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Homophobic Ugandan Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to appear at London conference

  • Truth

    Why are we condoning the behaviour of these imbeciles by allowing them into our country? When Africa wanted to rid itself of apartheid, they applauded the sanctions we imposed. I’m afraid we should be doing exactly the same to these breathtaking hypocrites

    • Rumbelow


  • David Greensmith

    Why is she being allowed in the country?

    • GulliverUK

      Because the US wouldn’t let her in. We’ll let anyone in.

    • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

      Because the people in power don’t really care?! Unfairly killing or harassing innocent gays is still not seen as as horrible and barbaric as harrasing innocent children or women.

  • Mark Y

    Because if a judge had facilitated a law that imprisoned black people (and at one point attempted to include a part of the law that killed them) in a racist white country – they would be allowed in too. I don’t think so.

    One rule for racism, another for homophobia.

    These international homophobic politicians, business men/women and royalty get away with murder – literally.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Maybe we could become a ‘race’. The Gay Race. I’ll be the first Swamp Yankee to join.

      • Gareth

        I think we should become a religion. We get tax exemption then and the US LGBT community would be free to follow their “deeply held beliefs”.

        • Jon (Malaysia)

          Even better! But whom shall we worship? I know, The Holy Self. We might be good at that :)

          • JonParker

            The church of the flying spaghetti monster and/or the invisible pink unicorn?

          • Steven Gregory

            How about a scantily clad fellow with his arms spread open wide. Sunday Tea Dance, tax deductible donations! Attend faithfully.

          • JackAlison

            Or his legz spread eagle

          • Steven Gregory

            Lovely! We can celebrate the rezErection and Holy Orbs of Joy!

          • JackAlison

            “stand UP 4 jesuz”
            and the 2nd Cumming

          • Rory

            The unholy agnostic god will rule all (possibly) he is possibly the creator of all things we should possibly praise him.

        • JSM

          The Church of Antinous. Thank Hadrian for naming it.

        • Alexander Kelso Shiels

          We just need someone with the knowall to start the ball rolling, and while we are about it how about a Political Party where all are welcome!

        • Jon (Malaysia)

          Come unto me, yes me, Jon, all ye who travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you. I so love the world, that I will give my only begotten beer to the end that all who believe in me, yes me, Jon, shall not perish, but have their thirst everlastingly quenched.

    • Rumbelow

      Uganda, is open for funny business.
      (as in dishonest or illegal activities)

      • JackAlison

        she looks like she off the set of Daphne du Maurrier’s Jamaica Inn with the frilly sleeves
        and the Ugandan Prez looks like a plantation owner

        • Rumbelow

          She does, and I think Museveni is a plantation owner, sugar cane and palm oil for a start…just as an example.

  • JackAlison

    Delivering her “christmas” message to the former Pope RATzinger to make a speedy delivery of the gay hate bill in Uganda. Why is she allowed in here….would it occur if Jewish ppl. or black were being persecuted in this way….? Its not just hate speech its legally enshrined capitol punishment and violence deliberately engineered by this witch

  • JSM

    Let’s all go.

    • temp

      Seriously. I’m up for going and disrupting it. We can alert the media easily enough.

  • GulliverUK

    Plenty of time to organise a protest – she won’t be very popular if there are angry crowds outside the venue.

    • Ra

      Bring eggs and rotten bananas.

      • Good old Joe

        Why not bricks?

        • Tom (Winnipeg)

          Yes, why not, since they were prepared to stone gay people.

  • CHBrighton

    They clearly don’t know that we’re not buying anything from Uganda, nor investing in Uganda until they stop bullying gay people.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    This vile creature who is obviously a few chromosomes short of a human being is allowed a visa whilst so many of my students who wouldn’t hurt anyone, or overstay, aren’t simply because their bank accounts are a bit short?

    • JackAlison

      Oh dont worry…shes from Africa
      ppl like her know their grip on power is at tenuous to say the least
      she relies on ignorance and prejudice to deflect the shocking poverty and degradation of the poor in their country
      no running water
      no stable electricity
      disease running rife
      and lack of food education etc etc
      the grip on power is at any cost
      GAYS just happen to strike a chord of deflection with the “great unwashed” and their particular brand of born again christianity
      ALL politicians are wiley….dont think for a moment this lot wouldnt do us in if they could get away with it…n theyre showing their real colors by entertaining her
      its the great Jewish proverb
      FORGIVE but never FORGET

  • J.

    I hope our own House of Commons Speaker will not be obliged to meet and greet her whilst she’s here. Though, no doubt her homophobia will be completely ignored and she’ll be invited through the front door of No.10 for a nice chat with Dave – and/or, with Liz’s fondness of her ‘Commonwealth’ Kadaga will be given an audience with her at Buck House.

    • JackAlison

      oh honey
      she”ll prolly stay at the palace
      and be served by the Queen’s queens
      its JUST appalling

      • J.

        or alternatively – in no.10 served with tea and pastries by a Little-Britain ‘Sebastian’ character who’ll hopefully drop some poison into her cup – either that or repeatedly stab her with the pastry fork.

        • JackAlison


          I rather think id like a bun fight with bubble de verre…lol

          • J.

            Hahahaha. Desiré = Rebecca Kadaga? If so, then Bubbles De Vere is so correct in telling her “people like you belong in the zoo”! A cage in a zoo would suit Becca Kadaga just perfectly. I could also say that the monkey enclosure would be very fitting for her, but that could be interpreted as racist and I won’t stoop to her level of ignorance. Anyway, monkeys are lovely creatures (unlike Ms. Kadaga) and are far too good to be enclosed with such an evil beast.

          • Steven Gregory

            That is so disgustingly tasteless and supremely FUNNY!

  • David H

    If I’m honest I would love to meet her. I suspect she’d rather be less enthusiastic to meet me, but do I really care?

    • JackAlison

      oh shes aware shes not liked.
      shes not stupid
      if u watch her in parlaiment on u tube she takes on anyone like a deranged southern preacher or a mongrel with rabies
      the bigotry and hate just pour out
      and she knows how to work a crowd
      but here im sure we”ll get a “refined polite reserved Oxford accent”
      and the tabloids will be screaming about those gay nazis that have vilified her
      she a good act and shell play it well.
      but that act can only stay together if her peers in London go all “nicey nice and fawn all over her (for Profit and investment)which they will

  • Darule Vozhak

    Why is this thing being allowed in the country? Bar her and all her ilk from entering the UK.

  • Thomas

    This ghastly homophobe should arrested as soon as she lands at Heathrow and dispatched to the Court of Human Rights and charged with crimes against humanity and human rights abuses. Our politicians should treat her with the contempt this ignorant hate-monger deserves. She is unfit to hold any office let alone be a judge.

  • I don’t think entering would be needed, we just need a good crowd outside telling any business representatives that they face a boycott in this country and others if they make any deals with this corrupt bunch of sickening politicians.

    Hitting them in their bank accounts is the only thing that works with these despotic rulers. Protesting inside will not change their religiously delusional minds, but rejecting any company that visits with them might.

  • Mark

    kidnap the bit’ch and lock her in a room with the bnp members with only knifes to defend themselves from.

  • Halou

    Uganda is supposed to be a “rich” country, to whom other nations are obliged to do business, or so say various Ugandan ministers. Why are they sending out their most senior representatives to try and sell themselves to any one, much less the “evil” western countries that are imposing the gay on them?

    Total rubbish. I hope they leave empty handed.

    • Because they have damaged their own income over the last year with hateful laws that several countries have condemned. We might not see it in the news, but corporations do make choices based on these things, they just don’t do it publicly in case it damages their future dealings in the country. For example, a corporation looking to make a couple of million in Uganda would weigh up the pro’s and con’s of going ahead, knowing that several US corporations would not want to do business with them in the future. It would cost them more in lost revenue to go ahead with it.

      That’s why Uganda is now struggling and desperate to attract new business. It’s not a secure country, they don’t have a happy people, they have little infrastructure, high crime, high poverty and extremely bigoted laws from an extremely corrupt government. It’s not exactly an attractive place to do business.

      Now, if only the members of their government had the education needed to make this obvious connection, or had the desire to improve their country rather than their own bank balance.

  • doug

    I hope she gets Ebola.

    • Rumbelow

      She’s already got homophobia.
      She loves pimpinng the white man’s legal power wiggy … plenty big juju

  • Cal

    Thanks, PN, for letting us know about this. I hope there will be a protest that prevents her entering the country.

  • JohnM

    I note that the tickets cost £0.00 for the day conference. Shall we?

  • soapbubblequeen

    Look at her in that stupid wig! Who does she think she is?! I hope someone throws eggs at the b7tch.

    • Truth

      The problem with many Aftican countries is that they are attempting to recreate the government and judiciary of their former colonisers. How absurd is that? The oppressed become the oppressors. Vile, imbecilic hypocrites.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      That stupid wig comment is so spot on I just spit my coffee all over my screen.

      • soapbubble

        I’m glad it made you laugh Jon! Joking aside, what a homophobic witch she is. X

        • Jon (Malaysia)

          Indeed she is. :( Even the Malaysian government is hard pressed to produce any quite so evil.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I really hope someone from here can attend the conference and let us know of any company that gives any indication of support to this hag and it’s nation so we can be loud in our boycott. I’d love to do it but air ticket prices, and schedules don’t really make it feasible,

  • Ra

    Here is the company selling the tickets for these nuts: Eventbrite and here it the venue holding the convention: Troxy Arena Contact both of these companies and let them know your displeasure of their support for people preach hate for and harm GLBT people.

    • temp

      Thank you for this. I have written to both of them . see below. I will be there and hope others will support a protest as well. If anyone knows of an official protest please post it on here.

  • Brian Apple

    She comes across as one of these women who fears male homosexuality because it represents male power. A lot of women are like this, including feminists. They fear the power of males as manifested in male homosexuality.

  • rapture

    Evil. Evil, bad, nasty being , i’ll be going , hopefully the London lgbt airheads will get it together.

  • Steven Gregory

    Too bad that as a woman and a Black person she hasn’t developed a robust knowledge of OPPRESSION, as well as a reflex against injustice. I hope she is called out and made to face her wrongful activities. Uganda should be shunned from commerce until they establish equal rights that include homosexuals.

  • temp

    Thank you to RA below for the details and the link. I have sent below to Everbrite and Troxy Arena today.

    Dear Sirs,
    I am shocked to see your organisation supporting Uganda and allowing ministers to attend your venue. You must be aware of this countries stance on equal rights for all it’s people. Many of those attending were instrumental in outlawing being gay in the country which was rescinded and are now planning another law. Of particular note is rebecca kadaga, the speaker a vile woman.

    3 million people will again break the law simply because they were born gay. Your organisation is supporting them. Your organisation is supporting murder, beatings, loss of employment never mind human rights.

    I will be alerting business groups, gay media of your support for Uganda and asking them not to support your organisation in the future with business. I will be contacting the home secretary asking that the ugandan speaker be kept out of this country.

    Human rights are for everyone regardless of race, colour, sexuality etc. How can a venue in London support such a country. I will attend on the day with many others and hope to bring the media along with us as well.

    I have given you my email address and would be grateful for a reply.
    Yours sincerely

  • JackAlison
  • JackAlison

    Papal Blessing same week as “K*ll the gays bill”

  • I just want to repeat the contact pages for these two businesses. It’s vitally important that people start telling them exactly what they are doing to their own future business in working with this event. Make sure you point out the prospect of boycotts for their brands and anything they have involvement with in the future, and please highlight their involvement with abuse of Human Rights.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Wait until Peter Tatchell gets wind of it.

  • gene

    “open for business” hahaha…

  • Dimitris T

    Excuse me for the inconvenience. Please devote an article to this. Uganda is within the EU already, for 35 years..!

    Greek Bishop says.
    Used to hear such news from Uganda, the thriving homophobia within the Greek
    Orthodox Church and the big fat bigotry and hypocrisy of Greek
    governments, are sadfully and for too many years overlooked.

  • Steve_R

    Rebecka Kadaga is the very essence of hypocrisy and corruption in itself! She is happy to be photographed in a judges wig, yet this symbolism of justice in her society is ill founded. Less than a month ago a bill she forced through Ugandan Parliament was overturned/found to be unconstitutional, and her actions as speaker were referenced as illegal.

    When the west was opposed to the Kill the Gays Bill, She was outspoken and stated “If the price for Aid was western influences was acceptance of homosexuality, she didn’t want that Aid” She repeated this warning that bullying her nation was unacceptable in many media interviews. “WHERE” are the media interviews asking her to explain why she acted illegally as speaker of the house to get the bill passed? If she acted illegally as the court indicated when it ruled the bill was unconstitutional. Why has she not been charged with a crime and removed from the office of speaker?

    The fact she believes she can now with her entourage travel the world with a begging bowl looking for business is unacceptable. That the UKBC especially the political establishment would associate, promote or tolerate her presence in the UK is offensive when she is known to be complicit in violating her own countries constitution, and the rights of Ugandan’s who fled to the UK for asylum. Yet, only asylum seekers are arrested, held and fast tracked to deportation. She shouldn’t be allowed on UK soil, she should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity or at best refused entry. If she is allowed entry, any business or hotel that offers her “any” hospitality should be boycotted. Her stay and public appearances should be marred with protest. She is one of the vilest humans on the planet! If the PM is for human rights and equal rights he should personally speak up and justify any reason she is being tolerated or allowed in the UK.

  • Clive

    Think she should be put in a room full of angry gays and see if she`s still prepared to churn out her homophobia rot.

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