A couple have married in what they claim is the UK’s first same-sex fetish wedding.

Dean and Phil Davies – who are both regulars on the fetish scene – wed on August 14 , at Craig y Nos Castle in South Wales.

Guests included a ‘puppy’ ring bearer in full bondage gear, people in chokers and chains, and men in biker uniforms, while the pair themselves wore matching kilts and boots.

The couple told PinkNews.co.uk: “We wanted to celebrate our special day in a special way. What more could us two grooms want, as regulars on the fetish scene? We even had a pup as our ring-bearer.

“The entire thing was formulated on a boot theme – flowers in boots, table plans were boot prints and even a boot wedding cake.”

They added: “We’re not sure what the registrar who married us thought of it all, but she, and the staff at Craig Y Nos, took it all in their stride!”

Statistics released last week showed that over 1400 same-sex couples have married in the UK so far.