So what is the gay agenda? Is it real? The answer is YES. And everyone should fear it.

A term often thrown around by conservatives, but denied by the LGBT community – PinkNews has decided to come clean.

The agenda is real – homosexuals will stop at nothing to enforce it – here are fifteen photos that prove it.

15. The homosexual agenda means the community has to be VERY organised

Yes – you are looking at a genuine copy of THE homosexual agenda

14. But like – we have to be SUPER organised

Fun fact – homosexuals kept Filofax afloat for YEARS

13. Obviously homosexuals hope to RECRUIT

It’s working….

12. RECRUIT!!!!

11. Textbooks are the perfect place to plant SUBTLE messages about the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA

10. Even though it’s secret, sometimes queers break ranks and share the news

9. Like really in your face…

8. Not even card games are safe…


7. SEE!

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