Coming out of the closet is one of the best, but sometimes one of the most harrowing parts of an LGBT person’s life.

Here are a few home truths lots of people go through before deciding the time is right to come out.

1. Before you come out, it feels like the universe is subtly trying to tell you something…

Homo sausage

2. This happens to the point of exhaustion as, eventually, you come to terms with it!

I'm gay

3. You plan out the perfect way to tell everyone

Pinot noir

4. You know exactly how it’s going to happen, and how everyone will react

coming out 2

5. But when it comes down to it you decide the timing isn’t right


6. Even when people ask, you can’t bring yourself to say those few little words


7. Like, really… You don’t know why you can’t just say it and it’s scary when people ask you…


8. You decide to come out to one of your best friends, just to test the water…

Coming out 1

9. And a few more close friends, but you’re not ready to come out publicly, yet…

You'd better be one of them

10. So you try really hard to hide your secret because you’re still not ready…


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