People’s idea of ‘perfection’ varies greatly from country to country, and this experiment just proves it.

The pharmacy Superdrug conducted the experiment, asking 18 different countries to photoshop the below man to have the ‘perfect’ body.


The group of graphic designers, eleven women and eight men, were given the task of editing the photo of the model, a New York photographer.

They were instructed to: “Photoshop and retouch this man to make him more attractive to the people of your country.

“We are studying attraction and how that differs across the world. Multiple designers are involved, each from a different country.

“All changes, including those to his shape, form, coloration, etc., are up to you. You can modify any feature. We recommend against further covering his form with clothing as your submission may not be accepted.”

Some designers gave the guy a six pack, others gave him an entirely new torso.

From facial features to skin tone, no feature went untouched.

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