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Author photoGary Leigh

  • 2nd November 2009

    Comment: The way forward for HIV prevention 57

    Gary Leigh argues that a new way forward is needed

    6:45 PM — Earlier this year, Gary Leigh wrote an article for PinkNews.co.uk attacking the HIV prevention centre for not doing enough to tackle the threat of HIV. His article provoked anger from some HIV charities, while dividing opinion among our readers.

  • 14th August 2009

    Comment: Killing us softly 185

    Gary Leigh says more debate is needed on HIV prevention (Photo: bhernandez)

    10:35 AM — Last week, Ramsey Dehani wrote about HIV campaigns from the perspective of a young gay man. Today, Gary Leigh, who remembers the "no nonsense" strategies of the 1980s, says the gay health charities have some tough questions to answer.

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