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  • 26th April 2012

    Methodist conference to discuss equal marriage and gay clergy 12

    Gay rights activists have printed leaflets in at least five languages, including Portuguese and Swahili

    11:23 PM — The United Methodist Church (UMC), which has at least 12 million followers around the world, is set to debate questions of equal marriage and the ordination of gay bishops as part of its General Conference.

  • Pennsylvania set to get its first openly gay lawmaker 13

    Mr Sims previously worked for his opponent as the campaign treasurer

    10:49 PM — Pennsylvania is set to get its first openly gay state lawmaker, as a 33 year old is set to win a Democratic State House primary, leaving him with an open path to election this November, unless an independent candidate decides to compete for the seat.

  • Comic strip writer: Batman is ‘very, very gay’ 18

    Grant Morrison thinks that Batman, as a hero, was meant to be 'sexually deviant'

    10:21 PM — In what could provide further fuel for those inclined to psychoanalytical readings of comic strips, a writer who revamped Batman for DC Comics has said that the titular character is "very, very gay."

  • Robert Spitzer apologises to the gay community for ‘ex-gay’ study 35

    Dr Spitzer had originally led the efforts for homosexuality to be de-listed as a 'mental illness' from psychiatric manuals

    9:52 PM — The author of the controversial study on 'conversion therapy' for gay men and lesbians, Dr Robert Spitzer, has issued an apology to the gay community, and to those who underwent so-called 'gay cure therapies,' for having made the study public in the first place.

  • 25th April 2012

    Hong Kong pop star Anthony Wong comes out 17

    Mr Wong's sexuality has been something of an open secret in the entertainment industry

    11:48 PM — Anthony Wong, a Hong Kong-based pop star, once well-known as the lead singer of the duo, Tat Ming Pair, has come out as gay in front of thousands of fans during a concert.

  • New York: Mayor-hopeful to marry her partner

    Ms Quinn hopes to run for the mayoral elections next year

    11:00 PM — Christine Quinn, the speaker of the New York City Council, will marry her partner of eleven years, Kim Catullo, in a civil ceremony on May 19, it has been announced.

  • Fred Karger’s video pulled (briefly) from YouTube 18

    Mr Karger has vowed to continue fighting the Republican race, and will distribute 'Fred Frisbees' around California

    10:22 PM — Fred Karger, who hopes to be the party's first openly gay, Jewish, Republican nominee for the US presidential elections this year, has had his recent campaign video pulled by YouTube, before being reinstated with a warning of 'explicit content.'

  • US: Poll finds majority support for equal marriage 21

    Graph showing the evolution of public opinion on gay marriage (Photo: Pew Research Center)

    9:49 PM — A US poll has found that 47 percent of people are in favour of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, with 43 percent opposed, adding to a growing body of evidence that the country is increasingly moving towards the direction of equality.

  • 24th April 2012

    California pushes for a partial ban on ‘gay conversion therapies’ 27

    The bill is authored by Sen Ted Lieu, and sponsored by Equality California

    11:49 PM — A bill passing through Californian Senate seeks to ban so-called 'reparative therapy' for gay men and women below the age of 18, and would force psychiatrists to inform older patients of the many mental and physical harms such 'therapies' might cause.

  • Video: Gingrich endorses anti-gay amendment, as public support drops 7

    Mr Gingrich released his video just as polls seem to suggest support for Amendment at its lowest yet (Photo: YouTube)

    11:07 PM — Within a day of launching a high-profile campaign to oppose the anti-gay Amendment One in North Carolina, the Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has launched a video encouraging citizens of the state to approve the bill on May 8 — even as two different polls suggest that the support for the amendment is dropping.

  • Stonewall survey: NHS ‘failing gay and bisexual men’ 29

    The survey has found that a third of respondents had a negative experience with NHS.

    10:33 PM — A large-scale health study in the UK has found that gay and bisexual men are neglected and discriminated against by the NHS, which, rather than focusing on their propensity for self-harm, suicide and severe depression, concentrates solely on their sexual health.

  • Dissident Anglican movement meets in London 18

    The FCA has been extremely critical of ordination of gay bishops, and blames lack of direction from Dr Williams

    9:52 PM — Leaders of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA), a dissident movement formed over opposition to the ordination of gay bishops, have met in London today to begin discussions on the future of the Church of England.

  • MP John Glen refuses to cut ties with ‘gay cure’ charity 118

    John Glen MP was once a CARE intern himself, and has said the charity does not promote 'gay cure'

    12:37 AM — The Conservative MP for Salisbury, John Glen, has said that he will not be "bullied into cutting ties" with a charity that sponsored an event which included discussions of "curing" homosexuality.

  • President Obama remembers gay victims of the Holocaust 30

    The Memorial for homosexual victims of the Holocaust in Cologne

    12:16 AM — During a speech at the US Holocaust Museum, to mark Yom HaShoah, or the Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Obama referred directly to the gay victims of Nazi persecution, pleading that the task of today's generation is for the atrocities of the genocide should occur "never again."

  • 23rd April 2012

    Video: Ad against North Carolina’s Amendment One 17

    Both LGBT and straight parents have launched a series of TV ads against Amendment One (Photo: YouTube)

    11:29 PM — LGBT and heterosexual parents have joined forces in North Carolina to launch a high-profile advertisement campaign against so-called Amendment One, which proposes to outlaw all recognition of same-sex relationships in the state.

  • Romney appoints a gay man as foreign policy spokesperson 35

    Mr Grenell has deleted more than 800 tweets since his appointment by the Romney campaign, it is reported (Photo: Twitter)

    11:00 PM — Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican contender to fight incumbent Barack Obama at the 2012 elections, has appointed Richard Grenell, an openly gay man as the national security and foreign policy spokesperson, which has proved doubly controversial, partly due to outrage from social conservatives, and partly because of apparently sexist tweets he had sent prior the appointment.

  • 22nd April 2012

    Gambia: We will not “cave in to pressure on homosexuality” 141

    9:42 PM — The President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has warned foreign diplomats that his country would not be "bribed" with or dictated by promise of aid to accept homosexuality.

  • Australia: Speaker steps down over allegations of sexual harassment 3

    Peter Slipper defected to Labor Party last November to lend support to Ms Gillard's government

    8:58 PM — The Speaker of Australia's House of Representatives, Rt Hon Peter Slipper, has stepped down from his parliamentary position, over allegations that he sexually harassed a male staff member, and misused publicly-funded Cabcharges.

  • Chaz Bono, Josh Hutcherson win GLAAD awards

    Chaz Bono won two awards, one for best documentary, and the Stephen F. Kolzak Award

    8:29 PM — Chaz Bono, Josh Hutcherson, and the US show 'Modern Family' emerged as winners of the 23rd annual Media Awards by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

  • Church’s opposition to equal marriage ‘disastrous’, senior bishop says 82

    Rev Holtam has compared opposition to marriage equality to defence of slavery

    7:20 PM — Following a letter to the Times by several high-profile Anglican clergymen, wherein they affirmed their support for marriage equality, the Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam, has said that the current opposition by the Church to equal marriage is similar to the view of eighteenth century Christians that slavery was "God-given."

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