As Wonder Woman’s writers finally confirm the Warrior Princess is bisexaul, we take a look at the queer superheroes we’d most like to see kick ass onscreen…

1 Wonder Woman

Although the Amazon princes is already headed to the big screen, it’s yet to be confirmed whether or not Gal Gadot’s version of Diana will be playing it straight or as queer as her comic book incarnation – although we won’t hold our breaths.

Just week, the lead writer of the WW comics confirmed that she has had same-sex relationships with her fellow Amazons.

2 Midnighter

The first gay male superhero to headline a mass-market comic, Midnighter possesses the ability to analyse all possible scenarios before a fight begins.

3 Apollo

Apollo draws energy from the sun and is able to store it within his body. For the majority of his history, he has been romantically linked with Midnighter.

4 Iceman

A young Bobby Drake from the past, displaced in time and fighting crime in the present day, was revealed to be gay after his psychic teammate Jean Grey read his mind and confronted him about his sexuality.

5 Batwoman

Originally introduced in 1956 to silence critics who claimed Batman and Robin were gay lovers, Kate Kane was reintroduced in 2006 as a lesbian who became one of Gotham city’s most feared crime fighters. She’ll soon appear out and proud in animated film ‘Bad Blood’.

6 Lord Fanny

Lord Fanny is powerful trans witch and a member of the Invisibles.

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