The Anglican church in South Africa is to allow gay and lesbian married couple to join the church as full members.

In a letter to congregations, the Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba, said that a document outlining how same-sex unions should be treated will appear before the Provincial Synod, its ruling body, which meets later this year.

“I believe that its adoption by Provincial Synod would be an important first step in signalling to the LGBT community that we in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa see them as welcome members of our body as sisters and brothers in Christ,” he said in a statement.

Although all the details have not been released, it’s understood that congregations would not be able to baptise children of same-sex couples, marry them or allow the clergy to enter into such unions.

South Africa is one of the most progressive countries in Africa, allowing same-sex marriage and adoption.

Last year, calls were made to adapt the nation’s sex education classes, as they didn’t teach anything about same-sex relationships.

Recently, the Archbishop of York dismissed claims that the Anglican church in England and Wales was softening its stance on marriage equality.