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Author photoBenjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen founded PinkNews.co.uk in 2005 and was editor until 2006. He was technology correspondent at Channel 4 News between 2006 and 2012.

  • 3rd May 2006

    Gay couple hope to be elected as councillors together

    James and Brynn Tudor married with a Tudor style wedding

    12:00 AM — The first gay couple to marry in a civil partnership in Birmingham, England are hoping to be the first gay couple to be jointly elected as local councillors.James and Brynn Tudor became the first gay couple in Birmingham to marry last year and they are now both standing as Liberal Democrat candidates in the elections that take place tomorrow. The former is standing for the Chelmsley Wood and later for the Kingshurst and Fordbridge ward.

  • 1st May 2006

    Boyzone star suffers homophobic abuse 2

    Former Boyzone star Stephen Gately says that he has suffered homophobic attacks in Canterbury

    12:00 AM — Former Boyzone star Stephen Gately says that he has suffered homophobic attacks in Canterbury, Kent.The 30-year-old gay star who married his partner Andy Cowles in a civil partnership ceremony is currently staring in a stage version of the Wizard Of Oz at Canterbury's Marlowe Theatre.Gately said: "Canterbury is beautiful and I loved it."

  • Will Young voted most popular music act of all time

    Will Young said he was “honoured“ to have reached the number one spot

    12:00 AM — Gay pop star Will Young has beaten the Beatles, Robbie Williams and Coldplay to be named the most popular British artist of all time in a poll of radio listeners.The 27-year-old came out as gay shortly after winning the first Pop Idol contest in 2002. He beat fellow British artists to top the poll of the 40 most popular artists by listeners of commercial radio.

  • Australian Big Brother star was victim of homophobic attack

    David Graham came out as gay last week.

    12:00 AM — It has emerged that a star in the Australian Big Brother who outed himself last week live on the reality television series was beaten unconscious in an alleged homophobic attack earlier this year.The 26-year-old model, David Graham, who came out as gay last week is the early favourite two win the sixth series of the Australian version of the hit tv show.He was brutally beaten by a gang of five men and left for dead in a pool of his own during the early hours of 22nd January.

  • Moscow gay club night cancelled following attack

    The club in the Russian capital was attacked

    12:00 AM — Homophobic protesters hurling eggs and bottles have forced a gay club in Moscow to cancel what was billed as the city's largest gay and lesbian party.Police were forced to intervene when at least 100 skinheads, fascists nationalists and elderly Christian fundamentalists clutching Orthodox icons descended on the club at 10pm (6pm GMT) last night.

  • 29th April 2006

    Police forced to intervene in Polish gay rights march

    Over a thousand marchers protested with placards urging the public to “Stop homophobia“

    12:00 AM — Riot police have been forced to intervene in a march for gay tolerance held in the Polish city of Krakow after counter demonstrations from members of far-right youth groups.Police officers reported that several arrests have taken place after members of the rightwing All Poland Youth Group threw stones and eggs at the participants of march for tolerance.

  • 28th April 2006

    “God Hates Fags” church continues to make homophobic protests at military funerals 12

    A mother and daughter tell mourners not to pray for the USA

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk Exclusive FeatureA church in Kansas has continued its protests of funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, claiming that their deaths are punishments from God for homosexuality.The Westboro Baptist church who run a website called GodHatesFags have protested at over 100 funerals of soldiers killed in the line of duty in Iraq. Their campaign is called "Thank God for Improvised Explosive Devices."

  • Senior gay police officer claims he may be forced to quit post 1

    Brian Paddick is the most senior gay police officer in Britain

    12:00 AM — Brian Paddick, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Britain's most senior gay police officer has said that he maybe forced to quit the force by the end of the year.The Pandora column in the Independent claimed that whilst attending a fund-raising party for Stonewall, Mr Paddick told guests that he had fallen out with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair.

  • Care assistant tells tribunal he was sacked for being gay

    The case was heard by an employment tribunal

    12:00 AM — A care assistant from Blakenhall, Wolverhampton has told an employment tribunal that he was unfairly sacked from caring for the elderly because he is gay.Sean Williams is seeking damages from the Woodhaven residential home where he worked caring for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia. He claims that he was sacked after a years service without his employers carrying out a disciplinary or dismissal procedure.

  • 27th April 2006

    Graham Norton: “I’m too old to be attractive to gay men” 3

    Graham Norton has been unlucky in love

    12:00 AM — Camp television personality Graham Norton claims that he is too old to find love.The 43-year-old gay presenter of Strictly Come Dancing things that he's too ancient to be attractive to other gay men.He told Closer magazine: "People don't ever throw themselves at me. They come over and say hello but they're not going to waste time having sex with you when you're an older man."

  • Dairylea owner will sponsor Gay Games

    Kraft, who own Dairylea, Philadelphia and Terry's Chocolate Orange among other brands will sponsor the Gay Games

    12:00 AM — Shareholders in the makers of Dairylea, Philadelphia and Terry's Chocolate Orange have voted to continue to sponsor the Gay Games.Shareholders in the American company Kraft Foods who own a variety of brands in Britain and the USA were asked whether the company should drop its sponsorship of this summer's Gay Games.The issue was raised following a shareholder resolution calling for Kraft to cease sponsorship of the Gay Games and other gay events.

  • Students demand dismissal of “homophobic” basketball coach

    Coach Rene Portland (right) with student

    12:00 AM — Students from Pennsylvania State University held a protest yesterday demanding the dismissal of a basketball coach who they allege is homophobic.The group of students representing gay and black students together with an HIV education group and delegates from the students' union protested outside the office of university president Graham Spainer.The students demanded a change in the way that the institution deals with issues relating to gay people and other minority groups.

  • 26th April 2006

    Gay BBC executive’s murder reconstructed on Crimewatch 1

    Crimewatch presenter Fiona Bruce introduced the reconstruction

    12:00 AM — The murder of a gay retired BBC executive was reconstructed on the BBC One Crimewatch programme last night in a bid to bring the killer to justice.Hallam Tennyson, the 85 year-old great-grandson of Victorian Poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson, was discovered in his flat in Highgate, north London on December 21 2005. Mr Tennyson, who was gay had suffered serious head injuries, and had several stab wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

  • New Zealand civil unions branded a “waste of time”

    Only 458 couples have opted for civil unions in New Zealand

    12:00 AM — The introduction of civil unions in New Zealand have been branded as a "waste of time" after only 458 gay and straight couples have chosen to civil unions over 20,000 straight couples who opted for marriages.New Zealand introduced civil unions a year ago today for both gay and straight couples although only straight couples are entitled to marry under the legislation within the Marriage Act. National Party MP Bill English, who opposed them said: "It was largely a waste of time."

  • 25th April 2006

    Gay love poem to Oscar Wilde among literary treasures donated to university

    The documents lecture notes from Oscar Wilde's 1882 tour of America

    12:00 AM — Rare documents chronicling the rise and fall of Oscar Wilde together with a poem by Wilde's gay lover, Lord Alfred Douglas are among the literary treasures donated to the University of Leeds yesterday by a wealthy New York based couple.The newly acquired treasures include Wilde's lectures notes from his 1882 tour of America, marking his rise to fame in addition to a rare copy of the Oxford University journal The Chameleon that played a part in his fall from grace.

  • Vatican bans church service for gays 1

    Vatican officals have banned a service for gay Catholics

    12:00 AM — The Vatican has banned a service for gay Catholics at a church in Bavaria due to its close proximity to a gay pride festival being held in the area.Josef Heigl, vicar general for the diocese of Augsburg told the Reuters news agency that the Vatican had stopped the service, which has been taking place during the Christopher Street Day gay festival since 1999, to allay fears that it might give the impression that the Catholic Church endorsed gay rights.

  • 23rd April 2006

    Dutch MP condemns Islam’s homophobia

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali condemed Islam's attitudes towards homosexuality

    12:00 AM — A Dutch Muslim-born politician has condemned Islam's attitudes to homosexuality and claims that the Netherlands have not done enough to protect gay asylum seekers who face death in their country of origin.Ayaan Hirsi Ali, first gained international attention with a film documenting voilence against women within Islamic societies. Her new film claims that Islam is responsible for a great deal of homophobia.

  • 22nd April 2006

    Elton John “shocked” that George Michael blames him for woes

    Sir Elton asked a friend: “Did I crash George's car?“

    12:00 AM — The gay pop star Sir Elton John said yesterday that that he was shocked that fellow gay star George Michael blames him over his troubled lifestyle.In an interview to be broadcast this evening, George Michael will tell Michael Parkinson: "The trajectory of my particular soap opera launched from that statement Elton made about 18 months ago when he hadn't seen me for years."

  • Spain still supports gay marriage a year on

    61% support gay and lesbian weddings

    12:00 AM — Despite it being a predominantly Catholic country, most in Spain believe that introducing gay marriage was right.A survey by the Instituto Opina polling organisation found that 61 per cent of those questioned agreed with the statement: "Do you agree or disagree with the government's decision to legalize same-sex marriage."On June 30th 2004, Spanish minister of justice Juan Fernando L√≥pez Aguilar announced legislation to extend the right to marriage to same-sex couples.

  • Appeal court upholds ban on homophobic t-shirts in US schools 1

    The court found that the t-shirt was hurtful

    12:00 AM — American high schools have been told by an appeal court that they can ban students from wearing t-shirts that can be hurtful to fellow students after a San Diego school banned a pupil from wearing a t-shirt proclaiming that "homosexuality is shameful."Teenager Tyler Harper student sued Poway High School, claiming that banning him from wearing the t-shirt violated his free speech, religious freedom and due process rights.

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