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  • 28th February 2011

    Court upholds foster ban on couple who oppose homosexuality 390

    The couple said they could not tell a child that being gay is ok

    2:52 PM — The High Court has upheld a council's decision to bar a couple from fostering children because they oppose homosexuality.

  • Natalie Portman wins Oscar for Black Swan 9

    Natalie Portman in Black Swan

    11:44 AM — Natalie Portman won a Best Actress Oscar last night for her role as a ballet dancer in Black Swan. The 29-year-old played Nina Sayers in the psychological thriller, which includes a lesbian sex scene.

  • President Obama appoints gay man as social secretary 6

    Jeremy Bernard is the new White House social secretary

    11:17 AM — US president Barack Obama has appointed a gay man as his social secretary. Jeremy Bernard, a special adviser to the US ambassador to France and a long-time supporter and fund-raiser, will take over the high-profile position.

  • 24th February 2011

    Manchester to celebrate centenary of gay computer scientist Alan Turing 27

    Alan Turing's work will be celebrated in 2012

    3:55 PM — Manchester will celebrate the centenary of Alan Turing's birth next year. The gay computer scientist and codebreaker, who was born in 1912 and lived in the city, was persecuted for his sexual orientation and forced to undergo chemical castration.

  • Most Irish people support gay marriage, poll says 12

    Most Irish adults support gay marriage, a poll says

    1:45 PM — A survey of Irish adults says that the majority - 61 per cent - support marriage equality for gay couples. Just 27 per cent of voters are opposed to the idea of gay marriage, the Irish Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne research found.

  • Hawaii governor signs civil unions bill 2

    Governor Neil Abercrombie at the signing ceremony (Photo: Ed Morita)

    1:06 PM — The governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, signed a civil unions bill into law yesterday. The measure was approved by the Senate last week and will give gay couples almost all of the rights of marriage.

  • 23rd February 2011

    Belgian gay couple to be reunited with baby son 12

    The couple have waited two years to take their son home (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    5:14 PM — A Belgian gay couple whose baby son was stranded in Ukraine for two years expect to be reunited with him soon. Peter Meurrens and Laurent Ghilain had baby Samuel by surrogate in 2009 but red tape meant they could not bring him home.

  • Maryland Senate debates gay marriage

    Gay campaigners want Maryland to offer marriage equality (Photo: Matthias Homberg)

    3:37 PM — Maryland's Senate began debating gay marriage today. The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act will remove gender references in the US state's marriage laws and give churches the right not to conduct ceremonies.

  • David Cameron says World Cup could make Qatar more gay-friendly 35

    David Cameron said the World Cup could make Qatar more gay-friendly

    2:40 PM — Hosting the World Cup in 2022 could make Qatar more gay-friendly, British prime minister David Cameron said today. Mr Cameron, who is on a visit to the Gulf State, said that there is "no place for homophobia in football" and that the games could be an "engine for social change".

  • Polish gay football fans ask for separate seats at Euro 2012 4

    The Polish gay football fan group said its members would be harassed

    2:09 PM — A Polish group of gay football fans has asked for separate seating at the 2012 European Championships to protect them from other fans.

  • 22nd February 2011

    Tory councillor suspended for six months over gay porn images 22

    Simon Renwick was suspended for six months

    5:21 PM — A Tory councillor in Fylde, near Blackpool, has been suspended for six months after more than 1,000 gay porn images were found on his work laptop. Simon Renwick claims someone else malicously downloaded the images, but Fylde council decided to suspend him for not securing the computer properly.

  • Scottish police ‘are more gay-friendly than in San Francisco’ 12

    Scottish police are said to be more gay-friendly

    3:39 PM — Scottish police are more gay-friendly than their counterparts in San Francisco, a researcher claims. According to Northern Constabulary advisor Lisa Buchanan, victims of anti-gay hate crimes are more likely to come forward in Scotland than they are in the traditionally gay-friendly areas of California.

  • First UK national forum for LGBT Jews formed 13

    The group's name means 'rainbow'

    1:12 PM — A national forum has been launched for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Jews. Keshet UK, which means 'rainbow', hopes to challenge prejudice, tackle anti-gay bullying and support Jewish LGBT people in schools, synagogues and social care.

  • America’s biggest firms pay for transgender treatment 17

    Large companies would rather keep hold of talented staff

    10:27 AM — Some of America's biggest firms offer their employees medical insurance to cover gender reassignment. Companies including Coca Cola, American Express and Yahoo! would prefer to pay out rather than lose valuable employees.

  • 21st February 2011

    Man claims he had four-year gay affair with killer Raoul Moat 18

    Raoul Moat is said to have had a four-year gay affair

    3:33 PM — Killer Raoul Moat had a four-year affair with another man, it has been claimed. According to the Sun, 34-year-old Carl Redford says he and Moat slept together up to three times a week.

  • Israel appoints first out gay judge 14

    Dori Spivak, an attorney and former Civil Rights Association chairman, was appointed as a judge at the Tel A gay judge has been appointed as Israel's first gay judge

    2:46 PM — The first openly gay judge has been appointed in Israel. Dori Spivak, an attorney and former Civil Rights Association chairman, was appointed as a judge at the Tel Aviv Labor Court on Friday.

  • Rufus Wainwright has baby with Leonard Cohen’s daughter 8

    Rufus Wainwright has become a father

    2:44 PM — Rufus Wainwright has become a father. The gay singer-songwriter announced on his website today that he and Lorca Cohen, daughter of Leonard Cohen, had become "proud parents".

  • The Queen’s composer hits out at ‘gay-bashing thugs’ in Church of England 6

    The Queen's composer criticised the Church of England

    12:38 PM — The Queen's composer has attacked "gay-bashing fundamentalists" in the Church of England for refusing to allow civil partnerships. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, 76, hit out at clerics for refusing to officiate gay couples' ceremonies.

  • Liverpool to promote gay village 10

    Liverpool wants to make the most of its gay quarter

    12:34 PM — Liverpool is to promote and develop its gay quarter to cash in on the so-called 'pink pound'. The council has hired a planning consultancy to look at how the city can be marketed as a worldwide tourist destination for gay travellers.

  • Ugandan asylum seeker says publicity will put her life at risk 9

    Uganda does not allow homosexuality

    11:00 AM — A Ugandan asylum seeker who was ordered to leave the UK says that publicity means her life will be at risk if returned to Uganda. The woman, referred to as BN, initially claimed that she was a lesbian but a judge ruled that there was no evidence for this.

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