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Author photoBenjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen founded PinkNews.co.uk in 2005 and was editor until 2006. He was technology correspondent at Channel 4 News between 2006 and 2012.

  • 19th March 2006

    Gay police chief believes he is being made the fall guy for the tube shooting 7

    Britain Paddick is furious at being “hung out to dry”

    12:00 AM — Sources close to the most senior gay police officer in Britain say that he has been made "the fall guy" in a campaign to save the job of Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner.Colleagues of Britain Paddick, the deputy assistant commissioner say that he is furious at being "hung out to dry" by the force after he gave a testimony on his boss, Sir Ian to the investigators looking into the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27-year-old Brazilian at Stockwell tube station last year.

  • 15th March 2006

    Westlife star: “being a gay icon is a great challenge” 8

    Mark Feehily has claimed that becoming a gay icon has been his biggest challenge so far

    12:00 AM — Gay Westlife star Mark Feehily has claimed that becoming a gay icon has been his biggest challenge so far.The singer who came out last August after announcing his relationship with Kevin McDaid, a former member of the boy band V.Mr Feehily told the Irish Mirror: "If somebody does come out that is in the public eye then they're going to represent all homosexuals, not just themselves."

  • 13th March 2006

    Hillary Clinton still banking on gay support despite gay marriage row 5

    Mrs Clinton opposes moves to create a constitutional amendment that permanently rules out gay marriage

    12:00 AM — Ticket sales for a gay and lesbian fund-raising event for Hillary Clinton have remained high despite a high profile row concerning the New York senator's views on gay marriage.Mrs Clinton, the former first lady and wife of President Bill Clinton is widely believed to be considering standing to become the Democrat's nominee for the next Presidential election.Mrs Clinton supports civil unions, a similar system to the British civil partnership scheme, gay marriage in all but name. However, she continues to support the Defence of Marriage Act, enacted by her husband that maintains that marriages must be between partners of the opposite sex.

  • 11th March 2006

    Keanu Reeves brushes off gay rumours 7

    Keanu Reeves said: “I try not to live my life by what other people say”

    12:00 AM — The Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, prefers to laugh off rumours questioning his sexuality rather than consult his expensive lawyer.He told the New York Post: "I try not to live my life by what other people say. People were gossiping about what the king and queen were doing way back when."It's just human nature. We like talking about other people."

  • 7th March 2006

    Scientologist John Travolta to play woman in camp film 7

    The casting of Mr Travolta is controversial

    12:00 AM — The Scientologist, John Travolta is to play a the role of a woman in the a film version of the hit camp Broadway musical Hairspray.The Hollywood star has been cast to play the role of Edna Turnblad, the mother of a teenage aspiring dancer, in the silver screen adaptation of the hit musical, itself adapted from the 1988 cult movie of the same name, then staring Ricki Lake.

  • 6th March 2006

    Ex-stripper tops the UK music charts with “Chico Time” 1

    Former stipper Chico scored a number one single

    12:00 AM — The former stripper and X-Factor constant Chico, has topped the UK charts with his debut single, "Chico Time."The singer who has quickly grown a following in the gay community thanks to his cheesy pop tunes, knocked gay icon and pop queen Madonna off her perch at the top of the charts.Fellow gay icons, the Pussycat Dolls missed out on another number one, their single "Beep" went in just below Chico at number two.

  • Google may face legal action over Ashley Cole searches 5

    Visitors to Google are presented with information relating to the keywords “Ashley Cole gay” when they search for the Arsenal star (ChoiceFM publicity photo)

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveThe internet search engine, Google, may face legal action following the way it presents search results relating to the Arsenal and England defender, Ashley Cole.Customers seeking information using the keywords, "Ashley Cole" are controversially now shown additional information for the keywords, "Ashley Cole gay" within the main body of their requested search results.

  • Madonna tries to explain away gay kiss to daughter 2

    Madonna claims her daughter became “obsessed” with gay questions

    12:00 AM — The "Queen" of pop, Madonna has revealed that her girl on girl kiss with the teen pop sensation, Britney Spears left her with some tough questions from her daughter Lourdes.Madonna told an American gay magazine how her nine-year old daughter became "obsessed" with gay questions after her stunt at the MTV awards.

  • 5th March 2006

    Archbishop: Church faces rupture over gay clergy

    Dr Rowan Williams told the BBC that he fears a split that could take years to heal

    12:00 AM — The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the Anglican communion faces a "rupture" following divisions over homosexuality.Dr Rowan Williams told the BBC that he fears a split that could take years to heal."If there is a rupture, it's going to be a more visible rupture, it is not going to settle down quietly to being a federation," he said.

  • Gay penguins book banned from children’s library

    And Tango Makes Three,“is based on the true story of two gay penguins

    12:00 AM — A children's book about a pair of gay penguins who raise a baby has been banned from the children's section of two libraries in America after parents complained that it promoted homosexuality."And Tango Makes Three," is based on the true story of two gay penguins, Roy and Silo who hatched an abandoned egg in New York's Central Park Zoo in the late 1990s.

  • Lowri Turner criticised by Welsh Assembly over gay comments 5

    12:00 AM — The television presenter Lowri Turner has been publicly criticised by member's of the Welsh Assembly's equality committee in relation to a "homophobic" column she wrote for a Welsh newspaper.During the height of the controversy surrounding the revelations that Liberal Democrat leadership contender Mark Oaten had engaged in a lengthy relationship with a rent-boy and that Simon Hughes, fellow candidate was bisexual, Ms Turner claimed that gay men would not make good political leaders.

  • 4th March 2006

    Sydney Gay Pride celebrates Brokeback Mountain and Dick Cheney

    The celebrations of gay rights begun as a civil rights march in 1978 and in the 1980s attracted crowds of over half a million.

    12:00 AM — Gay cowboys aping the stars of Brokeback Mountain together with Kate Moss lookalikes snorting fake cocaine and a float celebrating Dick Cheney have taken to the streets of Sydney to celebrate the city's gay pride festival.The celebrations of gay rights begun as a civil rights march in 1978 and in the 1980s attracted crowds of over half a million. This year's celebrations drew in an estimated quarter of a million revellers from across the world.

  • 2nd March 2006

    Bisexual politician fails in attempt to lead party

    Simon Hughes failed in his second attempt to lead his party

    12:00 AM — Simon Hughes has failed in his second attempt to secure the leadership of the Liberal Democrats, Britain's third largest political party.Mr Hughes, the 54 year old MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey previously came second to Charles Kennedy in the 1999 leadership election, following the retirement of Paddy Ashdown.

  • School rejects ex-pupil for starring in Brokeback Mountain 5

    Michelle Williams has received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress

    12:00 AM — Brokeback Mountain star, Michelle Williams is persona non grata at her old school, who don't want to know her since she starred in the film of gay cowboy love.Ms Williams attended Santa Fe Christian School in California. The school's headmaster, Jim Hopson told his local newspaper that the school "don't want to have anything to do with her in relation to that movie."

  • Transgendered fire-fighter claims discrimination 4

    Fire Chief Carlos Perez is named in the complaint

    12:00 AM — An American fire-fighter claims that she's being discriminated against because she used to be a man.Fire Captain Jamie Faucon, has filed a complaint against the Knoxville Fire Chief Carlos Perez and her supervisor, Mark Foulkes.Ms Faucon claims that she was denied a car and overtime because she is a trangendered woman.

  • 1st March 2006

    London Mayor wins first stage of appeal 3

    The High Court has delayed a four-week suspension of London's Mayor Ken Livingstone

    12:00 AM — The High Court has delayed a four-week suspension of London's Mayor Ken Livingstone imposed for comparing a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard outside a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first openly gay MP.Mr Livingstone was ordered suspended for a month beginning March 1 by a tribunal last week for bringing his office into disrepute during an exchange with the reporter outside a party.

  • Police force transgendered woman forced to urinate in a cup

    Helena Stone claims that she is now forced by the authorities to urinate in a cup in her office.

    12:00 AM — A transgendered telephone engineer from New York has claimed that she was arrested three times in the past six months by transport police for using the women's toilets. She claims she is now forced to urniate in a plastic cup.Helena Stone, 70, who is undergoing treatment for a gender chance from male to female said that a police officer called her: "a freak, a weirdo and the ugliest woman in the world." She was told: "If I ever see you in the women's bathroom, I'm going to arrest you."

  • Clare Short under fire for meeting with anti-gay Muslims 2

    Clare Short invited Hizb ut-Tahrir to speak to MPs

    12:00 AM — Former cabinet minister Clare Short has angered fellow Labour MPs for meeting today with an anti-gay radical Muslim group.The former international development secretary invited Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group which the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, wishes to ban from Britain, to speak to MPs.The former international development secretary invited Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group which the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, wishes to ban from Britain, to speak to MPs.

  • 27th February 2006

    Da Vinci Code faces gay porn remake as DaVinci Load 2

    Tom Hanks will not star in the gay porn remake

    12:00 AM — Whilst Da Vinci Code author, Dan Brown, faces a High Court accusation of plagiarism, it has been announced that the film version of his best-seller is to be remade as a gay porn film to be released on the same day as the Hollywood version starring Tom Hanks.Mr Brown's publishers, Random House, are facing a copyright challenge by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, authors of the 1982 book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (also published by Random House).

  • London Mayor appeals against suspension in court 3

    The remaks were said outside a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chris Smith coming out as gay

    12:00 AM — London Mayor, Ken Livingstone who was suspended from office for a month after comparing a Jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard has launched a High Court appeal to his suspension.The adjudication panel of the Standards Board for England ruled that the Mayor of London brought his office into disrepute when he acted in an "unnecessarily insensitive" manner following a reception held commemorating 20th anniversary of Chris Smith being the first MP to reveal he was gay.

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