Producer Ross Putman got sick of seeing the way women in Hollywood are treated at castings – so he did something about it.

Putman, who has 22,000 Twitter followers (@femscriptintros), regularly tweets the descriptions of female roles in Hollywood film scrips.


While the descriptions are generally quite amusing, they also highlight a tragic reality about women’s roles.

Most focus on appearance, ignoring most other, if not all, other attributes, and many have sexist undertones.

Putman redacts each description, replacing the name of the characters with the name ‘Jane’, in order to protect the films from identification.

“It’s funny because you can easily point to the ridiculous ones that are just outrageously sexual,” Putman told the Washington Post, “but I think it’s more interesting to me to see how many of these have subtle misogyny in them.”

“We need more women writing scripts and directing movies,” Putman said. “Because any women reading these scripts would be appalled.”

Check out a selection of the most ridiculous descriptions below: Putman7 Putman6 Putman2 Putman Putman5

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