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Author photoLucy Durnin

  • 21st April 2008

    Gay boxer upbeat despite defeat at hands of Tory MP

    "White-collar" or "City boxing" allows professionals to train and fight at special boxing events

    10:14 AM — The Pink Pounder may have lost his latest boxing match, but he won't be throwing in the towel just yet. Charles Jones, a 48-year old architect from London, is considered to be the world's first openly gay boxer.

  • 18th April 2008

    Euro politicians speak out on gay teen suicides 1

    Young LGBT people are facing homophobic bullying when they are still in education

    2:03 PM — A new report released by the Council of Europe this week has acknowledged that suicide rates among young LGBT people are "significantly higher" than the general population.

  • Neo-Nazi who attacked gays loses appeal

    National Socialist Front leader Simon Lindberg. Image: den-svenske.com

    11:58 AM — The leader of a neo-Nazi group in southern Sweden, jailed for beating five men at a gay rights party, lost his appeal yesterday. National Socialist Front (NSF) leader Simon Lindberg, had the three month sentence handed down by a district court confirmed by the Court of Appeal.

  • Isle of Man drafts gender recognition legislation 1

    80,000 people live on the Isle of Man

    11:08 AM — Transsexual people on the Isle of Man will have their new gender recognised by law under draft legislation. A person who has had a sex change operation and has a full gender recognition certificate will have their new status legally recognised.

  • Court rejects sperm donor’s request for child access

    Mr Justice John Hedigan found that the man had misled the couple as to his true intentions

    10:57 AM — A gay man in Ireland who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple has lost his High Court bid for guardianship and access to his biological child. The 41-year old, known only as 'A', signed an agreement that he would not occupy the role of father but would act as a 'favourite uncle'.

  • 4th April 2008

    Court rules website cannot ask sexual orientation question

    Three judges disagreed with the ruling, stating that the court was creating a dangerous precedent and future confusion for internet firms.

    5:50 PM — A roommate-finding site is prohibited from asking users to disclose their sexual orientation, a US appeals court has ruled.Arizona-based website Roommates.com came under fire by The Fair Housing Council of San Fernando Valley and the Fair Housing Council of San Diego, who claimed the site violated the Fair Housing Act by demanding users list their sexual orientation as part of their application form.It is the latest dispute over whether anti-discrimination rules apply to the web.

  • Kennedy pushes LGB but not T workplace protections 2

    Senator Kennedy commented that Senate approval of the bill could pave the way for extending protection to transgender workers.

    4:50 PM — A US Senator has caused outrage among the gay community by refusing to advocate a federal ban on job bias against transsexuals and cross-dressers, despite lending his support to homosexuals.Edward M Kennedy, who represents Massachusetts, is currently leading the push for a ban on employment bias against gays, lesbians and bisexuals, but will not extend the campaign to include others whose outward appearance does not match their gender at birth.Kennedy, who has previously campaigned for the gay community, has said it will be an "uphill struggle" to pass the bill.

  • Gay chatline calls cost NHS Trust £1,000

    The bill was discovered by a telecoms consultant who was reviewing telecommunications at the Havering Primary Care Trust.

    3:30 PM — A health trust employee ran up a £1,000 calling a premium rate gay chat line from work.The bill was discovered by a telecoms consultant who was reviewing telecommunications at the Havering Primary Care Trust (PCT), which runs GP and dentist surgeries across the borough as well as St George's Hospital in Hornchurch.He estimated the employee had been calling the line for up to a year during 2006,.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Trans trucker wins at employment tribunal

    Employment judge Mr Homfray-Davies ruled that Blue Arrow did discriminate against Gaynor.

    12:50 PM — A transsexual who claimed she was hounded out of her job as a trucker after she began her transition from her former male gender has triumphed at her employment tribunal.Vikki-Marie Gaynor, 37, from Wallasey in Wirral, is waiting to hear the exact sum of compensation she will be rewarded following her successful claims of sexual discrimination against Exel Europe, part of delivery giant DHL, and recruitment agency Blue Arrow.The ex-soldier got her HGV licence through the Royal Corps of Transport.

  • 28th March 2008

    Met Police criticised for allowing gay hate concert 4

    The Met have previously stated that artists would not be allowed to perform unless they sign the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA).

    5:30 PM — The Metropolitan Police have allowed a concert by artist Bounty Killer to go ahead, despite his lyrics inciting homophobic hatred and violence.The Jamaican reggae and dancehall DJ, born Rodney Basil Price, has already had two concerts cancelled in Bradford and Birmingham following protests by the gay human rights group Outrage!The Met have previously stated that artists would not be allowed to perform unless they sign the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA).

  • Irish teachers face dismissal for being gay 5

    Ireland's Employment Equality Act permits schools to dismiss homosexual teachers from religious schools.

    2:30 PM — Gay and lesbian teachers in Ireland could be sacked if their lifestyle is seen as undermining the religious ethos of schools, a conference was told this week.Members of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) group at the Irish National Teachers' Organisation conference said that the Employment Equality Act permits schools to dismiss homosexual teachers from religious schools.Section 37 of the Act states that schools that promote certain religious values can take action to protect their "religious ethos."

  • Evangelicals attack Ecuador’s protection of sexual minorities 2

    Queirolo has embraced the ultra-conservative Christian Evangelical movement and campaigning against constitutional protection for homosexuals.

    1:35 PM — A member of Ecuador's National Assembly has caused outrage throughout the gay community by comparing homosexuality to paedophilia and bestiality.Rosanna Queirolo, a former model, television news anchor and triathlon athlete, won election on a manifesto of environmental protection.However, since joining the Assembly she has caused controversy by embracing the country's ultra-conservative Christian Evangelical movement.

  • Scottish campaign aims to stop deportation of gay teenager 5

    Campaign workers are encouraging supporters to write to their local MP or to write directly to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

    12:50 PM — A campaign has been launched to save a teenager from Syria being deported to his homeland.Jojo Jako Yakob, 19, claims he will be executed if he is returned.He has been held at Polmont Young Offenders in Falkirk, Scotland for the last 12 months after being arrested for possessing a fake Belgian passport. His lawyers say an asylum application for his stay in the UK was mistakenly withdrawn.

  • INTERVIEW: Pi, mythology and the black male form

    A qualified psychoanalytic therapist, Charlie believes his training has enabled him to be more artistically intuitive.

    12:05 PM — A church is not the sort of place one would expect to find a celebration of male sexuality.But next month, St Pancras Church Crypt will play host to the 'Reverie' exhibition by London artist Charlie Pi, showcasing his interpretation of masculinity and sex.Known for his paintings of the black male form, the Deptford-based artist will premiere a selection of 50 new oil paintings of black male iconography displayed on unconventional canvases, such as old table tops and bread boards.

  • 25th March 2008

    INTERVIEW: From soaps to Soviet murder mystery

    With Hollywood beckoning, it's doubtful Tom Rob Smith will be returning to write in soapland any time soon.

    9:00 PM — Tom Rob Smith doesn't believe in stereotypes, particularly the one that says a gay, former TV soap writer can't pen an intense, hard-hitting Cold War thriller.Child 44 counfounds assumptions about gay writers.His first novel, it caused a fierce bidding war at the London Book Fair and was eventually sold to 22 countries. It is no surprise that film rights to this powerful piece of fiction have just been snapped up by Ridley Scott.

  • 14th March 2008

    Lesbian couple delighted at birth of quads 1

    At 28 weeks, Gaiennie was admitted to St Joseph Hospital in Orange County.  photo: losiek@flickr.com

    5:45 PM — A lesbian couple who work at the Irvine Police Department in Orange County, California have become the parents to quadruplets.Cristine Gaiennie and Patsy Lovell, who have a 2-year old son from the same anonymous sperm donor, conceived after seven failed attempts at artificial insemination.Gaiennie, 39, who carried the babies, underwent ovulation induction to stimulate egg production before successfully giving birth to two boys and two girls earlier this month.

  • Trans meeting will attract activists from across Europe

    The second meeting of the European Transgender Council is to be held this year in Germany.

    5:25 PM — The second meeting of the European Transgender Council is to be held this year in Germany, it was announced today.The council, comprised of Transgender Europe (TGEU), the Transgender Network Berlin (TGNB) and TransInterQueer Berlin (TrIQ) will be meeting in Berlinfrom 2nd to 4th May, following their last successful event held in Vienna in 2005.The programme will feature representatives from international activists and experts such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

  • Iranian gays still facing deportation from UK 7

    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced yesterday that in the light of “new circumstances“ gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi should have his case reconsidered.

    2:25 PM — Gay activists have told PinkNews.co.uk that the government need to reconsider the cases of other gay asylum seekers following the reprieve of Iranian teenager Mehdi Kazemi's.Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced yesterday that in the light of "new circumstances" gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi should have his case reconsidered upon his return from the Netherlands, where he fled when his first application was denied.The 19-year old, who has lived in Britain since 2005, was facing deportation and possible execution in Iran, where homosexuality is illegal.

  • New rules on HIV prosecutions released 4

    The CPS is the government department responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales.

    1:10 PM — New guidelines on how prosecutors should deal with cases involving the intentional or reckless transmission of STIs have been published by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) today.The CPS has devised a public policy and guidance statement that covers the Code for Crown Prosecutors and how it should be implemented in all cases.The guide also outlines offences the CPS will consider in relation to cases of the intentional or reckless sexual transmission of infection.

  • Victoria MP fears register will lead to gay marriage

    Under the commonwealth's proposal, a relationship will cost $180 (£73) to register and $59 to revoke.

    12:10 PM — A leading Australian MP has claimed a relationships register for gay couples would erode the sanctity of marriage as debate over the controversial bill continues.Victorian Nationals leader Peter Ryan was one of the first MPs to express his views on the new register, telling parliament it would inevitably lead to legislating gay marriage.Under the proposed new law, gay couples in the state of Victoria would be able to register their relationship for easier access to entitlements.

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