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Author photoBenjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen founded PinkNews.co.uk in 2005 and was editor until 2006. He was technology correspondent at Channel 4 News between 2006 and 2012.

  • 21st April 2006

    80 years of the Queen 2

    The Queen is 80 today

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveTo celebrate the 80th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, PinkNews.co.uk looks back at the tremendous changes to the rights of gay people during her lifetime and in particular her illustrious 54 year reign.At her birth on the 21st April 1926 , the then Princess Elizabeth of York would have found a country with a completely different view of homosexuality than we see today, homosexual activities between consenting males was still a serious criminal offence punishable by a spell in prison.

  • 19th April 2006

    Dave the Chameleon? 2

    The Labour Party has named the Tory leader “Dave the Chameleon“

    12:00 AM — The Labour party have warned the gay community that Conservative leader David Cameron would "move stealthily" against the gay community if the Tories return to power.Katie Hanson, co-chair of the Labour committee for Lesbian and Gay Rights told PinkNews.co.uk, "David Cameron might appear to be fresher in his thinking but we believe he is out of kilter with the bulk of his Party. As we know, one day David the Chameleon is blue, the next pink, the next green."

  • Barrymore pool death case re-opened 1

    Michael Barrymore welcome the inquiry (Photo: Joy Padmore)

    12:00 AM — Essex police have announced that they are reviewing the death of a man who was found dead in the swimming pool of the openly gay television personality Michael Barrymore.Stuart Lubbock, 31, was pronounced dead in hospital the morning after a party at Mr Barrymore's home in March 2001. During the inquest that followed, an open verdict was reached and to date no-one has been charged in connection with Mr Lubbock's death.

  • 18th April 2006

    Gay club night proceeds as three face trial after police drugs bust 1

    Over 200 officers raided the popular club

    12:00 AM — Three men are due to appear at a Tower Bridge court after a police drugs raid on a nightclub last weekend.Over two hundred police officers from the Metropolitan Police's CO14 specialist clubs and vice squad raided the Fridge nightclub in the Brixton, south London on Saturday.

  • EastEnders’ Martin to kill lesbian wife

    A newspaper claims that Martin will kill his lesbian wife Sonia

    12:00 AM — Sonia Fowler, lesbian nurse and estranged wife of Martin may be killed off in the hit soap EastEnders.The rumours of the dramatic storyline comes after Natalie Cassidy who plays Sonia and James Alexandrou who plays Martin both announced their decision to leave the long running drama.The Daily Star claims that Martin will either face life in jail or commit suicide after he kills his estranged wife.

  • How to be an “A” list gay- according to the Sunday Times 1

    Ivan Massow: if you've slept with him you're in the “A list“

    12:00 AM — The Sunday Times, the long-time bastion for middle class home counties readers, has produced its own guide to being a gay celebrity in 2006.It claims that the gay glitterati can be split into three camps, the "Business A lists", the "Party A lists" and the "Hip A lists".Surprisingly, they didn't include reading PinkNews.co.uk as being a characteristic of the "Business A lists." Over 30% of readers access us from their work computers at blue chip companies

  • Gay clique runs Southwark- Muslim councillor claims

    Southwark will see a new executive after the elections next month

    12:00 AM — A councillor who was deselected as a Liberal Democrat councillor in Southwark, south London has claimed that a gay clique is running the borough. The vice chairman of the local party claims that he was deselected due to poor attendance at meetings.Dr Abdur-Rahman Olayiwola, councillor for the Chaucer ward in the borough resigned his membership of the Liberal Democrats after he was not chosen to be a candidate at the local election to be held on the 4th of May.

  • “Gay clique” councillor deselected for poor attendance local party says

    Southwark will see a new executive after the elections next month

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveA councillor who claimed that Southwark, south London was controlled by a gay clique was deselected as a Liberal Democrat councillor due to poor attendance, the local party's vice chairman claims.Dr Abdur-Rahman Olayiwola, councillor for the Chaucer ward in the borough resigned his membership of the Liberal Democrats after he was not chosen to be a candidate at the local election to be held on the 4th of May.

  • 16th April 2006

    Police raid club in drugs bust- gay club night may be cancelled 2

    Over 200 officers raided the popular club

    12:00 AM — Breaking News (updated 1:00 pm)Over two hundred police officers from the Metropolitan Police's CO14 specialist clubs and vice squad have raided the Fridge nightclub in the Brixton, south London.The raid that begun at around 11.25 pm last night, was first reported on PinkNews.co.uk at around midnight on Sunday morning.

  • 15th April 2006

    H8 GAY numberplate finally banned by DVLA

    Labour MP Chris Rhonda said that “H8 GAY” was just as offensive as “H8 JEW” or “H8 WOG”

    12:00 AM — A homophobic number plate has been withdrawn by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) after complaints by a leading gay MP who claimed that the number plate H8 GAY was offensive to gay people.The DVLA at first refused to recall the number plate H8 GAY which is read as "hate gay" as it believed that it was not offensive on the grounds of "political, racial or religious sensitivities".

  • 10th April 2006

    Do you fancy a bagel? Meet the Jewish gay students group

    What would you like on your bagel? Students enjoyed a piece of gay and Jewish life

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk Exclusive FeatureBenjamin Cohen went to meet BaGeLs, the Jewish LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) students group meeting for the first time in Soho bar, the Friendly Society."What would you like on your bagel? We've got humus, cream cheese, salmon pate or smoked salmon with cream cheese." I was asked as I arrived to the inaugural meeting of BaGeLs (standing I think for Bisexual and Gay even Lesbian students).

  • Police say homophophic attack must remind party-goers to be vigilant

    The police have warned gay party-goers to be vigilant when leaving gay venues

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThe Metropolitan Police have warned gay party-goers to be vigilant when leaving venues following the two gay men being subjected to a homophobic assault whilst waiting for a bus in Brixton during the early hours of Sunday morning.The incident that took place at or around 3 am on Sunday 9th April 2006 required both victims to receive medical attention from the London Ambulance Service.

  • EastEnders star to quit show after lesbian storyline ends

    Natalie Cassidy is to quit EastEnders

    12:00 AM — EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy is to quit the hit soap opera in order to pursue a wider acting career.Casidy who has played Sonia Fowler for thirteen years first arrived on Albert Square as a cheeky, trumpet playing girl.The following years saw her give birth without knowing that she was pregnant, her mother Carol abandoning her, kidnap her adopted child, become engaged to car mechanic Jamie Mitchell and nursing him to death.

  • San Francisco is most gay city but is also home to high HIV rates

    25.8 per cent of the gay male population is infected with the HIV virus

    12:00 AM — New statistics released by the San Francisco Department of Public Heath suggest that the city has the highest percentage of gay men in the world and that a quarter of them are HIV positive."Despite an overall loss in the population in San Francisco in the last five years, we think there has been an absolute gain in gay men," William McFarland, head of HIV/AIDS statistics at San Francisco's Department of Public Health, said in an interview. "From all the data I have seen ... it's the gayest city in the world."

  • 7th April 2006

    Rabbi to tackle gay parenting on reality TV show

    Shmuley Boteach used to be a close friend of Michael Jackson

    12:00 AM — A rabbi best known in Britain for his book "Kosher Sex" and his friendship (now lapsed) with the bizarre pop star Michael Jackson is to present a new reality television show about troubled families called "Shalom in the Home." Among the first issues to be discussed will be gay parenting.Rabbi Shmuley Boteach became a prominent figure in the British media circuit in the late 1990s whilst chaplain for the Oxford University L'Chaim ("to life") Society.

  • Six men convicted of homophobic attack

    Judge Michael Vigil told Maturin and Medina that they would undergo psychological examinations in the sate prison

    12:00 AM — Six men have been convicted of the homophobic attack of two gay men in Santa Fe, New Mexico.James Maestas, 22, and Joshua Stockham, 24, were attacked on the evening of the 27th February 2005 in the car park of a local motel. Mr Maestas was left in a comatose state for eight days whilst his friend Mr Stockham suffered from minor injuries. Mr Maestas told the court that he had to learn how to walk again and how to cope with everyday activities such as dressing himself.

  • Arizona senator’s son admits to poking broomsticks up younger boys rectums

    One of the defendants is the son of Arizona senate president, Ken Bennett

    12:00 AM — The son of Ken Bennett, president of the Arizona state senate admitted in court earlier this week to assaulting school boys of between the age of 11 and 15 with a broomstick and other items. However, the judge deliberating on the case decided to drop all but one of the 18 charges against him which may result in him avoiding jail.Clifton Bennett, 18, and co-defendant Kyle Wheeler, 19, were not charged with sexual assault but instead have pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.

  • iab

    12:00 AM — iab

  • 6th April 2006

    Gay killer has bail application thrown out of court 1

    William Beggs  was jailed for life in 2001

    12:00 AM — The gay "Limbs in the Loch Killer" William Beggs has had his application for bail pending a full hearing of his appeal against his conviction thrown out by a Scottish court.Beggs,42, known as the "Limbs in the Loch Killer," was jailed for life in 2001. He drugged, raped and murdered 18 year-old Barry Wallace before dumping his head in the sea and his limbs and torso into Loch Lomond. He escaped to Amsterdam where he eventually surrendered to police.

  • 5th April 2006

    Female “poisoned dwarf” spy awarded compensation after lesbian jibes 1

    Leah Mates was labelled as a “poisoned dwarf”

    12:00 AM — A special forces spy was awarded £12,000 in compensation yesterday after an employment tribunal found that she had suffered a catalogue of abuse whilst serving in the British Army's special forces.30 year old Corporal Leah Mates told the hearing that she contemplated suicide after she was groped, threatened and labelled as a lesbian and "poisoned dwarf" in reference to her slight stature during a ten year campaign of persecution by male colleagues.

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