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Tony Perkins: Gay rights activists will attempt Christian Holocaust

  • DTNorth

    I think you call that a persecution complex.


    • Steven Gregory

      He’s just trying to ignite panic among his fearful faithful imbeciles.

    • Rumbelow

      Tony Perkins, the smiling PSYCHO.

  • That There Other David

    Come down off the Cross Tony, nobody’s impressed.

  • Eugene

    That’s right: when gay people finally have equal rights all Christians will be wiped out just as in the first great Christian holocaust following the abolition of slavery, the second great Christian holocaust that followed the day after women got the right to vote and the third great Christian holocaust that came about when countries made it legal for people of different races to get married.

    • MJ

      Well….Ernst Roehm and Nero WERE pretty bad historical tyrants.

      • Cheesus is my Savorie

        Rohm was a soldier / politician not a tyrant.
        Nero was an Emperor of Rome not a tyrant
        both died violently.
        Would you like me to type died in capital letters for you?

    • Rumbelow

      “Gay rights activists will attempt Christian Holocaust”

      Will that be like the anti-gay holocaust that Christians like David Bahati and his cronies are attempting right now in Uganda then?

  • Lee Hobson

    …and lead us not into temptation…

  • Jase

    I prefer the Ray gun myself. It is quick and leaves no mess to clean up. Loading Christians into cattle cars is an expensive and time consuming solution. Go with the new technology!

    • Steven Gregory

      If I wanted to start a Christian Holocaust, I would simply herd them into Chik-Fil-A, seal all openings and let them fart each other to death.

  • Pablo

    Nazis, terrorists, christians, ISIS are all right wing so if there’s a christian holocaust it will be at the hands of their own kind.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Well here’s hoping there is a Christian holocaust, then we can get started on some of the other religions.

  • mattinlasvegas

    Damn right we will

    • Steven Gregory

      I’m in! How can we get this moved to the top of the Gay Agenda?

      • MJ

        Gays CAN be as evil as anyone else, that’s for sure.

        • David H

          Of course we can. That’s the whole point, we’re no different to anyone else. There’s good and bad in ALL people, whatever their race, gender, nationality, religion or anything else.

          • Rehan

            Isn’t it amazing that it still needs stating that a preference for cock doesn’t automatically render an individual better, worse, taller, shorter, stronger, weaker, better-dressed, worse-dressed or anything else more or less than anyone else?

        • Jasus tonight.

          However, Christian’s are far more evil and have been doing evil for a very long time haven’t they? That is absolutely for certain.

    • jlvnv

      Bring back the lions!

  • Mark Y

    The US government attempt to stop them from hoarding gay men and women into psychological boxcars, and they think they’re persecuted. For not being able to persecute us.

    My mind boggles when I think about how stupid, narrow minded and bigoted these American christian fundamentalists are.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Yes, Tony, remember all those persecuted by Christians throughout history. The Spanish Inquisition under the Torquemadas, torturing and executing Jews who refused to convert; the Conquistadores in Latin America, subjugating indigenous tribes under literal pain of death, the Crusades in the middle east and the violent turmoil Christianity fomented in Europe during the middle ages up until the reformation.

    Why this man isn’t barred by the Home Office to enter the UK as well as Scott Lively is astonishing. They among others have been responsible for fomenting draconian anti-gay legislation around the world in the name of Christianity.

  • Steven Gregory

    Perkins is trying to whip his idiot followers into a frenzy using fear tactics.

    Too bad Perkins doesn’t actually believe in a god, he probably wouldn’t lie so capriciously if he was truly concerned about a divine power being displeased.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    I’m not even going to call it insane – we all know from where he comes. I haven’t seen any Canadian Christians going to the ovens, and if he’s waiting for that to happen, he will be awfully disappointed.

  • MJ

    Does anyone really believe this story ? It MIGHT be true, but….sounds like another Pink News invention.

    • Falconlights

      Very likely it is true. Bigots like Tony {erkins and Co. have a persecution complex that just doesn’t end.

    • Truth

      If a story contains quotes in quotation marks, it will be true. Otherwise, the quoted person can sue.

    • jlvnv

      There is no doubt of the story’s veracity. We’ve got a lot of religious extremists running around in addition to Perkins saying much the same regarding doomsday scenarios: Linda Harvey, Sandy Rios, Mat Staver, Peter Labarbera, Matt Barber, Bryan Fisher, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Steve King, Pat Robertson, Kevin Swanson, etc. They talk about end times, christian holocaust, amd martyrdom. Even the esteemed Francis Cardinal George of Chicago speaks that he’ll die in bed, his successor will die in jail, and the next archbishop after that will be martyred in the streets. So the talk among extremists and evangelunatics in the US about martyrdom scenarios is alive and well.

    • Cheesus is my Savorie

      Wishful thinking on your part. I feel sorry for you, and us, having to read the madness that comes out of the so called “Christian” leaders they say out loud what many so called “Christian’s” really think but dare not say. By the way it really isn’t necessary to keep using capital letters, I think we know what you are doing.

    • DTNorth
  • Mike – Bath

    Do these people know how difficult it is to get blood out of designer clothing?

    Personally, I wouldn’t shed a tear if Christianity itself died. It’s dying a slow death here in the UK. Hopefully with Atheism on the rise in the US, people will feel less inclined to follow these bronze age myths and set themselves free. They’re a little behind us here in Europe, but eventually the US will see Christianity a minority. Hopefully will happen within my lifetime.

    • Truth

      Personally, I am amazed at the speed gay marriage is being accepted in such a religiously-conservative nation as the USA. Clearly, secularism is enjoying a rapid rise – hence all the scaremongering of nut jobs like this, terrified the cushy lifestyle they enjoy thanks to the incredibly gullible is being threatened.

      • MJ

        “Amazed” ? Have you even visited the U.S. ?

        • Truth

          Yes – I lived there for five years and was there again in April. There is absolutely no doubt that opposition to gay marriage is declining rapidly. So, your point is ….?

    • MJ

      Like the atheists of the Soviet Union treated gays any better.

      • gingerlycolors

        Let he without sin……

      • Rehan

        Didn’t Lenin decriminalise homosexuality? It was former seminarian Stalin – a psychopath by anyone’s standards and therefore hardly a good example of an atheist – who recriminalised it in the early 1930s.

  • Truth

    Throughout history, it has been religion which has caused conflict, wars and hatred. If anyone is threatening the future of civilisation it is nut jobs like this ….. and religious factions in The Middle East.

  • gingerlycolors

    Perhaps Tony Perkins should be more concerned about what is happening in Iraq and Syria right now where the Islamic States (formally ISIS) are actually committing genocide against Christians as well as other minorities.

    • Halou

      So long as gay people are among the victims, these christian extremists don’t care one bit about who else suffers and dies.
      You’ll remember their deafening silence when it came to Brunei’s introduction of sharia law, never mind the punishments for christians and other nonbelievers, the law covered gay people so Tony Perkins kept his mouth shut.

  • wildseas

    Where on earth do these people come from? They should be put away somewhere for their own safety and the safety of the public.

  • MarkN

    Edward Gibbon characterised the stories of the worst atrocities suffered by early Christians (by the Romans) as “extravagant and indecent fictions” invented to inspire the faithful, so Perkins is just following a long tradition here. It’s a simple fact that all 3 Abrahamic religions were formed in crucibles of persecution and violence, and these features seem to be in their very DNA – either as victims or perpetrators. The fundies are finding their religious nonsense increasingly disregarded and their attempts at conversion dismissed: to them this feels like ‘persecution’. Of course, its also just a matter of psychology that when under threat people tend to regress to simple, black and white defensive positions in which opponents become dehumanised as a prelude to extermination. The Nazis did indeed do this, but the successors of Nero and Caligula ruling from the Vatican had been practising and perfecting it for centuries prior….

  • JD


  • LJ

    I think he actually gets off to the idea. Watching The Passion is like porn to him.

  • sde20

    Tony Perkins is a fear mongering closet case.

  • LJ

    I wonder what Christians in parts of the middle east who are genuinely being persecuted would make of this… Little insulting don’t you think?

  • sde20

    I can’t believe the hysteria and paranoia these people go on with about homosexuality which is as natural as breathing. In about 10 years time, these idiots will be seen to be nothing but ignorant prejudiced bigots from a past era.

    Stephen Fry said on QI that reports about the shocking sex life of penguins has not been released till recently. They are highly sexed and have no inhibitions regarding same sex and other forms of sex.

  • sJames6621

    tehy know exactly what they are doing, eg creating paranoia that blinds the eye and cements the brain into a right wing conspiracy thing. Thats kind of what hitler did in his early days re the Jews

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