James Middleton, the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge, is selling personalised marshmallows to help gay people come out of the closet.

The businessman and brother-in-law of the future Monarch launched his surreal business Boomf last year, which makes personalised mashmallows with pictures on.

Mr Middleton has included a pre-designed set of prints for people hoping to come out the closet.

The website explains: “Boomf is all about the big messages in life.

“We felt we were missing a way to say‘straight is great, but gay is the way’, so Boomf! There it is!

“These pre-designed messages make that nerve-wracking announcement a whole lot sweeter. Check out our other homo fabulous designs.”

He even recorded a specialised advert for the business aimed at the gay community. In the video for the project, Mr Middleton suggests that they are a great way to come out of the closet.

The ad sees one man getting his ideas for gay marshmallows misinterpreted by his friend.

The pair contend: “I’m coming ou-” “-all the way from Italy!” “Or I like me-” “-tal!” “I don’t think you get it, I’m a p-” -“irate!”

The first man adds: “No… I’m gay.”

The other replies: “I know. You still like metal right?” “Men.”

All that doesn’t come cheap, however – it’s £15 for a box.

According to the Mail, the company made a loss of £243,000 last year.

Given the Monarch’s role as head of the Commonwealth, and as 90% of Commonwealth citizens still live under anti-gay laws, members of the Royal family generally avoid references to gay equality or LGBT rights.

No Royals have ever spoken in favour of same-sex marriage.

However, last year Prince William became the first future Monarch to explicitly condemn homophobia, taking part in a school workshop to give pupils practical tips to prevent anti-LGBT bullying and cyber bullying.

The visit was organised by the Diana Award – set up in memory of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.