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Author photoBalaji Ravichandran

  • 11th February 2013

    Comment: Good riddance to the bigoted Pope Benedict XVI 59

    The Pope has started his final wave

    4:08 PM — Following his decision to step down, Balaji Ravichandran assess Pope Benedict XVI's legacy of intolerance in an article for PinkNews.

  • 10th August 2012

    Comment: To be gay, and in love 54

    What is love?

    3:45 PM — Balaji Ravichandran considers what it means to be gay and in love in a world that has been fundamentally changed by the arrival of online dating and smartphone apps like Grindr

  • 12th April 2012

    Comment: The ex-gay ads prove public homophobia still remains acceptable 97

    The ex-gay movement is fuelled by the belief that homosexuality is an illness and curable

    9:56 PM — The commercial agency responsible for selling advertising on London's transport system thought it fit to run a deeply offensive and homophobic ad on London buses. Does this prove again, Balaji Ravichandran asks, that homophobia remains the most accepted and acceptable form of public prejudice?

  • 10th April 2012

    Analysis: Behind the MPs poll on marriage equality 103

    The involvement of C4M in the framing of the survey is still troubling (Photo: YouTube)

    9:59 PM — Yesterday, PinkNews.co.uk reported that in a survey by ComRes on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage, only 56% of MPs thought that proposals for equality in marriage is likely to go ahead, the proportion rising significantly among Labour and Lib Dems, but declining with equal significance among the Tories. Here, Balaji Ravichandran presents a detailed analysis of the poll and its findings.

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