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Author photoCaroline Jackson

  • 4th September 2010

    Britons apathetic to Pope visit but disagree with state funding 28

    The majority of respondents disagreed with state funding of the visit

    1:18 AM — A poll suggests that three quarters of Britons believe the taxpayer should not have to fund part of the cost of Pope Benedict’s forthcoming UK visit. The survey found that only 24 per cent of respondents were actively opposed to the visit, but the majority disliked the idea of state funding for it.

  • 3rd September 2010

    Hollyoaks actress to open trans support centre 3

    Victoria Atkin as Jason Costello

    12:03 PM — A Hollyoaks actress who plays a trans character will unveil an innovative trans support centre. Located in Hull, GenderShift will be opened at 2.00pm on Sunday by actress Victoria Atkin, who plays 15-year-old Jasmine/Jason Costello in the soap.

  • 2nd September 2010

    Glee hots up with gay kisses 5

    Glee is set to show same-sex kisses

    4:43 PM — Glee is hotting up next season with gay character Kurt experiencing his first on-screen kiss. Actor Chris Colfer revealed to E! Online that he would be “fine" with the prospect of having a kiss on the series.

  • Gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham urges footballers to come out 8

    Matthew Mitcham called Jason Akermanis 'narrow-minded'

    3:22 PM — Gay Olympic diving champion Matthew Mitcham has encouraged gay Australian Football League (AFL) players to feel safe and open about their sexuality.

  • Scandinavian airline to hold first mid-air gay wedding 1

    The airline wants to hold a mile-high gay wedding (Photo: Aaron Escobar)

    11:14 AM — A Scandinavian airline hopes to host the world’s first mile-high gay wedding. SAS Scandinavian Airlines is running an online competition to find a lucky couple to walk down the aisle during a flight from Stockholm to New York on December 6th.

  • 1st September 2010

    Tory gay group says it will campaign against blood donation ban 9

    Gay men are currently barred for life from donating blood in the UK

    3:33 PM — The Conservative Party's gay group has launched a campaign to highlight the inequality of the UK's ban on gay men donating blood.

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