, probably from sweat, and that the microphone was not wired correctly. photo: massless@flickr

    12:00 AM — Joan Montegracia was the third on stage at a competition for drag artists in the Philippine city of Caloocan. She was about to wow the audience with her impersonation of actress Aubrey Miles.As she moved to the centre of the outdoor metal stage and took the microphone, she dropped suddenly to the ground.The audience looked on in anticipation, thinking the dramatic fall to be part of the act. A loud round of applause failed to rouse Joan to her feet.

  • Scotland rejects adoption prejudice

    Ms Cunningham's motion was heavily criticised by MSPs of all parties.

    12:00 AM — The Scottish Parliament this afternoon rejected a motion to block gay and lesbian couples from adopting by 98 votes to 11.The motion was proposed by Scottish Nationalist MSP Roseanna Cunningham. She told MSPs that the majority of Scots had concerns about gays adopting children.She added that in her opinion the best place for children to be raised was in a household with a mother and father.

  • 6th December 2006

    Estonian gay activist to stand for parliament 1

    Andi Ravalepik told  Eesti Paevaleht  newspaper that he will be contesting a seat in the Riigikogu in the March 2007 general election.  photo: Stan Shebs

    12:00 AM — One of Estonia's most prominent gay men has announced that he is to run for a seat in the country's parliament in next year's general election.Andi Ravalepik told Eesti Paevaleht newspaper that he will be contesting a seat in the 101-member Riigikogu in the March 2007 general election.

  • Indian tribe accept lesbian couple 57

    The couple, who are day labourers, now live together in the village. photo: eduardo bombarelli@flickr

    12:00 AM — A lesbian couple have undergone a formal tribal 'wedding' ceremony in a village in eastern India. A priest of the Khanda tribe performed the ceremony after their families had persuaded villagers of the validity of their relationship.30-year-old Wetka Polang and Melka Nilsa, 22, from Dandabadi village in Koraput district, found love after disastrous relationships with men.They initially ran away to another village, but returned and paid fines to the village to allow their 'marriage' to be blessed.

  • Brown’s green Budget plans? More tax 3

    The bulk of Gordon Brown's report to MPs focused on education and skills training.

    12:00 AM — In what is widely expected to be his last pre-Budget report, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced increases in transport taxes and investment in skills training.Mr Brown, clear favourite to succeed Tony Blair next year, set out his green credentials by raising tax on fuel duty by 1.25p and doubling air passenger duty from £5 to £10, effective from midnight tonight.

  • Italian city grants gay couples limited rights 4

    The left-wing council have granted family certificates at a time when the debate over gay marriage in Italy is raging. photo: mteson@flickr.com

    12:00 AM — Padua city council has outraged the Vatican by allowing gay and lesbian couples to register their 'family.' The decision, taken late on Monday, also applies to unmarried heterosexual couples.In Italy, a "certification of family" is required for various minor legal procedures, such as officially taking time off work to care for a sick relative or being placed on waiting lists for council houses.

  • Gay rabbis now kosher

    Conservative Jewish synagogues, who currently represent about 1000 'middle ground' rabbis, are losing worshippers to both the liberal Reform synagogues and the Orthodox ones.

    12:00 AM — The ruling body of American Conservative Judaism has come to a compromise over the ordination of gay rabbis.The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards held a two-day closed meeting in New York and yesterday presented three differing positions that may be adopted by Jewish seminaries across North America's 750 synagogues.

  • Canada to vote today on keeping gay marriage

    During the federal election campaign at the beginning of 2006 the Conservatives vowed to re-examine the issue of gay marriages if they were elected to government.

    12:00 AM — The great 'debate' in the Canadian parliament yesterday about the legality of gay marriage turned out to be more like a cry in the dark.The minority Conservative government had made headlines across the world with its pledge to repeal the decision last year to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.In the event Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not even turn up for the debate. Neither did most of his cabinet.

  • South Australia gays get new rights

    Any two people who live together and present themselves as a couple will be covered by the legislation, regardless of whether or not their relationship is sexual.

    12:00 AM — South Australia is to grant a series of rights to gay and lesbian couples. The upper house of the state's parliament voted in favour of the measures yesterday.The new law is a major victory for gay rights campaigners in the state. Any two people who live together and present themselves as a couple, will be covered by the legislation, regardless of whether or not their relationship is sexual.

  • SNP maverick attempts to derail gay adoptions

    The SNP, while a marginal force in Westminster politics, are the second-largest party in the Scottish Parliament.

    12:00 AM — A major shake-up of adoption law in Scotland, which would see gay and lesbian couples able to adopt children for the first time, is under attack from a Scottish Nationalist.Roseanna Cunningham, an SNP member of the Scottish Parliament, has tabled a motion which would prevent gay couples from adopting. The new legislation will be debated at Holyrood today.Under the new arrangements proposed by the Scottish Executive, gay and lesbian couples, as well as unmarried straight couples, who be eligible to jointly adopt children.

  • 5th December 2006

    NYPD loses gay discrimination case 57

    Manhattan Supreme Court  has ordered the department to pay $1.5m in compensation to the three.

    12:00 AM — The New York Police Department has said it will appeal a court ruling that found a senior officer guilty of homophobic discrimination.Assistant Chief James Hall blocked the appointment of a gay police sergeant to the Youth Services section, then harassed two other officers who stood by their colleague.

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