Some people will go to the ends of the earth or give the shirt of their back to help someone out.

This man did the latter, and took it to a literal sense.

A video was recorded on the New York subway going through Brooklyn by Lazaro Nolasco.


The man, who he refers to only as ‘Jay’, is seen going up to a shirtless, shivering homeless man, and giving him his own shirt.

The man is barely able to move to get the shirt over his head, but also gratefully receives a hat from Jay.

“It was just us on the train. The guy didn’t have a shirt on. His body looked sick,” Nolasco told the NY Daily News.

This random act of kindness took place as temperatures reach -3 degrees Celcius in Brooklyn.

Jay is seen just left with a vest as he hands over the goods to the homeless man.

Check out the wonderful moment below (it may take a second to load):

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Posted by Läzaro El Feo on Friday, January 8, 2016

Last year PinkNews reported on a man who was praised on social media – after he let a distressed man with cerebral palsy cuddle up to him on the bus.