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Author photoAngela D'Amboise

  • 10th October 2005

    Football Fan Arrested for Anti-Gay Abuse

    12:00 AM — A British football fan was arrested over the weekend for harassing players and shouting homophobic chants during a game between Hull City and Brighton.

  • Transgendered Hurricane Survivor Released After Six Days in Jail

    12:00 AM — A transgendered Hurricane Katrina evacuee jailed for six days for showering in the women's bathroom at relief shelter was released Friday after the Human Rights Campaign, among other national rights organizations, persuaded the county attorney not to press charges.

  • Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts Questioned on Gay Rights Case

    12:00 AM — Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter asked Supreme Court chief justice nominee John Roberts this week about his pro bono work on a landmark case that overturned an anti-gay Colorado law in 1996.

  • Fraud Suspect Wanted For Targeting Gay Men in Ohio

    12:00 AM — Columbus Police are warning members of Ohio's gay community to beware of a fugitive on the run who is believed to be targeting gay men.

  • Teacher “Tried To Out 11 Year Olds as Gay”

    12:00 AM — A Florida elementary school teacher has resigned amid allegations he attempted to force two male sixth grade students (equivalent to the UK's Year 7) to hold hands in front of classmates and announce to the room they were gay.

  • Gay and Lesbian Home Buying Hits All Time High

    12:00 AM — According to a new study by European based legal insurer Zurich Professional, gays and lesbians are buying more homes in recent years ever before. Lesbian and gay couples are increasingly buying properties together, according to to the survey.

  • Sinead O’Connor slams church for gay priest witch hunt 4

    12:00 AM — Irish singer Sinead O'Connor (pictured) has slammed what she calls the Catholic Church's "witch hunt" against gay priests, warning church leaders that they are "blasphemous" for criticizing gay people.The controversial singer said she believes senior figures in the Catholic Church are now "preaching against love" in the campaign against lesbian and gay people.

  • South African hospital denies surrogacy to gay couple on religious grounds 4

    12:00 AM — A gay couple looking forward to having their own baby after 16 years together have had their dreams dashed after the Catholic Church refused to approve test tube babies for gay couples.

  • Scotland Will Perform First Gay Marriage

    12:00 AM — While Brighton in England may have bid for the first civil partnerships in the UK by opening its town hall doors just after midnight on December 21st, a more low-key celebration is set to ring the new Civil Partnerships laws in.

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