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Author photoTony Grew

Tony Grew edited PinkNews.co.uk between 2007 and 2009. He now edits ePolitix.com

  • 14th September 2006

    Gay worker wins homophobic graffiti case

    Yesterday an employment tribunal told Parkam Foods they had failed to deal with Mr Martin's complaint properly.

    12:00 AM — A gay man who was suspended for complaining about anti-gay graffiti has won his case at an employment tribunal.Chris Martin was employed by Parkam Foods, in West Yorkshire. The company supply pre-packaged meats to many of the major UK supermarkets.Finding offensive pornographic material in the men's toilet with his name written next to it, Martin complained to his superiors.

  • Legal recognition for gay couples in Uruguay 2

    The new law was a manifesto commitment by the ruling leftist coalition of President Tabare Vasquez. (photo: squeaky marmot @ flickr)

    12:00 AM — Uruguay is expected to become the latest country to recognise the legal rights of gay couples.The country of 3.6m people will become the first nation in South America to grant such protections, although many cities and regions throughout the continent have made similar legal provisions.

  • Elton John remembers fallen friends

    Elton, who will be 60 next year, has been a major international star since 1970, when “Your Song” was a hit across the world.

    12:00 AM — Singer Elton John has spoken candidly about the many friends he has lost to AIDS, cancer and assassination.A song on his new album, called "Blues Never Fade Away," mourns the loss of pals Gianni Versace, Andy Warhol, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

  • 8th September 2006

    Rights organisations condemn outing of gays 3

    The current tabloid hysteria is a welcome distraction from the fact that the country has serious internal problems.

    12:00 AM — Human rights activists have criticised a newspaper in Uganda for publishing a list of men they claim are gay. Red Pepper claims it did so to expose how " the terrible vice known as sodomy is eating up our society."Sodomy carries a life sentence in Uganda under laws that have remained in force since the country was a British colony.

  • Gay stories from around the world

    What's hot on the web?  PinkNews.co.uk  brings you a little taster of some of the stranger gay-related news items on the net today.  (photo: Tony Grew)

    12:00 AM — What's hot on the web? PinkNews.co.uk brings you a little taster of some of the gay-related news items on the net today. The Sun Biting football lesbian is caged A LESBIAN footballer who bit off her lover's EAR has been jailed indefinitely. Ex-Arsenal ace Katie Saunders, 28, leapt on Emily Kelly, 25, after chasing her down the street.

  • Interview: Stonewall’s Diversity Champion

    “No longer can a business or an organisation claim that it is a leader and a good corporate and community citizen if it has got a problem with gay people.“

    12:00 AM — The news that Manchester City have become the first Premiership football club to sign up for Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme is another coup for the UK's premier gay rights organisation.Tony Grew spoke to Stonewall's director of workplace programmes about football, life in the Royal Navy and the smart multi-national companies who understand that workers who can be open about their sexuality are more productive. 

  • Pope calls gay rights an “ephemeral social trend” 6

    The Pope mocked the concept of tolerance in his address to the bishops and called the idea of gay marriage a folly. (photo: Chris Coyote, Flickr)

    12:00 AM — On the eve of his homecoming visit to Germany, Pope Benedict XVI has launched a full-frontal attack on the rights of gay people.Speaking to a delegation of visiting Canadian bishops, Benedict once again showed his determination to interfere in the secular political process.The Pope castigated the Canadian government for legalising gay marriage and abortion, saying that they are ignoring the "Creator's divine plan."

  • Thug gets four years for glassing gay man

    12:00 AM — Colin Black and his boyfriend Paul were enjoying a Boxing Day drink with family members in the City Arms pub in Saltney, Cheshire.The couple were excited - they had planned to have a civil partnership ceremony a few days after Christmas.As Black returned from the toilet, he was verbally abused. When he turned to see who had called him a queer, a bottle was smashed in his face by Anthony Close.

  • 7th September 2006

    Matt Lucas gay ‘marriage’ rumours 1

    As reported on  PinkNews.co.uk,  Lucas and his comedy partner David Walliams are working on an American version of their hit series for cable channel HBO.

    12:00 AM — Little Britain star Matt Lucas is planning to contract a civil partnership with his boyfriend, according to The Sun .The 32-year-old comedian is reported to have proposed last May, and reveals in a new book about the hit series, Inside Little Britain, that he feels that he feels he and his boyfriend are "destined to be together."

  • Gay rebel MP unhappy with Blair’s timing 1

    Gay MP Chris Bryant, who earlier in the week signed a letter calling on Tony Blair to go, has told  PinkNews.co.uk  that he is not happy with Mr Blair's announcement

    12:00 AM — Gay MP Chris Bryant, who earlier in the week signed a letter calling on Tony Blair to go, has told PinkNews.co.uk that he is not happy with Mr Blair's announcement this afternoon that he will stand down before the 2007 party conference.When asked if he was pleased that the Prime Minister has agreed to what Mr Bryant and others had demanded, he replied: "Well he hasn't."

  • 6th September 2006

    Stonewall not impressed with new equality head 1

    “There is no overbearing evidence that Trevor has a commitment to gay equality“

    12:00 AM — Leading gay rights organisation Stonewall has expressed concern over press reports that the current chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality is set to take control of the new 'super-commission' for human rights and equality.Trevor Phillips has had a controversial tenure at the CRE, criticising the concept of multi-culturalism and warning against the dangers of de-facto segregation in schools.

  • Cheggers plays homophobe in Extras

    Ricky Gervais called his appearance, “the most excruciating cameo we've done, including Les Dennis“

    12:00 AM — Gay icon Keith Chegwin is to star as a foul-mouthed gay basher in the upcoming series of Ricky Gervais-scripted comedy Extras. Cheggers, known to millions as the lovable face of 1980's kids TV, wowed gay audiences with his chiselled body in the experimental Channel Five show Naked Jungle in 2000.All the contestants in the gameshow were naked - as was Cheggers. Inexplicably, only one episode of the show was ever made.

  • Sharon O vs. Paul O’G – let battle commence

    Now ITV have revamped their teatime schedule with their new chatshow format presented by X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne.

    12:00 AM — She secured her place in the hearts of many a gay man through her camp performances on X Factor. His drag performances made him an icon back in the bad old days of the 1980s.Now Sharon Osbourne and Paul O'Grady are the latest tools in the deadly battle between the UK's two major commercial broadcasters for the lucrative teatime audience.

  • 5th September 2006

    Gay MP to Blair – time to go 1

    Gay MP Chris Bryant has been leading calls for Tony Blair to step down as Prime Minister.

    12:00 AM — Gay MP Chris Bryant has been leading calls for Tony Blair to step down as Prime Minister.Mr Blair has recently faced increased demands to name a departure date as party members and politicians become more split over the direction of Labour and goverment policy.It was revealed this morning that at least two letters have been drafted to Mr Blair requesting his departure.

  • Gay MP talks about Blair ‘plots’ 1

    The MP initially refused to make any comment when contacted by  PinkNews.co.uk.

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk Exclusive Gay MP Chris Bryant has spoken to PinkNews.co.uk about news reports that he is urging the Prime Minister to stand down.BBC Radio 4's Today programme reported that a letter from MPs including Bryant asking Blair to set a departure date has been drafted.The MP initially refused to make any comment when contacted by PinkNews.co.uk. 

  • 4th September 2006

    Rupert blasts Hollywood gay discrimination

    His long career has included roles in several major Hollywood productions, but always in small gay roles.

    12:00 AM — Rupert Everett has attacked Hollywood for not giving him romantic roles because he is gay.The 47-year-old, who publishes his autobiography next month, has also revealed he had a sexual relationship with the late Paula Yates while she was married to Bob Geldof.Everett said: "Without doubt gays are discriminated against in show business."

  • Spinster sisters challenge over gay tax rights

    The spinster Burden sisters Joyce, 88, and Sybil, 81, have written to the Chancellor before every Budget since 1976 asking for exemption for family members from inheritance tax.

    12:00 AM — Two octogenarian sisters are taking the British government to the European Court of Human Rights over a tax dispute..Since the introduction of civil partnerships earlier this year, gay and lesbian couples are now exempted from paying inheritance tax when their partner dies, the same exemption enjoyed by married couples.

  • Trevor Phillips tipped for equality role

    He is a controversial choice, given his very close relationship with new Labour.

    12:00 AM — The current chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality will be asked to run the 'super-commission' for human rights. The Guardian reports that Trevor Phillips will be appointed head of the new Commission for Equality Human Rights.He is a controversial choice, given his very close relationship with New Labour.

  • Gay TV star challenges “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

    Lehmkuhl graduated in 1996, served five years and attained the rank of Captain before his honourable discharge.

    12:00 AM — Reichen Lehmkuhl has writen a book about his experiences as a gay man in the US Air Force.32-year-old shot to prominence as the boyfriend of former N-Sync star Lance Bass, who recently surprised no-one by coming out.Lehmkuhl won the US reality show "The Amazing Race" and has subsequently worked as a model and TV presenter.

  • Steven Gerrard tops gay Wanted list

    Reporting on the Lust List has become an annual event for the red-top tabloids.

    12:00 AM — It seems that having an unconventional speaking voice continues to be no bar to gay lust.After the squeaks of David Beckham, the nasal whine of Persil's favourite footballer is music to the ears of gay fans.A survey conducted by the Gay Football Supporters Network has revealed that Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard has topped their 2006 'Lust List.'

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