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Author photoRachel Charman

  • 15th August 2008

    Interview: Rhona Cameron 2

    The new tour is comprised of spanking new material

    3:20 PM — Being a stand-up comedienne and author is hard work. PinkNews.co.uk finds Rhona Cameron suffering from a serious case of press fatigue, having an entire day of interviews both behind and ahead of her.

  • LGBT police consultation group under threat 3

    Local LGBT people are entitled to vote at the meeting

    2:42 PM — Aurora, Corydon's LGBT police consultation group, is facing closure due to a lack of local support. The group, which works to represent LGBT issues to the Croydon Police Community Group, will hold a meeting on 9th September, at which a motion to close it will be debated.

  • Family of Lawrence King blame death on school dress code 15

    Mr McInerney will face charges of first degree murder and committing a hate crime

    12:31 PM — The family of a gay student who was shot in class blames his death partially on the school district for not enforcing the school dress code.

  • Canadian found guilty of child abuse 1

    Mr Neil was arrested by Royal Thai police

    11:30 AM — A Canadian man has been convicted for abusing a teenage boy in Thailand. Christopher Neil, a 32-year-old schoolteacher, was sentenced to three years and three months in prison and fined 60,000 baht (£954).

  • HIV infection from gay blood donors likely once every two centuries, lawyer claims 4

    The statistic was put forward by Mr Cain's lawyer, Peter Tree SC

    10:01 AM — The Anti-Discrimination Tribunal against the Australian Red Cross' ban on gay blood donation heard today that HIV-infected blood from a gay man was likely to slip through screening only once in 197 years.

  • 14th August 2008

    Teenager accused of trans woman murder found innocent 4

    Ms Telesford was found dead in her bedroom three days after the attack

    5:47 PM — The 18-year-old accused of strangling transsexual Kellie Telesford was found not guilty today. Shanniel Hyatt, 18, stood accused of killing the 39-year-old pre-op trans woman with a scarf after a date in Norbury, reports the Croydon Guardian.

  • U.S. Representatives draft call for gay rights

    The platform will go to the Democratic National Convention for approval by delegates next week

    5:25 PM — Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Representative for Wisconsin, yesterday claimed that the Democratic platform will contain an 'historic' rally for gay rights.

  • Gay sex becomes legal in Panama 4

    The ban on gay sex was inconsistent with the Panamanian Constitution

    4:04 PM — President Martin Torrijos Espino has decriminalised gay sex in Panama. On 29th July, President Espino and Health Minister Rosario E. Turner signed a decree repealing a 1949 law that made gay sex an illegal offence that would incur a $500 (£266) fine or a prison sentence.

  • LGBT Health Summit to be held in Bristol

    Previous summits in London and Manchester have attracted 450 delegates between them

    3:35 PM — On 4th and 5th September this year, Terrence Higgins Trust and Equality South West will host the third annual LGBT Health Summit.

  • Gay bishop calls Sydney diocese ‘bigoted’ 2

    Robinson was not invited to the Lambeth conference this year

    3:09 PM — The only openly gay Anglican bishop Gene Robinson has spoken out against the Archbishopric of Sydney. Robinson, bishop of New Hampshire, accused Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen and his diocese of intolerance in an interview with Australian magazine SX.

  • Interview: James Graham, ‘Tory Boyz’

    Tory Boyz will run at Soho Theatre from 15th August

    2:34 PM — 'I am a politics and history geek,' says James Graham, 'That's not a cool thing to be at 26!' Well, perhaps it isn't, but an award-winning play and screenwriter with a host of acclaimed productions and TV series under his belt certainly IS a cool thing to be at 26.

  • Mr Gay UK 1993 faces murder charges

    Damian Oldfield

    12:17 PM — The winner of Mr Gay UK 1993 will appear in court today charged with the murder of Damian Oldfield

  • Anti-homophobic bullying legislation introduced to New York Senate

    If the legislation is successful, New York will be the twelfth state to implement such anti-bullying measures

    11:46 AM — Ten New York Republican Senators have introduced legislation to the State Senate that will ban homophobic bullying in schools.

  • Government will not reprimand ‘gay cure’ MP 34

    The petition called on the Prime Minister to reprimand Mrs Robinson

    11:15 AM — The government has responded to a petition on its official website by members of the public offended by Iris Robinson's comments on homosexuality.

  • Expert claims old blood is riskier than blood donated by gay men

    According to the Red Cross' figures 13% of blood available for transfusion in Australia is over 14 days old

    10:53 AM — An expert witness in the Anti Discrimination Tribunal regarding gay blood donation in Tasmania claims that blood over 14 days old is far more dangerous than blood from gay donors.

  • 13th August 2008

    Israeli professor indicted for incitement to anti-gay violence 1

    There were later violent protests at the pride parade, in which a marcher was stabbed

    5:47 PM — Hilleil Weiss, a Bar-llan university professor, has been indicted for public homophobic remarks made regarding Jerusalem Pride 2005.

  • Gaydar assistance sees man charged for fraud 2

    Police have not said what the fraud charges relate to

    5:09 PM — Gay social networking site Gaydar has assisted in a Metropolitan Police fraud investigation. The investigation was carried out by the Southward Police LGBT Liaison Officer and detectives from the Community Safety Unit.

  • Gay man expected to become Congressman

    As a Democrat in a predominantly Democratic area, Polis is expected to win

    4:02 PM — Jared Polis is expected by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund to become the first ever out gay man elected to the U.S. Congress as a non-incumbent.

  • Under 1% of HIV spending focused on gay men 3

    Homophobia has been highlighted as a barrier to HIV/AIDS prevention

    3:34 PM — Less than 1% of HIV/AIDS prevention spending targets gay and bisexual men worldwide. Research by UNAIDS from 2006, the most recent data available, shows that only a tiny fraction of the $669 million (£352 million) spent globally on prevention services is aimed at men who have sex with men.

  • “Gay cure” MP’s psychiatrist adviser resigns 16

    Mrs. Robinson claimed that homosexuality can be cured

    2:57 PM — Dr. Paul Miller, psychiatrist and part-time adviser to Ulster Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP Irish Robinson, has resigned from her employment, reports the Irish News.

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