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  • 19th May 2009

    Jonathan Ross tweets support for gay protest in Moscow 23

    Prolific Twitterer Jonathan Ross has shown his support for the gay protest in Russia

    3:00 PM — After his latest spot of bother, Jonathan Ross has been showing his support for gay rights via Twitter.

  • 23rd April 2009

    Claims of anal torture of gay Iraqis “consistent” with human rights violations 20

    IGLHRC has not verified the claims

    10:13 AM — A leading LGBT human rights organisation has said that reports of horrific torture of gay Iraqis by militias "are consistent with patterns of human rights violations being reported from within the country."

  • Police investigation into website that targets Portsmouth councillors 1

    Police are investigating

    9:54 AM — Hampshire police are to investigate a website that contains "scurrilous and intrusive postings" about the private lives of seven elected councillors in Portsmouth.

  • 22nd April 2009

    Football Association begins research on homophobia in sport 2

    The FA has started to conduct research in an attempt to crack down on gender discrimination and homophobia

    4:40 PM — The FA has started to conduct research in an attempt to crack down on gender discrimination and homophobia. To do this, they have recruited two researchers to find out more about the football experience of people from gay, lesbian and bi-sexual communities.

  • 17th April 2009

    US schools mark National Day of Silence

    Schools across America participated in National Day of Silence

    5:11 PM — Schools in the US marked the National Day of Silence today to bring attention to LGBT bullying. This year's date is considered especially significant as Carl Walker-Hoover, of Massachusetts, would have been 12 today. Carl killed himself last week after suffering months of homophobic bullying at school.

  • BBC cookery programme seeks gay families 3

    Producers are seeking a gay or lesbian family to learn how to eat healthily for less (Photo: Flickr user srqpix)

    3:34 PM — The producers of a new BBC programme, Economy Gastronomy, are seeking a family headed by a gay or lesbian couple to appear on the show. The peak-time show will teach families how to stop wasting, learn to shop economically and eat better for less.

  • Olympics winner: ‘Being gay cost me sponsorships’ 18

    Matthew Mitcham has suggested being gay may have cost him sponsorship deals

    10:29 AM — Matthew Mitcham, the Australian diver who won the ten-metre platform gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, has said he believes he lost sponsorship deals due to being openly gay.

  • 16th April 2009

    New York governor confirms introduction of gay marriage bill 1

    David Paterson has confirmed his intention to introduce legislation to legalise gay marriage

    2:42 PM — David Paterson, the governor of New York, has confirmed he will introduce legislation to make gay marriage legal in the state. If passed, the bill will make it the fifth state to legalise gay marriage, after Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and Iowa.

  • Xbox Live manager meets gay charity to tackle homophobia issues 1

    Xbox Live may make changes to its policy

    11:14 AM — Xbox Live policy manager Stephen Toulouse has met with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to discuss the issue of homophobia in the game.

  • 15th April 2009

    Man found guilty of murdering his ex-boyfriend by setting him alight 1

    Charlie Davies was killed by Nadim Kurrimbukus in June last year

    1:42 PM — A Hounslow man has been found guilty of murdering his ex-boyfriend by setting him alight. Nadim Kurrimbukus, 25, poured petrol over the head of Charlie Davies and set him alight outside his home in Templedene Avenue, Staines two months after their relationship ended.

  • Alberta agrees to fund final 50 genital reassignment surgeries 2

    Trans residents in Alberta will no longer be able to access funding for gender reassignment procedures

    11:30 AM — The Canadian province of Alberta has said it will pay for almost 50 final genital reassignment surgeries before ceasing funding for the operations.

  • California allows trans people living in other states to amend birth certificates

    Those with California birth certificates who live out of state can now amend the document with their new gender

    10:42 AM — Trans people with California birth certificates who live in other states can now change their birth certificates to reflect their real gender, a Court of Appeal ruling has decided.

  • 14th April 2009

    Suspended Tory councillor defends views on gays 23

    Patrick Clark was suspended after making the comments in a newsletter

    4:53 PM — A Tory councillor who called gays "sexual deviants" has defended his views and denied being homophobic. Patrick Clark, the former deputy Conservative group leader for Derbyshire County Council, was suspended from his post as a county councillor for Duffield and Belper South last week at a group meeting.

  • Man arrested over ‘homophobic’ petrol bomb attempt 4

    The man was arrested over the arson attempt

    3:42 PM — A 19-year-old man has been arrested in Reading after a petrol bomb was thrown through a pub window. The Molotov cocktail smashed through glass at the Lord Campbell pub in Alexander Road, Aldershot, at around 4:30am on April 1st.

  • Amazon apologises over ‘embarrassing’ gay books listing error 7

    Amazon has apologised over the 'glitch'

    10:53 AM — Internet retailer Amazon has apologised for thousands of books about gay and lesbian topics losing their sales ranking over the past few days after they have been labelled as "adult" books.

  • 9th April 2009

    Man’s appeal over gay murder conviction rejected 2

    The men were convicted in 1999 of killing Robert Huggett

    3:53 PM — A man who was found guilty of murdering a man he met for sex has had his appeal against the jury's verdict rejected. David Shale, now 29, and his friend Andrew Shortt, now 30, were convicted at Bristol Crown Court of murdering 46-year-old Robert Huggett in September 1999.

  • 8th April 2009

    New York woos gay tourists 5

    New York is seeking to hold onto its crown as the top gay destination

    4:05 PM — New York city is stepping up its efforts to attract gay and lesbian tourists. A marketing campaign titled The Rainbow Pilgrimage was unveiled yesterday in the city, which is aiming to retain its position as the top destination for pink tourism.

  • Man cleared of raping lesbian student

    Daniel Fountain was cleared of the charge

    1:51 PM — A man accused of raping a lesbian student after a night out in London has been cleared of the charge. Daniel Fountain, 20, told police he had had consensual sex with the teenager and that she said she wanted to see him again.

  • Gay families invited for White House for Easter event

    LGBT families have been invited to the annual event

    11:17 AM — Gay couples and their children are being invited to the White House to take part in the annual Easter Egg Roll event. The Egg Roll is a race where children push a hardboiled egg through grass with a long-handled club and dates back to 1878.

  • 7th April 2009

    Playboy exec sues over gay discrimination 3

    Joseph DeAcetis is suing Playboy

    1:26 PM — Playboy's former fashion director is suing the magazine for alleged sexual orientation and age discrimination. Joseph DeAcetis, 45, filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan supreme court on Friday, claiming he was harassed by Playboy's editorial director, Christopher Napolitano, and that he was fired because of his age.

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