The former Culture secretary says she was shocked by backlash from some women following the ground breaking report.

Maria Miller has criticised the “extraordinary” hostility from women claiming to be “feminists” following her report into the treatment of trans people across the UK.

Ms Miller insisted that the “overwhelming” reaction to the report – published by the Women and Equalities Committee last week – has been largely positive.

However, she added that “the only negative reaction that I’ve seen has been by individuals purporting to be feminists.”

She said that many of these ‘feminists’ are angry with her suggestions that women’s refuges also ensure equal access to people who have transitioned from male to female.

The backlash follows on from Germaine Greer’s recent remark that transgender women “can’t be women.”

“Just because you lop off your penis … it doesn’t make you a woman,” Greer added.

Ms Miller could not disagree more with Greer – pointing to a recent report by The Fawcett Society as proof that the majority of feminist support trans equality.

The study found that two-thirds of feminists agree that gender is fluid.

“Of course, that would cut across what Germaine Greer is saying,” Ms Miller told The Independent.

“I think that all of us who are feminists know that equality for other groups of people, and a fairer deal for other groups of people, is good for us as well.

“If we live in a fairer society, where opportunities are not cut off because of your gender or sexuality or race or religion, then that is going to be good for women as well as good for everyone else.”

“We should all be fighting for a fairer society. I find it extraordinary that somebody wouldn’t acknowledge that.

“But there seems to be an undercurrent of opinion among some that trans people shouldn’t be treated equally and that in some way this is a threat to women,” she added.

“I simply reject that.”

The MP admitted being surprised that more people had not been “rubbed up the wrong way” by her report – particularly by the criticism of the NHS.

Following the report’s publication, Ms Miller told PinkNews that she felt the NHS, current laws and public services are all letting trans people down.

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