YouTube star Izzy shares her words of wisdom with other children.

Izzy – star of YouTube channel ‘Ask Izzy’, an “awesome advice column for kids” – has given some heartwarming advice on realising your sexuality.

During this week’s episode one viewer, Mia – who is just 11 years old – asks Izzy: “How do I know if I’m gay?”

Izzy’s reply – beautiful in its simplicity – follows: “Hmmm, how do you know if you are gay…?

“Um, because you like girls!”

“Don’t overthink it – go with what makes you happy!”

The young star has since won praise from young and old followers alike, with one parent tweeting Izzy to tell her she is “an inspiration.”

Izzy also gives advice on subjects such as asking your parents permission before you “head downtown” and if Santa Claus is real or not.

Watch her latest instalment below.