They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Well now, apparently, you can.

A new adult product claims to be able to make the genital secretions of anyone taste nice – much to the joy of those who don’t like the taste of their partner’s bits.

The product, aptly named ‘Sugar Cum’, is described by manufacturer HiPleasures as “a unique, all-natural pill used to invigorate anyone’s sexual experience by making men and women taste sweeter.”


Available to buy online for $5.99 for two pills, the product, mainly made up of fruit and herb extracts, will have a limited release in stores in Miami.

The pills, according to HiPleasures, contain: “Proprietary Blend 650mg, Pineapple Extract, Acai Extract, Papaya Extract, Wheatgrass Extract & cinnamon.”

The combination of those ingredients is intended to be “nutritionally and sexually stimulating.”

Not the first of its kind on the market, SugarCum competes with a number of similar products with similar names.

There is a long list of tesimonials on the product’s website, but they are a bit too much to publish here.