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  • 2nd February 2011

    Video: Saturday Night Live attacked for ‘transphobic’ skit 13

    A still from the fake commercial

    10:51 AM — US television show Saturday Night Live has been attacked for including a skit which mocked transgender women. The piece, a mock advertisement for hormone pills, was "destructive and dehumanising", the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said.

  • 1st February 2011

    Six trans women killed in Honduras in two months 7

    LGBT groups say the killings need to be investigated

    5:57 PM — LGBT campaigners are calling on Honduran authorities to fully investigate the murders of six transgender women in just 60 days. According to Human Rights Watch, the first death was on November 29th and the latest took place on January 17th.

  • Support for Football V Homophobia Day 11

    Football's anti-homophobia campaign received support (Photo: Stephen Depolo)

    5:21 PM — The Justin Campaign's Football V Homophobia Day has received support from football's equality body Kick It Out and the FA. The annual day, in February, is now in its second year and encourages teams at all levels to tackle homophobia.

  • Man says Parkinson’s drug turned him into gay sex addict 24

    Didier Jambart says the drug turned him gay

    2:35 PM — A French man is suing pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo because he claims that a drug used to treat his Parkinson's disease turned him into a gay sex addict.

  • New Kids star Jonathan Knight confirms he’s gay 8

    Jonathan Knight said he didn't want to exploit his sexuality

    10:51 AM — New Kids on the Block star Jonathan Knight has confirmed he is gay. He appeared to have been outed by 90s popstar Tiffany last week but said he had "never been outed by anyone but myself".

  • 31st January 2011

    Cycling champion Graeme Obree says he’s gay 8

    Graeme Obree came out today

    5:18 PM — Scottish cycling champion Graeme Obree has revealed that he is gay - and that he tried to kill himself twice as he struggled to accept his sexual orientation.

  • Gay people were sexually abused, says senior advisor of New York Muslim centre 58

    The mosque is to be built near Ground Zero (Photo: Derek Rose)

    4:40 PM — A senior advisor of the proposed Muslim centre near Ground Zero says that homosexuality is mainly caused by emotional or sexual abuse. Abdallah Adhami, 44, said in a lecture that being gay was a "painful trial" which results from past trauma.

  • Q&A: The Equal Love campaign’s legal case 13

    The Equal Love campaign seeks marriage equality

    3:47 PM — This week, four gay and four straight couples will file a challenge at the European Court of Human Rights against the UK's ban on gay marriage and straight civil partnerships. Here, human rights lawyer and case advisor Professor Robert Wintemute explains the legal basis of the application to the European court.

  • Don’t demonise gays and lesbians, Archbishop of Canterbury warns 30

    The Archbishop warned against 'demonising' language

    2:50 PM — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has warned against "demonising" gays and lesbians. The Anglican leader was speaking on Friday, two days after the murder of Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato.

  • Melanie Phillips says gay people sent her death threats 79

    Melanie Phillips said she had received death threats

    11:39 AM — Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips says she received death threats from gay people after writing that a "ruthless gay lobby" is "brainwashing children".

  • Barnado’s boss encourages gay couples to adopt 10

    The charity wants more gay couples to adopt children (Photo: Christopher Meredith)

    10:53 AM — The chief of adoption charity Barnado's is encouraging more gay couples to give a home to children in care. New chief executive Anne Marie Carrie was speaking after a survey by the charity found that a third of the public think that gay couples are inferior parents.

  • Christian Voice leader Stephen Green ‘a wifebeater’ 100

    Stephen Green is a wife-beater, his former wife says

    10:08 AM — The wife of Christian Voice leader Stephen Green says he beat her until she bled and does not believe in marital rape. Caroline Green, who was married to the anti-gay Christian extremist for 26 years, says she has come forward now because "the people who support him financially and morally should know what he is really like".

  • 28th January 2011

    Ugandan lesbian asylum seeker wins last minute reprieve from deportation from UK 22

    The campaigner Peter Tatchell and other activists at an earlier protest

    11:59 PM — Solicitors acting for a Ugandan lesbian who was due to be deported from the United Kingdom earlier this evening have said that she has won a temporary reprieve of in advance of a fresh court appeal.

  • Three appear in court over anti-gay leaflets

    The men were accused of handing out leaflets near a mosque

    5:14 PM — Three men appeared in court today on charges of distributing threatening written material to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

  • US store censors Elton’s magazine cover with new baby 37

    The 'modesty shield' over the magazine (Photo: Twitter)

    11:11 AM — A US chain store deemed a magazine cover featuring Elton John's family so offensive, it was covered to "protect" young shoppers.

  • Men charged with anti-gay hatred over execution leaflets

    The men will appear before a court today

    10:50 AM — Two men in Derby are the first to be charged under new laws against stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation. Razwan Javed, 30, and Kabir Ahmed, 27, were accused of handing out leaflets called 'The Death Penalty?' outside a Derby mosque.

  • 27th January 2011

    Glee creator calls Kings of Leon drummer ‘homophobic’ 26

    Ryan Murphy said the band were "assholes". Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    2:16 PM — Glee creator Ryan Murphy has called Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill a “homophobe” for comments he made about the show. The row started after the band refused permission for their song 'Use Somebody' to be included in the gay-friendly comedy.

  • Another gay couple sue B&B which turned them away 46

    The owners of the Swiss B&B are being sued

    11:46 AM — A second gay couple are suing a bed and breakfast which barred them from sharing a room. Michael Black, 63, and John Morgan, 58, have begun legal proceedings against the Swiss B&B in Berkshire, after owners Susanne and Mike Wilkinson denied them a double room last March.

  • 26th January 2011

    Tom Ford on why gay men are ‘better fashion designers’ 16

    Tom Ford says gay men make better designers (Photo: Nicolas Genin)

    3:40 PM — Tom Ford says gay men make better designers because they can "detach the physical from the spiritual". Speaking to artist John Currin for Interview magazine, the designer said that gay men's lack of sexual desire for women allows them to combine physical beauty with "soul and personality".

  • Kele Okereke writing ‘erotic memoir’ 1

    Kele Okereke is writing a book (Photo: Tom DL)

    11:59 AM — Kele Okereke is understood to be writing a book, possibly an "erotic memoir". After revealing last year that he would pen a "sexually charged" collection of short stories, the Bloc Party star told NME this week he was close to finishing a book.

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