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Since we launched in August 2005, we’ve grown at a phenomenal rate. Our content is now read by more people than any other gay news publication in Europe.

Advertisers on our website reach a highly targeted UK audience with a slight male bias and a strict ABC1 profile. Many of our readers are in dual income households, are considering a civil partnership, subscribe to premium television products, travel on multiple holidays a year and have a large disposable income.

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Reach our unique audience, sell to them, amaze them. We’ll charge you a fair price and all advertisements booked directly through our sales team are accompanied by editorial coverage.

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Our mission is to make a positive impact on gay media, so unlike other publishers, we don’t charge charities more. We’ll charge you less, offering healthy discounts to the not for profit sector. If you’re a charity, social enterprise, political party or statutory advertiser we’ll give you a 10% discount.

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