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US: Christian group begins ‘fasting’ to stop same-sex marriage, but members can still eat food

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    “…Christian group begins ‘fasting’ to stop same-sex marriage…”

    At first glance I thought that said “fisting”.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      ha ha ha

  • Annie Tůmová

    Still better than muslims. At least, they don’t bomb or stone LGBT people.

    • Rehan

      I didn’t realise any Muslims bombers were specifically targeting LGBT people. Where is that happening? I thought they were too busy bombing Jews or Muslims of different sects or political affiliations.

    • anon

      Still better than Hitler. At least they didn’t attempt to exterminate LGBT people.

      Right? Right? At least they’ve got something going for them.

      • Abe Kennedy

        Prejudice is a form of violence. Their kind of prejudice kills people.

    • Jess Kaine

      If you look at hate crime and abuse records as a whole the white man waving his moral god book stands at the top of that tree by a good distance.

    • Abe Kennedy

      Not by much. Their propaganda incites the violence that kill LGBT people in the US. Just because they don’t throw the first punch, doesn’t make them innocent of the crime.

  • Rehan

    This is the sort of doublespeak some US religious organisations seem to specialise in.

    It’s great in some ways, the more publicity this sort of nonsense gets, the more people will realise what complete and utter nutcases these people are.

    • Rumbelow

      They don’t even try to make sense these days, when people stop trying to make sense you can’t argue with them or engage in conversation with them at all so I think it must be a mixture of deliberate nonsense and stupidity and a big part of their plan.

    • anon

      That only works for societies that are sufficiently advanced and educated to collectivly see it for what it is.

      Propaganda techniques do works on their target audience, because they’re THAT stupid.

    • chrism

      That’s exactly what’s happening. The more out of touch these people are with the rest of the country on this stuff, the more unhinged they get and the more nutso they sound, which in turn marginalizes them even more. The results speak for themselves. Nearly half the country has marriage equality with the rest likely to follow within a year, and the heavily politicized Evangelism that wielded immense power in our country for the better part of three decades is collapsing.

      • Mike Ex

        This was why Pat Robertson running for president was such a hoot. And it set them back decades. Now the morons are on the rise again.

    • A K Petterson

      How utterly well spoken! I do Believe an increasing amount of ordinary and intelligent people will comprehend that these christian are the true demented and demoralized Citizens. Nothing but shame and ridicule embrace their manifestation.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Anybody else noticed that PinkNews has a policy of targeting Christian and Catholic homophobes, but that PinkNews avoids the other cults, particularly the Jewish cult, the Greek Orthodox cult, the Islamic cult?

      • sJames6621

        fyi mpdt jewish rabbis will do gay marriag ceremonies. They know that along with the Jews, the gays and others were sent to the death camps under the nazis

    • sJames6621

      too bad they really didn’t fast for a month. On the average one can live about that long without food. As for liquid about a week, depends on temperature

      Too bad we cant get all these yo yos to drink the kool aid

      BTW I actualy met by chance a former LT in the Guinean army He told me that the reason lots of them didn’t leave was they were told the “natives liked white meat” Racist biatches were behind this just as they are most of the viciously anti gay people and the same ones who hate our first black president

  • JD


  • Neil Rhodes

    That video is comedy gold. I don’t think I’ve chuckled so continually in my whole life.

    How many brain cells need to be lacking in order to be taken in by such ridiculous, nonsensical bullcrap?

  • David Greensmith

    Well the god botherers have made quite an effort to redefine the work “marriage”, now they’re moving on to redefining “fast”. Is there any word safe from these zealots?

    • Jenny

      “Body” and “blood” are two more… they redefined those ages ago.

      • sJames6621

        a cracker is turned intp the body and blood of christ

        Is that where the word “cracker” came from thats used to describe these ignorant fools , usually in our old confederacy?

  • Billy

    Hypocrisy? Religion? Well I never.

  • As long as it keeps ’em off the streets.

    • anon

      and in walmart.

    • A K Petterson

      Good heavens, God oh Mighty! Yes, yes, yes. Spot on! Clever man! I do appreciate these entertaining comments. The very best to Mr PolishBear from Sweden!

  • NickDavisGB

    They do live in a different reality.

    • Rumbelow

      I think you mean they are strangers to reality don’t you?

      • Daryl Lawton

        If they live in a different reality they would be strangers to our reality.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    Their superstition knows no bounds. In that they are consistant. And as long as they remain so ignorant, they are harmless.

    • Thom (New Mexico)

      Sorry, Tom, I hate to contradict you but ignorance is never harmless. Since the ignorant have nothing to lose they can be quite dangerous

  • Dolly Digest

    So not really fasting then…just being the idiotic bigoted muppets that they are! I am surprised that these people have any control over their most basic cognitive abilities they are so dense.

    • DTNorth

      I’m surprised they have control over their bowels, lest a pastor tells them how to operate them.

      • sJames6621

        When it comes eg to gays and other minorities, their mouth often becomes their bowels lower opening

  • Wingby

    I think the word they’re looking for is ‘diet’.

    • Rumbelow

      Is that the big fat lard-arse evangelical diet then?

      • Wingby

        Yup ;-)

      • A K Petterson

        Hahaha! You are most entertaining with Your splendid comments! That´s the spirit, old sport! Damned so called christians.

  • Rumbelow

    The voice-over woman sounds like she’s sitting alone on the loo in a big empty public lavatory to get the echo effect. Totally barmy.

    • A K Petterson

      Oh, sweet Jesus, Rumbelow! Hahaha! The World surely needs Your opinions! I cannot thank You enough! Magnificent!

    • sJames6621

      the biggest echo chamber for these nut cases is a very large website


  • How typical of so many of these religious idiots. They pick and choose the tiny little bits of their dogma that suit their agenda

  • Jess Kaine

    Oxygen is what they should give up for 40 days. It would solve both sides problems.

    • Daryl Lawton

      I agree but “both side’s problems”.

      • Jess Kaine

        Yes. We wouldn’t have to listen to them , and they would be all cozy with there Jebus. Everybody wins.

      • Kamunami

        “both sides’ problems”

        • Daryl Lawton

          Ah the wonders of being a grammar nazi.

    • A K Petterson

      Oh, yes, indeed! Dear madam! I shall hereby be a devoted fan of Yours! Spot on!

  • Benjie Watson

    Christianity: the only way to fast and put on the pounds at the same time. Or should we say tons??? hehe

    • cptplanet

      It’s what Jesus would have wanted, no doubt. lol

      • A K Petterson

        Dear cptplanet! I wish to bring forward my Gratitude of Your comments, where You wrote that no body is born evil. However, are You quite convinced? I am, though, just a bit incredulous…

  • JSM

    Then they don’t have to give up sex to practice abstinence. Kind of redefines the concept of virginity. Makes being a Christian sound like a lot more fun. Repent and give up homosexuality but don’t worry you can keep having gay sex.

  • Jim Edwards

    What total bullshit!

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      I agree, but how can you say bullsh!t spelt properly and not get censored?

  • gene


  • Steve

    Ignorance at is best… My brother is a “Southern Baptist”… And needless to say family functions are a delightful?!?! And as far as the “Fast” is going… I say is… Let them starve!

  • Truth

    I despair that, in the most powerful nation on earth, imbeciles like this can exist. The USA’s totally unrestricted Freedom of Speech Laws are responsible for this kind of pathetic and insulting behaviour. If this action wasn’t being done in the name of religion, the participants would find themselves thrown in straight jackets and sectioned.

    • TracyClem

      As much as I agree with your sentiment about these folks being totally off their rockers and likely should be institutionalized, our “totally unrestricted Freedom of Speech laws” (which by the way, isn’t an actual thing) has nothing to do with the fact that they are crazy. Our right to Freedom of Speech through the First Amendment to our Constitution just means that the government can not sanction you for what you say; however, it does not absolve the individual from getting everything else he’s got coming to him from the general citizenry, dissent and ridicule included. We in America value your right to say out loud any stupid thought that crosses your mind, because we also have the right to call you a big fat idiot when you do.

    • A K Petterson

      Yes, my unknown friend! They would certainly end up dressed in straight jackets in a mental hospital! TRUE EVIL are often so pathetically expressed, one would be a complete idiot not to reveal their pityful attempts.

  • Christina Reynolds

    You people are a joke and your only making a mockery of yourselves and your religion and religions across the world. Why don’t you worry about more important things like the starving children all across the world, or the crooked bastards that run this country stealing our money!!!!! Stay out of other peoples business who they love has nothing to do with you or what you think. If you don’t like their backyard stay out of it and play in your own!!!!!! They didn’t invite you in anyway!!!!!! This world would be a much better place if everyone would learn to mind their own business and just care about people because they are people!! Not about who they love what religion they are or the color of their skin. WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND DESERVE TO BE LOVED NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A K Petterson

      How utterly well spoken, Beautiful Christina! There are far more important matters to attend to, if one would like to perform a true christian act in favour of anybody whom might be needing a gesture of friendfulness mercy.

  • A K Petterson

    I say! We ought to call for the local fire brigade, to cool these “christian” scoundrels off. A shower as such perhaps would make them come to some form of common sense. But, then again, one can assume they wouldn´t. I do Believe they are born evil!

    • cptplanet

      Nobody is born evil. But being born into an evil community with evil parents and an evil church that teaches you how to be evil while also teaching you that everyone else who thinks differently than you is evil instead is practically the same thing.

  • Jess Kaine

    I’m getting worried that American bible bashers are so stupid they
    actually prove creationism is correct by the fact they are still alive.

  • Robbie

    Is it possible to make this a REAL fast? Lock them in that church (which, by the way, is not the original church) for the 40 days, with not food or water, and I will take the word of the 1st to step out on the 41st day, as gospel?

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    This is a joke. I live in a Muslim country and believe me I know from fasting. That’s where for 1 month of the year, everyone is out driving with low blood sugar. It’s totally scary!

  • Steven Gregory

    Does their “sexual abstinence” program come with lube, edible panties, and sanctified porn?

  • mykelb

    Their “fast” is like their god; nonexistent.

  • Bootyhunter

    Dumbasses. Fasting is a great way to lose weight, but it’s not going to help you pray ‘the gays’ away.

    • cptplanet

      Fasting works better if you don’t eat several times a day like these clods are planning to. lol

  • Vic

    Their tiny brains must have concluded that not Supersizing it for 40 days is the same as fasting…

  • I am sure if God existed that God would love everyone equally, that is what equality is all about and these Christians need to stop hiding under blankets and accept that nobody is unclean just because they are not heterosexual. These people are teaching their children lies which is not very Christian of them.

  • lord thorpe

    Sorry I’m be a bit thick and demented. But if you can have a fast where you can still eat? Couldn’t they apply the same logic to marriage? Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, but it could be two men or two women?
    Sorry, but I am old and confused.

  • lord thorpe

    Pocahontas died in England at the age of 21 or 22 from unknown causes, The probability is that she died from christian peoples germs which she had no resistance to. Pocahontas is buried in Gravesend in Kent U.K. the exact location of the grave is not known but I can remember as a child going to a church graveyard in Gravesend where there is a memorial to her. The christians killed Pocahontas.

  • BobSF_94117

    “Does this religion make me look fat?”

    Yes, yes, it does…

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