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US researcher: People are gay due to sexual abuse

  • SN@FatManInABox

    I wasn’t abused as a child either sexually, physically or emotionally. I had a roof above my head and food in my belly. I was raised to be a kind, compassionate individual and my family showed the same compassion to me when I came out.
    In short, I didn’t suffer any kind of trauma as a child. I’m gay because I am and that’s all there is to it.

    Ed Vitagliano, I don’t want your love or your compassion. What I want is for you and your ilk to either accept us for who we are or simply f**k the f**k off.

    • Steven Gregory

      APPLAUSE! Well stated, I am right with you.
      This jerk LIES IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
      Too bad he and his cohorts don’t believe in God, if they did they might stop spouting such ludicrous junk.

      • MJ

        Do you think this story is true, though? I didn’t verify.

        • Steven Gregory

          Is your Google broken?

          • MJ

            It is.

        • Merari

          It’s not true.

        • Are you actively choosing to ignore the link in the second paragraph of the PN piece? The man exists, his opinions exist, it is published and there for you to read for yourself.

          It seems you are more interested in attacking PN for daring to discuss this mans obviously odious opinions than you are interested in rejecting them.

  • The AFA is considered an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center here in the US. This man is not a “researcher” of any sort. The majority of Americans think LGBT people deserve full equality. These bigots are a part of a shrinking, dying movement which knows it’s time is up in the States.

    • MJ

      Don’t you DARE say that ! Most of the posters on Pink News want to hang onto the idea that people like in the AFA are average American citizens.

      • No, just the average right-wing Politician with Christian beliefs. The kind who should have been chased out of office a decade ago.

  • Mark Y

    I wasn’t abused, so the theory doesn’t work.

    • Rumbelow

      Me neither.
      The reference to “biological design” is more than just a bit of a give-away here.

  • H. V. Tiller

    One more time—nonsense from The US. I’m so tired of christian devils —all around the World. They seem to be worse than many mullahs in Iran–taken into account the info. they can study !

    • MJ

      The difference is that in the U.S. virtually no one has ever heard of these people. The only attention they get are from gay bloggers who enjoy getting all uptight. In Iran, the mullahs are running things.

      • Mike – Bath

        Nonsense. The American Family Association is well known in the US. They are referenced by Fox news as a “well-respected Christian ministry”

        • MJ

          Nope. I certainly never heard of them except for on gay blogs, and I’m very well-informed.

          • Paula Thomas

            This is from a person who thinks Islam is about to take over Europe!! Well informed? My arse!!!!

  • Pablo

    Disgusting, a complete insult to people who have suffered from abuse as a child. These people are absolutely disgusting, they need to be burned at the stake. So much ignorance time and time again. Go feed the poor or do something productive instead of this obsession with us homos.

  • VP

    I think it is entirely disingenuous to describe this man as a “researcher”. Because he doesn’t actually do any research – he just comes up with half-arsed speculations based on his personal bigotry. If bigoted speculation counted as research then Fred Phelps would be a respected scientist and the EDL would be this country’s foremost school of Middle Eastern Studies.

    It’s not even an original piece of bigoted speculation either. This tired old nonsense about abuse and sexuality has been frothed out by anti-gay arseholes for nigh on sixty years.

    • Steven Gregory

      It’s also safe to assume he doesn’t believe in God.

      I respect my boss and value my job. I would never spout ludicrous LIES in her name out of sheer respect, and because I would never want such utterances to get back to her.

    • He calls himself a “Director of Research”, I think it’s right that PN highlights what he claims himself to be and allows us to make our own distinction. Obviously you’re right, he’s no kind of researcher, and he rejects science, data and facts to present a warped opinion.

  • Steven Gregory

    Family Research Council: where it’s always 1955.

    • TampaZeke

      This was actually done by the American Family Association, which is, if you can believe it, even MORE extreme and insane than the FRC.

      They’re based in Tupelo, Mississippi for heaven’s sake. I was born there and I can assure you that there are few more backwards places on earth!

      • Steven Gregory

        Thanks for the correction, I get them mixed up.

  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    Of course some gay people have been sexually abused. So have some straight people, but I have yet to hear anyone suggest that sexual abuse makes people straight.

  • Truth

    He supported his claims by saying: “We are obviously intended to grow through childhood and enter puberty attracted to the opposite sex – because that’s the only thing that makes sense of the biological design inherent in humankind.” So how does he explain the homosexuality observed in hundreds of other species? Just another religious nutjob with ‘issues’ of his own, I suspect.

    • James Murphy

      you are right i read a study by a proper psychologist that kids under 8 yr are a sexual they have no attraction until they start hitting puberty

      • Merari

        The neurological structures which govern attraction and what pheromones we respond to are formed and set before birth.

        • James Murphy

          really cause when i was kid i was not attracted to any one i did not start realising till a was about 12

          • Merari

            That’s when the secondary sexual characteristics develop and the innate sexuality becomes expressed. This does not mean that it was not there all along, for the same reason that men getting beards at that age does not mean that that is suddenly a completely new development out of nowhere either.

          • James Murphy

            okay i understand now

  • Yep

    I have never been sexually abused in my life, and the only deficit I have is in my pants.

  • James Murphy

    omg where do they find these people i was not abused ive got a family that loves me the way i am expect my mum she hates that her son as the same taste of men as her lol

  • Jamz

    I’m unsure as to how he is a researcher. Even his LinkedIn profile describes him and his entire career as “Journalist”, not researcher.

    Being research director does not make you a researcher, PinkNews.

  • MJ

    Is this Pink News report true, or made up, though?

    • Truth

      I agree. Some reports like this seem too ludicrous to be true. But whenever a story contains attributable quotes in quotation marks, you can be pretty sure they are true. This man’s theories are ridiculous. There are MILLIONS of gay people who have never suffered any sort of abuse. Equally, there are heterosexuals who have been abused and they do not change sexuality because of it. Blind Faith makes the faithful blind …. and just plain stupid in many cases.

      • MJ

        There might be some truth in the story, but Pink News often twists and phrases stories in certain ways to present a false picture. To the extent that they come pretty close to outright lying. Like “U.S. researcher..” ? How is he a researcher ? That’s strictly to take a shot at the U.S. (See the Atlanta story for the best example).

        • Truth

          I think you are a little paranoid. The reason people on here take a pop at the US is because it purports to the ‘the land of the free’ yet right-wing religious nut jobs seems to have an overriding voice. I lived in the States for a number of years. I found many Americans strangely gullible – especially where religion is concerned. Far be it for me to lecture but, as a nation, perhaps you should be more questioning of ‘belief’ and those who profit from it…?

        • DTNorth


          Link to the guys blog below. IE: FROM THE HORSES MOUTH.

          Enough with the bloody conspiracy cr@p

    • Go to the top of the article, click the link through to his blog post and read it for yourself. He calls himself a “Director of Research”, this is not a label PN have given him. He claims to be some kind of researcher when in reality his piece is nothing more than a warped and religiously delusional opinion.

      There is no evidence quoted in the piece, no links, no scientific references, no support for him to base his religious delusional opinion on, other than his OWN belief that homosexuality is “unnatural”.

      Obviously, his opinion goes directly against all available scientific evidence, and all relevant research into Human sexuality. Just as these creeps usually do, they ignore the actual reality because it doesn’t support their claims, and they base all their opinions on already faulty beliefs.

      Basically, this “Director of Research” is nothing more than a far-right Christian propagandist, seeking new ways to attack and abuse people he wants to have some kind of power over. But then, this same description applies to plenty of so-called Christians who seem to want to do nothing for their “God” other than abuse others.

  • David H

    So we’re supposed to believe in the credibility of a researcher who uses the words: “I believe God…”

    Think all credibility went out of the window in those three words, mate.

    • MJ

      As if Pink News has any more credibility than that guy.

      • Mike – Bath

        Everyone and everything is more credible than this guy and his organisation.

        If you don’t consider Pink News credible, why post multiple times on multiple articles?

        • MJ

          Because I can’t stand seeing fake propaganda (like the tale about the guy in Atlanta fighting off gay bashers and getting sentenced to prison for it). So, no…Pink News is not more credible than this guy (IF that guy even exists).

  • AFA… and you could stop right there. This is a registered hate group – did you expect anything else but a spew of half-baked b.s. with no other purpose than to create headlines and free publicity for their garbage?

    Thanks, Pink News … and the rate you’ve been going this past year, maybe you should consider changing colors. I suggest yellow.

  • Mike – Bath

    I wasn’t abused. Neither physically, sexually nor emotionally. I have two loving parents that have always been supportive, and raised me with the exact same love and family rules as my two heterosexual brothers.

    P.S. Shouldn’t the headline read “Member of US Evangelical Christian anti-gay group says he’s a researcher in an attempt to add weight to his homophobic musings”

    • MJ

      Oh…so you yourself are questioning the credibilty of Pink News headlines !

      • Mike – Bath

        The headline? Yes. The content? No.

  • Truth

    Just another religious fruitcake ….

    • MJ

      Why lump them altogether ? There are different ones who might say the Devil makes people gay, but….not this guy…

  • Merari

    The American Family Association is a hate group.

  • Ben

    I wasn’t abused as a child and I was raised exactly the same as my 2 brothers. I have one older and one younger. and yet they are both straight and I’m gay.

    He also mentions our biological design… Did he think maybe being LGBT is evolutions was of balancing out the population. Just imagine if everyone was straight over the history of time. How populated would this planet be right now?

    Most of this type is speculation though. No proof with any of it. He says its caused by abuse. But who abused the abuser? and who abused that abuser? Eventually if you ask that question enough times you’ll go back to the beginning of mankind and realise there must have been a first.
    I wasn’t abused, yet I’m gay. I’m out and I’m proud of who I am (Well… My personality could do with a little tweak :D).

  • Paula Thomas

    Ummm now what’s that stuff called that you use to support an assertion? Don’t tell me – it’ll come to me in the end… Oh yeah, that’s right: EVIDENCE. Does this chap have any? No? Didn’t think so!!

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    I don’t ever remember being abused. Nothing “traumatic” ever happened to me to “make me turn gay”. I just am gay. You are gay or you’re not.

    It’s always straight religious nuts who seem to know more about our sexuality than we do. I still can’t quite understand how they seem to be so well versed in homosexuality. But then everything they come out with is a load of tripe anyway. It’s from Right Wing Watch though… Says it all. Bunch of small minded neanderthals with one brain cell to share between them all.

    • Truth

      I think you’ll find that inside every homophobe is a closet gay screaming to get out. These people are simply rabid self-loathers. They cannot abide the suppressed gay-within. So they vent their spleen outwardly on those who represent that which they hate most about themselves. That’s why only SOME religious people are homophobic and others, perfectly happy in their sexuality, remain silent and content. Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a screwed-up closet case.

  • That There Other David

    Have to say I can’t remember being either abused nor suffering any deficit of attention. However, seeing “American Family Association” in the article means you know it’s a load of bad science strung together with articulately-written excrement. The rest of the piece, and this researcher’s conclusions, you can safely ignore.

  • imekon

    I was abused… after I worked out I was gay… and by a christian group – they put me through an exorcism. Still gay afterwards.

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