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Author photoBenjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen founded PinkNews.co.uk in 2005 and was editor until 2006. He was technology correspondent at Channel 4 News between 2006 and 2012.

  • 24th January 2006

    Simon Cowell slammed by gay rights groups

    Mr Cowell told a male contestant to “shave off your beard wear a dress“

    12:00 AM — Pop Idol and X Factor judge, Simon Cowell, has been condemned by a leading gay rights group over a comment he made to a contestant on American Idol.Mr Cowell told a male contestant to "shave off your beard wear a dress" in the first episode of the fifth series, while fellow judge Randy Jackson asked one: "Are you a girl?"

  • Will Grace to end with a wedding 3

    Will and Grace was America's first successful sitcom based around gay characters

    12:00 AM — The makers of the hit Channel 4 sitcom Will Grace, NBC, has announced that the series will end after eight years."It is a bittersweet moment for all of us at NBC to confirm that this will be the final season of the comedy Will Grace," said NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly yesterday.The show's producers say that the series will end with a two-hour finale which will include a baby and a wedding.

  • Muslim leader will not face charges over gay comments 12

    Sir Iqbal's remarks sparked condemnation by religious and political leaders

    12:00 AM — Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, will not face charges over allegedly homophobic remarks he made in a BBC radio interview, it was confirmed yesterday.It emerged earlier this month that Sir Iqbal would face investigation over the comments made on civil partnerships and gay rights in an interview for Radio 4's PM programme.

  • 13th January 2006

    NHS criticised over lack of planning for sexual health

    One in ten sexually active young people is infected with Chlamydia

    12:00 AM — NHS trusts in England have been accused of neglecting to plan adequately for sexual health provision by a consortium of sexual health charities.A report published today claims that despite central government funding being available for planning, half of all Primary Care Trust (PCT) local delivery plans for the next three years fail to mention specific targets to improving access to sexual health services.

  • 12th January 2006

    Muslim leader to be investigated by police over gay comments 12

    Sir Iqbal faces investigation under the Public Order Act

    12:00 AM — Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, is under investigation by the Metropolitan police over allegations that comments he made on homosexuality may have breached the Public Order Act.Scotland Yard said in a statement that it had : "received a report of comments made in a radio interview which the complainant believed were homophobic in nature and asked us to investigate."

  • 11th January 2006

    Gay police officers face homophobia from Christians and Muslims 15

    Gay police officers are facing “faith based” homophobia from colleagues, the Gay Police Association claims

    12:00 AM — Gay police officers are facing "faith based" homophobia from colleagues, the Gay Police Association (GPA) claims.The GPA claims that its 24-hour help line has received a 75 per cent increase in calls and warns that much of this is caused by homophobia from Christian and Muslim officers.Vic Codling, the GPA's national co-ordinator told Police Review that there were 14 cases last year of so-called "faith based" homophobia.

  • Government denies that marriage is a dirty word 1

    The government denied that the words “marriage” and “weddings” will be consigned to the dustbin of history

    12:00 AM — The government have denied allegations made today in a national newspaper claiming that the words "marriage" and "weddings" will be consigned to the dustbin of history in order to avoid offending gay couples.The Daily Mail reported that the Department of Trade and Industry's Women and Equality Unit together with the Treasury and local authorities have sent a checklist of changes to registry offices following the introduction of the Civil Partnerships Act last year.

  • 10th January 2006

    Tony Blair’s local doctor jailed for possessing gay paedophilia 2

    Judge Guy Whitburn, said that shock and fear was in evidence on the faces of the abused boys who were aged between 6 and 15

    12:00 AM — A family doctor in Tony Blair's Sedgefield constituency has been jailed for 15 months for possession of gay paedophilia on his computerDr Riccardo Benci, a GP with Sedgefield Primary Care Trust in County Durham was suspended from working as a doctor after computer shop staff discovered the images when he took his pc in to be repaired.Judge Guy Whitburn, said that shock and fear was in evidence on the faces of the abused boys who were aged between 6 and 15.

  • 9th January 2006

    Murderer to marry gay paedophile lover behind bars 2

    Beggs will be the first prisoner to have a civil partnership behind bars

    12:00 AM — A convicted murderer has been granted permission to marry his gay paedophile lover behind bars. However, the prison service will not let them to share a cell.William Beggs, 42, known as the "Limbs in the Loch Killer," was jailed for life in 2001. Beggs drugged, raped and murdered 18 year-old Barry Wallace before dumping his head in the sea and his limbs and torso into Loch Lomond. He escaped to Amsterdam where he eventually surrendered to police.

  • 7th January 2006

    Gay rights groups ask the US government why they’re being spied on

    C. Dixon Osburn of SLDN said the gay community is alarmed to know the government have been spying on them

    12:00 AM — A group representing lesbian and gay soldiers has today filed a Freedom of Information request with the US government to ascertain the extent of Pentagon spying of gay rights groups based in major universities.The Service-members Legal Defence Network (SLDN), have filed the request on behalf of themselves and 13 other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations, seeking information related to the Pentagon's domestic spy program.

  • 6th January 2006

    Government funded report claims Kevin Spacey is gay 1

    Mr Spacey, 46, has been included in a list of prominent gays including the writer Oscar Wilde and the camp television presenters Graham Norton and Dale Winton.

    12:00 AM — The Hollywood star Kevin Spacey has been named as a prominent gay man in a report funded by the Department of Education.The report forms part of a series of lesson plans put together by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group (LGBT) to be used in schools as part of the group's 'Its History Month' taking place in February. The Department of Education is believed to be contributing £20,000 to the project.

  • 5th January 2006

    Police raid ‘illegal’ gay club in India 2

    Homosexual sex was criminalised during British colonial rule in 1861

    12:00 AM — Indian police today confirmed that they have raided an underground gay club and arrested four men on charges of homosexuality.Homosexuality is a criminal in the Commonwealth country and can result in prison terms of up to ten years.Police officers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, raided premises in Lucknow, arresting four males and seizing more than a thousand telephone numbers of people connected to the gay club housed there.

  • Gay comic Michael Barrymore heads Big Brother cast

    Mr Barrymore, 53, is best known as the host of the hit ITV game show Strike It Lucky in the 1980s and 1990s (Photo: Joy Padmore)

    12:00 AM — Michael Barrymore, the gay former TV host, has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in Elstree.Mr Barrymore, 53, is best known as the host of the hit ITV game show Strike It Lucky in the 1980s and 1990s.In an interview filmed before entering the Big Brother House, he said, "if people want to call it a come back they can, but I haven't be away."

  • 4th January 2006

    ‘Moderate’ Muslim leader says being gay is immoral 12

    Sir Iqbal told the BBC: “[homosexuality] in terms of the moral issues that comes along in a society, it is not acceptable

    12:00 AM — The leader of the Muslim Council of Great Britain has sparked condemnation by religious and political leaders, after he claimed in a radio interview that gay relationships are damaging the foundations of society, and that homosexuality carries unusually high health risks.Sir Iqbal Sacranie, heads the Muslim Council of Britain, labelled by many as a moderate Islamic group that engages with the British political system.

  • 31st December 2005

    Flour power victory for “filthy dyke” lesbian

    Miss Gardener told the tribunal: “he called me a filthy dyke I had a pack of flour in my hand and, although I regret it now, I threw it at the back of his head.”

    12:00 AM — A shop worker who threw a bag of flour at a customer who called her a "filthy dyke" has won her case for unfair dismissal.Caroline Gardener, 45 claimed that a man became abusive when he couldn't find any lime cordial. Miss Gardner says he pushed her, called her useless and told her: "Get your sex life sorted out."The tribunal ruled that whilst Miss Gardener was not sacked due to her sexuality, Booker unfairly dismissed her.

  • 30th December 2005

    Gay couples can now jointly adopt 1

    Gay couples can now jointly adopt children

    12:00 AM — From today, gay couples can adopt children, after radical reforms come into force across England and WalesPreviously, gay couples were unable to adopt a child jointly, one partner would be considered the child's parent, with the other having no legal status.Felicity Collier, chief executive of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering lauded the act as "the most radical overhaul of adoption law for 30 years"

  • 29th December 2005

    Pope’s stance on gay priests comes under fire 12

    The church will ban gays who: “publicly manifest their homosexuality or show an overwhelming attraction“ to homosexual culture even if it is only intellectually”

    12:00 AM — Gay men will be admitted into Roman Catholic seminaries to train as to become priests if they can prove that they are only "transitionally gay", that they have been celibate for a minimum of three years.However, some in the Church believe that the document risks alienating gay priests who may be well suited to the vocation.

  • 23rd December 2005

    Paedophile is to hold first gay marriage in a British prison

    Mark Beech is serving a six-month sentence at Wymott Prison for possessing over a thousand pornographic images of children

    12:00 AM — A convicted paedophile is to marry his boyfriend in Britain's first gay marriage held inside a prison.Mark Beech is serving a six-month sentence at Wymott Prison for possessing over a thousand pornographic images of children at his home in Blackpool.His partner, Nick Lock who has been diagnosed with a terminal lung condition is serving an 18 month suspended sentence for possessing over 400 ecstasy tablets at the home he shared with Beech.

  • Australian Prime Minister says gay marriages are not an option

    John Howard said: “ I think marriage is for men and women“

    12:00 AM — Australia's right wing Prime Minister has ruled out ever recognising gay marriages.John Howard, was reacting to the first gay marriages to be held in Britain earlier this week.: "I would be opposed to it. I think marriage is for men and women. That's why we amended the Marriage Act (in August last year)."Mr Howard claimed that he is not seeking to discriminate against gay people.

  • 21st December 2005

    Schoolboy takes Jersey to European Court over gay age of consent

    European states are required under the European Convention on Human Rights to end discrimination based on sexuality

    12:00 AM — A schoolboy is taking Jersey to the European Court of Human Rightsover the fact that the island has different ages of consent for gaysand straights.Luke Small, a sixteen year old from St Brelade has lodged the casewith the Strasbourg based court.Politicians in Jersey announced earlier this year that they wereconsidering equalising the age of consent for gays and straights.

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