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  • 31st August 2011

    Teenager ‘murdered gay man after promising him sex’

    The court heard that the teenager planned to kill or injure David Cowley

    11:44 AM — A 17-year-old Lincolnshire boy has been accused of murdering a 67-year-old man after arranging to have sex with him. The teenager is said to have punched, kicked and suffocated the older man.

  • 27th August 2011

    In Photos: Pink Lake boat party 6

    6:12 PM — The fun at Austria's Pink Lake festival, held around Lake Wörthersee continued last night with a boat party on the crystal clear waters.

  • In photos: Pink Lake kicks off in traditional style 11

    4:01 PM — The Pink Lake festival, held around Lake Wörthersee in Austria has kicked off in its own unique style. The festival, which is sponsored by PinkNews.co.uk sees just under a thousand LGBT tourists descend on the relatively small town of Velden for three nights of parties.

  • 19th August 2011

    Will Young wants to be a father 33

    Will Young says he wants to be a dad

    1:11 PM — Will Young says he's looking forward to having children and a "less selfish" job. The gay singer said he was "very broody" but wants to meet the right man.

  • 15th August 2011

    Kieron Richardson: ‘Other gay actors warned me not to come out’ 35

    Kieron Richardson says he's getting involved in gay rights causes

    5:55 PM — Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson has revealed that before he came out last year, other actors warned him that it could stop him from getting roles.

  • 9th August 2011

    Comment: A gay Congolese man in South Africa 10

    Junior Mayema says he suffers discrimination in South Africa

    4:56 PM — Junior Mayema, 24, is a volunteer with People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP). He fled Congo at the age of 22 after suffering persecution and threats.

  • 3rd August 2011

    HIV ‘epidemics’ emerging in gay men in North Africa and the Middle East 17

    More cases of HIV in MSM are being found across North Africa and the Middle East

    5:10 PM — New research suggests that HIV epidemics are emerging in North Africa and the Middle East among men who have sex with men (MSM). According to researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and Tunisia are seeing high rates of infection in gay and bisexual men.

  • 22nd July 2011

    One in four Massachusetts gay teenagers ‘are homeless’ 34

    One in four of the lesbian and gay teenagers surveyed had no regular home

    2:39 PM — A study of teenagers in the US state of Massachusetts suggests that one in four are homeless. The study, carried out by the Children's Hospital Boston, looked at the sexual orientation and home status of 6,317 teenagers.

  • 18th July 2011

    In photos: Lovebox Out and Fierce 2011 (Gay day) 9

    3:00 PM — Tens of thousands of people attended Lovebox Out and Fierce 2011 (Gay day) in Victoria Park, East London on Sunday. Bands on stage included Blondie, Beth Ditto and the Scissor Sisters as well as Horse Meat Disco at the legendary NYC Downlow

  • 15th July 2011

    Man pleads not guilty to New Jersey trans woman’s murder

    Victoria Carmen White was shot dead

    1:39 PM — A New Jersey man has pleaded not guilty to the murder of a transgender model. Alrashim Chambers, 24, denies shooting Victoria Carmen White, 28, after meeting her on a night out in September last year.

  • 8th July 2011

    Transgender woman told by Sainsbury’s to use disabled toilet 219

    Two transgender women have been told not to use women's toilets

    12:56 PM — A transgender woman in Surrey has described how staff at a Sainsbury's supermarket told her to use the disabled toilets instead of the women's facility. Stephanie Collins, 55, said she used the women's toilets but as she came out, a staff member stopped her and told her she should not have done.

  • 6th July 2011

    Lesbian asylum seeker wins right to stay in UK 6

    A court ruled that the woman could stay in the UK

    4:34 PM — A lesbian asylum seeker from Jamaica has been granted the right to stay in the UK after immigration judges ruled that she could face persecution if sent home. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was originally told by the Home Office that she could not stay.

  • Lady Gaga: ‘I don’t use the gay community to sell records’ 39

    Lady Gaga took a self-portrait for the magazine cover

    10:52 AM — Lady Gaga has hit back at claims she uses gay rights issues to sell more records. The star, who has called for gay marriage, led Pride marches and lobbied politicians and companies over anti-gay policies, is arguably the most influential gay rights campaigner on the planet.

  • 5th July 2011

    Even more Pride London 2011 photo highlights 11

    3:20 PM — As London reflects on another large Pride festival, PinkNews.co.uk brings you even more photo highlights from the day.

  • 4th July 2011

    Pakistan Muslim groups condemn US embassy gay meeting 126

    The US embassy held a gay rights event

    3:32 PM — Muslim groups in Pakistan have condemned a gay rights event at the US embassy as "social and cultural terrorism". The June 26th meeting, hosted by US deputy ambassador, Richard Hoagland, was held to support LGBT people in the country

  • 24th June 2011

    Women’s gaydar ‘better during ovulation’ 22

    Ovulating women have better gaydar, the study claimed

    4:27 PM — A small-scale study suggests that women's ability to tell whether men are gay improves during the most fertile phase of their menstrual cycle. According to researchers at the University of Toronto, women who are ovulating are better at deciding which men are gay than women who are not.

  • Anti-gay singer Buju Banton jailed for drug offences 52

    Buju Banton was jailed for ten years (Photo: Wili Hybrid)

    2:07 PM — Homophobic reggae singer Buju Banton has been sentenced to ten years in jail for drug offences. The Jamaican star, real name Mark Myrie, was found guilty in February after a previous mistrial.

  • 20th June 2011

    Hotel workers win compensation over anti-gay bullying 17

    The pair were awarded a total of £56,000 - but will receive just a fraction

    3:46 PM — Two hotel workers who were mocked and called gay by their boss have won their claims for discrimination. Head chef Martin Owen and manager Andrew Roberts-Evans successfully claimed sex discrimination against Simon Buckley, the director of the Grapes Hotel, in Maentwrog, Snowdonia.

  • 19th June 2011

    Church of England to publish guidance on appointment of celibate gay bishops 162

    Dr Williams said that he has no problem with the introduction of celibate gay bishops

    2:21 PM — The Church of England is due to publish advice tomorrow that gay clergy who are in civil partnerships will be entitled to become bishops, so long as they promise to remain celibate.

  • 17th June 2011

    Lesbian couple ‘told to stop kissing at baseball game’ 54

    The fans were told to "adhere to the ten commandments"

    4:56 PM — A lesbian couple say they were told off by a security guard for sharing a brief kiss at a Minnesota Twins baseball game. Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper, from Minneapolis, say the Target Field guard told them: "We don't play grab-ass here".

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