The singer said there should be more straight artists who don’t have a problem with gay fans.

Nick Jonas has opened up about his ‘gay icon’ status – saying that although he his proud of his gay fanbase he does not consider himself a gay icon.

“It’s an honour, but I don’t think of myself as an icon,” he said.​

“There should be a lot more straight artists who don’t have a problem with having gay fans.”

The actor – who plays Nate Kulina, a fighter struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, in the hit series Kingdom – also said he hopes to play more gay characters in the future.

​”I’m really proud to play gay characters and I’ll continue to do so,” he said.

Nick Jonas has opened up about his gay icon status, saying that although he proud of his gay fanbase, he sees all of his followers as equal.

The singer – who appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue – went on to say that there should be more straight artists embracing their gay fanbase.​

“I think it’s among the challenges of maturing as an actor.”

He also regularly appears in gay clubs – including being chained up in GAY – to promote his music.

When asked about his sexuality recently, he refused to confirm or deny whether he has ever sexually experimented with another man.

Speaking to Daily Star Online at the Radio One Teen Awards, Nick began by teasing fans of Kingdom about his upcoming steamy sex scenes.

“Well I’m gay in Kingdom, if you keep watching the series you’ll see more of that,” he said.

And when quizzed on whether he has experimented sexually with another man, he simply said: “I can’t say if I have or haven’t, but if you watch the show you’ll see more of that.”

“In every situation when there’s an opportunity to be negative some people find the need to be,” he said.

Earlier this year Jonas claimed that he learnt to accept gay people when he was just a child after being told “it’s all love, it’s all the same.”