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BNP: The BBC is forcing ‘homosexual persuasions’ on everyone with gay characters

  • Pablo

    ME: The WORLD is forcing ‘heterosexual persuasions’ on everyone with heteronormativity.

  • GulliverUK

    “This story first came out (snigger snigger), in Feb, are you [bnp] truly only just catching on?”

    Who’s he talking to? I didn’t know the BNP had any members left – thought they had all joined UKIP ! They do say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.

  • Philip Marks

    Well, I personally favor mandatory gay porn. In classrooms. I know that gay porn is what made me gay, and I believe everyone should be gay. This is an effective strategy for ending conflict between str8 and gay people, and reducing the population.

    I also think horses should vote, not just their posteriors like this guy.

    • LJ


      • Philip Marks

        Oh c’mon the horse thing was worth at least a point!

        • Elizabeth Veldon

          two points i’d say

    • Ollie X

      Haha made me chuckle

    • irishbrother

      you should die

      • Philip Marks

        Because you took my comment seriously, when it is pure sarcasm; or because you are the posterior? It’s not clear.

        • irishbrother

          what you wrote sarcastic or not was sick,people shouldnt mess around with the beautiful innocence of children,it aint no laughing matter

          • Philip Marks

            Well it is a laughing matter when you think something like looking at it makes people gay. Or that anyone would make that suggestion seriously.

          • Graham Kavanagh

            Beautiful innocence leads to ugly ignorance. Better children have a realistic grasp of the world and an understanding of the different people that inhabit it than live in never never land with the BNP.

  • FMLuder

    BNP dregs, how pathetic. Don’t they realise the racists and bigots all migrated to UKIP?

  • Silly Old Bastard

    I like the BBC, but it has many enemies. Let’s hope this man does not become a useful tool to those enemies.

  • Rumbelow

    Bonkers Nutty People?

  • That There Other David

    This guy’s funny, in a chimpanzee sort of way. Let him rant to his empty rooms. Nobody really cares anymore do they?

  • Rumbelow

    “I don’t want my children being exposed to anything of a sexual nature. That is not the purpose of children’s television.”

    OMG! better get rid of all the heteroSEXUALS from television too then.

    • speedgeek

      He is nothing to do with children’s television, according to the article he is Head of Drama. Head of Childrens Programming is a separate role.

    • irishbrother

      hetrosexuals are mormal homosexuals are abnormal

      • Philip Marks

        Ah that answers my question above…”horse’s posterior”.
        Ok what is the definition of “normal” is it “what I do is normal what you do is not” or is there something actually meaningful that could be answered?

        • irishbrother

          Normal is nature ie a man was created for a women and vice versa,its a healthy relationship that can lie into the world,gay sex on the otherhand is abnormal and downright perversion,its basically people who have zero disciplne and just want to be sexual object,then you have the other who think they are woman and women who think they rae men smh,its 100% a mental disorder

          • Philip Marks

            OK well so you don’t think infertile people should have relationships? Old people for example. Or young ones sometimes…
            And unless the ONLY reason for sex is reproduction then what gay people do is whatever straight ones do, so I call that pretty natural.
            Nature by the way has homos all over the place, at least 1500 species so far has demonstrated homosexual behavior, so I call that natural too.
            As to ‘mental disorder’ you think you know better than EVERY
            recognized professional society and at least 95% of those who are professionally
            qualified as to mental health diagnosis…so I call that “horse’s
            posterior” with a vengeance.
            As to the rest blah blah blah. You have abso no idea what gay people are like. Unless you’ve been selling that posterior in which case you got a select sample…

        • irishbrother

          LGBT people should keep their love lives private just like it always has been,its called respect,none of the masses had a problem with it,but this sick LGBT movement trying force young children to listen to filt,will backfire 100%

          • Philip Marks

            Heterosexual people should keep their love lives private just like it has never been, it’s called respect? Do young children get to watch straight people kiss on TV? In their OWN HOMES?? Disgusting, huh?

          • Graham Kavanagh

            Maybe you should learn some respect for LGBT people and their relationships instead of shooting your mouth off like a loudmouth asinine clown.

  • David Greensmith

    30 years ago they would have been complaining about having black or Asian characters in Grange Hill. They are bigots. That’s all we need to know.

  • si

    Well at least we know who dear old Aiden will be voting for.

  • Jase

    BBC Spin Tactic?

    Because it you have a less than pro-gay track record, like the BBC does and you don’t want to do anything real about it, you can always go for the PR B plan: have an well known anti-gay organization publicly criticize you for being too gay friendly.

    It is tactless PR, but not beyond the skill level of the BBC, who no doubt, has leads into the BNP.

  • Gerry

    I’m no fan of the licence fee (it should be replaced by subscription) but the BNP have their facts wrong. It doesn’t all go to the BBC.

  • Not Telling

    Want to test how relevant a party is? Look at how desperate and extreme their rhetoric becomes.

    The more the BNP are pushed to the fringes, the more ridiculous they become. They’ve started a crusade against The Gays recently, but don’t worry, the BNP is less influential than the Monster Raving Loony Party at this point. Who is their leader again? That’s right, nobody knows. The death of the BNP has been the silver lining of the UKIP ‘storm’.

  • Vincent Meoblinn

    I hope John and Sherlock are two of the homosexual characters being forced on us!

  • Chris in LA

    Interesting. Not many months ago comments on this site were critical of the BBC for appearing anti-gay. The BNP accuse the BBC of being pro-gay. The BBC must be doing it right, after all.

  • James Murphy

    I really dont care wat the BNP say or the shows the bbc put on air there both bad at wat they do anyway

  • Is the nutty BNP still going? I thought they were all dead already. Ho hum, won’t be long now until they’re nothing but a gnats fart in a hurricane.

    • Dan

      Because the labour/Tory parties love you and care for you and have your best interests at heart… really they do…,

  • ian123

    Is there sensible right wing party anywhere? Not one which is obsessed with the personal lives of the people it would hope to represent but one that concentrated on the real issues.

    • Dan

      What are the real issues?

    • speedgeek

      “Sensible right wing party” – an oxymoron, surely?

    • ian123

      The economy, immigration,(especially from countries that despise our values) and not least foreign affairs.

  • Abbii

    OK, so according to him all TV should only feature straight people and straight people alone?

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    Yes, and we also make home visits and tie the kids in chairs facing a TV with a never ending video feed of gay characters!!!!!!!

  • Batman

    As a kid, I didn’t know anything about sexuality, like all kids. Sex, sexuality, hetero and gay had no meanings at all. We’ve all been kids
    and later on, as adults, we made our own decisions. As a kid again, I
    was also experimenting things which were related to the adult conception
    of sex, I was spying on my parents when they were locked in their
    bedroom, my mates wanted to experiment sex while looking at straight
    pornography books. This has not disturbed me in anyway but all the
    experiences I had helped me to build myself as an individual who happens
    to be gay. So how come I am gay despite all this heterosexual

  • J.

    Nobody gives a toss anymore about what the BNP say/do/think. Only the worst dregs of society belong to/support that tiny group of Nazis – they are the rats in the sewers. Most of their flock joined UKIP which will ultimately succumb to the same demise or at least establish just enough electoral votes (not seats) to enable a long-term left-of-centre government.

    • Dan

      Could you explain what you mean by the “worst dregs of society”?

      • speedgeek

        Homophobes, sexists, racists, anti-Semites. Or as they are collectively known “football managers”

        • Dan

          Who are you defining there then? Those ‘words’ could apply to anybody.

          • LJ

            True, but ‘anybody’ doesn’t write it down in a f*cking manifesto.

  • Dan

    Considering the links the BBC have with peadophiles in Westminster, jimmy Saville etc, it wouldn’t surprise me…the beeb is a grubby organisation with some highly questionable reputation, but let’s not let that get in the way of our rant at our selected enemy, the BNP

    • speedgeek

      The BBC has been going since 1922, its “murky past” includes an invaluable role in the War, boosting morale at home during the Blitz, and becoming the one source the WORLD, including people in Nazi occupied countries, turned to for balanced and reliable news.
      Even today, it is admired the world over as the model for responsible and quality broadcasting. But let’s not let that get in the way of a good rant…..

  • rr

    watching gay characters in tv programmes makes you gay….just like watching tall people on TV makes you tall….lol if sexuality is a choice, maybe these idiots can tell us at what age they decided and announced that they would be straight

    • speedgeek

      I’m watching the Star Trek marathon on SyFy, think I am turning Klingon. KAP’LA!

  • irishbrother

    The BNP are 100% correct,young children should not be exposed to homosexuality whatsoever,like lets face facts here its not normal behaviour,i have nothing against gay people as long as they keep their private life to THEMSELVES,im my opinion its a mental illness and its unhealthy promote it into any society

    • ktah

      We live in a society where kids learn from a very early age that most people are heterosexual. They are literally saturated in heterosexual imagery from tv shows, movies and magazines. The world won’t suddenly stop spinning if kids also learn that some people are gay. My brother and his wife taught their kids from an early age that “some boys kiss boys and some girls kiss girls”. My nephews and nieces have all grown up to be heterosexual. More importantly they have all grown up untainted by homophobic prejudice and ignorance, which I’m afraid is a lot more than can be said about you.

    • James Murphy

      well your opinion is wrong what medical school did you go to none I think is the answer is. every medical professional says there is no evidence of mental illness in gay people fact and if you have problem with it i suggest you get a rope and hang yourself with it cause we are not going anywhere you homophobic Neo Nazi

    • Graham Kavanagh

      Would you describe your behaviour on here as normal? There’s something distinctly pathological about your fixation on what gay people get up to in the bedroom. Could you be secretly harbouring deeply repressed feelings of physical attraction for George Michael?

  • white squirrel

    Yet agian the BNP shows itself to be the voice of sound reasoned debate by the roundly uneducated and reality challenged

  • white squirrel

    if a child sees any porn of any flavour it should not mean anything to them
    unless they are no longer a child but an adolescent, in which case their sexuality would already have been physiologically determined

  • white squirrel

    if hetero porn makes people ‘straight’ and gay porn makes people gay
    what porn makes people bi or trans
    maybe we should also ban shoe shops lest children are exposed to foot fetish porn

  • Rob

    “The 54-year-old previously described gay people as “creepy” and admitted that he would like to ban civil partnerships”
    I find Nick Griffin creepy and when i have children I would rather them watch shows that feature prominent gay characters! I find it quite sad and disturbing that children learn hate and intolerance from their parents and society

  • BL

    Why are there homophobes on a LGBTQ news website… It’s not the right place for you to spread your hatred. Now GO AWAY

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