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Former UKIP candidate: Party is plagued with grotesque transsexuals

  • Rumbelow

    Julia Horrorbox is back…gasp!
    Er…like who cares what this vile, swivel eyed nutcase thinks?

  • What a charmer. Obviously clued up on gender dysphoria and been through finishing school on etiquette. No, this is plain rudeness and ignorance. The party is clearly plagued by something!

  • Cocteaut

    That’s rich coming from a black hearted woman who looks like a cross between a bullfrog and a plumped up cushion.

  • Truth

    Attitudes like hers are truly grotesque.

  • GulliverUK

    I see the charming Julia Gasper is still free (not sectioned) and giving everybody the benefit of her unrivaled wisdom. Some of the plague left when Gasper was kicked out of UKIP – her views would have sent any sane person running.

    But congrats to her on getting 0.76% of the South East region European Elections – she certainly is kicking :)

    • john lyttle

      I told you care in the community would never work.

    • FMLuder

      She’s the spitting image of Rosemary West.

      • white squirrel

        She’s the spitting image of Rosemary West.

        when Rosemary West was alive anyway
        I doupt Rosemary West still looks like that now

        • FMLuder

          Actually she’s still alive, and about Gasper’s age.

          Coincidence? I think not!

  • Peter

    All I can say for her is “coo coo”

  • Lee

    This really is a old bag is full of anger and hate, a really sad person. She really needs to seek help asap or be sectioned.

    IM SURPRISED YOU PASS AS WOMAN Dr Casper have you looked in the mirror recently. Maloney looks far more like a woman then you.

    You really are a vile person. You hold the title of Dr I hope your not working in the NHS or as a GP god help anyone who wishes to seek advice from you.

    Your really are a very odd person ms casper

    • Robert W. Pierce

      She holds a Ph.d from Oxford I believe, incredible.

      • rapture

        I met some half wit with a phd from oxford, so having an academic background , does not necessarily equate to intelligence.

      • Penny Zenny

        I agree with rapture. Qualifications such as degrees and PHDs only show that one is capable of conforming to an education system that is encumbered to prepare “clones” for mass industry. Dr. Gasper is a perfect example providing substance to my postulation…

  • Jock S.Trap

    Just like WBC if PinkNews insist on giving this gobshite a platform….

    • john lyttle

      She’s always good for a low, cheap laugh. Lighten up a little Jock.

    • Jess

      I half agree, but things like this are good for winning people on the fence on trans topics – it does strengthen the LGBT considerably.

  • Patrick, Leeds.

    But I thought Rosemary West was dead?

    • john lyttle

      Rosemary West has reason to be highly insulted by that comparison.

      • Patrick, Leeds

        True. At least she dropped dead.

  • Katie

    Gasper, the unfriendly ghost.

  • john lyttle

    “The idiotic MEP Nikki Sinclaire tried to pass himself off as a woman despite being 6ft 4 with size 11 feet and a baritone voice.”

    Clearly Julia has never watched The Golden Girls.

    And is it just me or does she look like a sad drag version of the chief Gestapo agent from Raiders of the Lost Ark?

  • Eva

    As she looks like a troll, maybe she is really trolling.

  • john lyttle

    Expelled from charm school you know.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Again lmao. My stomach muscles won’t recover until my first beer I think.

  • That There Other David

    The irony of “Doctor” Gaspar labelling anyone else as grotesque really is hilarious. She’s just trolling now :-)

  • qv

    I don’t see that saying Gaspar doesn’t look like proper woman is helping transsexuals any.

    • john lyttle

      Doesn’t look like a proper woman? She barely looks human.

      • Jon (Malaysia)

        Thank you. Although that is a rather common put down, it struck me as hilarious at this moment in this context.

  • TampaZeke

    I think Kellie Maloney IS grotesque, but for reasons that are entirely different than the silly things listed by this hateful windbag. The reason I think Kellie is grotesque is because of her homophobia which, ironically, is one of the things that Kellie shares with with Julia Gasper. In fact, ALL of the things I find grotesque about Kellie Maloney she shares with Julia Gasper, like ignorance, fear, selfishness, bitterness…

  • CHBrighton

    I dislike Ukip anyway because their overall aim is to diminish my freedoms so I can only imagine that this woman is at the extreme end of a nasty Ukip scale.

  • O-in

    She should actually learn what’s involved in reassignment surgery before claiming it’s just genital remove

    • violets49

      The Kippers? actually learn ANYTHING? The kippers whole phoilosophy is based on breathtaking ignorance. Were the Kippers to start ‘ learning’ then they would stop being Kippers and go do something useful instead

  • DTNorth

    ‘Party is plagued with grotesque transsexuals’

    Well, It was until you left.

    • Septet

      Hey, don’t compare her to us! You cis people can keep her!

  • john lyttle

    Isn’t it marvelous that gonks have come back into fashion? And that they can talk? True, they talk absolute crap, but still…

  • monica

    I’m not interested in her appearance or the pitch of her voice, as to do so gives her view that judging a person this way some credibility. I do have concerns though, that this is now twice that a political party has seen fit to allow a gender terrorist to have the opportunity to represent them. Her stated reasons for leaving UKIP signal that she joined them as they are a party that feature hatred but she didn’t find them to be nasty enough. Thank goodness the good people of Oxford don’t seem to agree with her in any numbers, and I see that as something to celebrate.

    • Rumbelow

      Cut the “holier than thou” spiel please monica.
      As a creative, physical appearances speak volumes to me and do not slip by unnoticed.
      Julia gasper has a head and face like it was formed in a square cardboard box and creepy dead bulging eyes that are quite chilling, her physiognomy reflects her very ugly and mad personality perfectly… to not comment on these things would be like not commenting on an elephant standing in the corner of a room.

      • Jess

        Thank you!! First thing I thought of though… Have you seen that Sunny Loans commercial? (the one with the freaky puppets) ! ;)

        • Rumbelow

          No, I’ll have to check it out.

      • monica

        Since there is no god, it’s not possible for me to be holier than anyone. I’ll tell you why I think my position on this is reasonable.

        I don’t happen to think it helpful to start making comparisons of appearance between those who happen to be trans and those not. If she did not hold those views I would not be judging her appearance or even noticing her. I don’t want to reinforce the sillyness that transwomen tend to suffer; that is having their success as a women being judged solely by their appearance or pitch of their voice. Sometimes ugly women talk sense, other times beautiful women sound like airheads. If a women was talking nonsense you would not criticize her beauty.

        As for Gasper – she is a particularly spiteful and nasty individual.
        I wish I didn’t have to share a planet with her. That’s because I detest her bigotry – not her appearance.

        As for you – I judge you by what you say not by your appearance, and anyway I have a pic of me here, you do not . I was once publicly attacked and judged on here for my appearance just from that pic.

        Since we are on the side; can we not be friends? Please.

        • Jess

          Yeah I didn’t get his first sentence… was he trying to start an argument? Make a joke? Just wasn’t necessary I don’t think.

          • monica

            erm … he took me by surprise!

          • Rumbelow

            That’s often the best way.

        • Rumbelow

          I felt there was a tone of censoriousness in your previous comment that was uncalled for.
          Sure we can be friends, we just disagree about commenting upon certain individuals appearances.
          I detest both Julia Gasper’s bigotry and her, to me, scary appearance.
          It is equally as vital to me to comment upon a person’s appearance as it is to comment upon a person’s behaviour and stated opinions.
          I’m of the opinion that appearance and behaviour often inform each other, so when I decide it does then it makes commenting on appearance legitimate (IMO)

          • Fair enough, you think what you think and allow me to do the same. Deal?

  • Actually Their was quite a bit of sense in that report.
    You see a Gay Man can be a hubby or wife or wife and husband.
    A lesbian can be a wife and a hubby or a hubby and a wife.
    Think about that for a moment bisexuals and ask this question:
    Am I attracted to the opposite sex or not?
    Is it a cruel world that has burdened you with guilt?
    Now think about that Transgender people; are you not a victim of a cruel world?
    So then; what is wrong with a straight man or woman or gay man or lesbian having a bit of fun dressing up and role playing?
    And if you have foul mouths it is because you are hurting deep inside and I can empathise with you, and people who have turrets syndrome. Those with multiple personality disorder are also splitting themselves up to help deal with your hurt and I have personality order and I know that is going to take time to heal and my spirit is with you all.
    Yes Eric and Ernie: We thought you was having rest today; Well go and listen to Val Doonican Cd’s and Shut up.

    • Ian

      You must mean T O U R E T T E ‘ S Syndrome, I think

      The eponym was bestowed by Jean-Martin Charcot (1825–1893) on behalf of his resident, Georges Albert Édouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette (1857–1904), a French physician and neurologist, who published an account of nine patients with Tourette’s in 1885 [Wiki]

    • Rumbelow

      Glamis Castle appears to have turrets syndrome

  • Guest

    I would, reluctantly, agree with Dr Gasper that Maloney (like many Transsexual women) has retained strong male features and as a result one might struggle to keep a straight face when in direct contact.

    • Mae Rogers

      What Ms Maloney thinks and how she feels about her appearance is all that matters.In a just world,she’d spend a day looking in mirrors and seeing “Characteristics” That,oh,,,,,never mind.Sigh

    • Other guest

      And this adds to the discussion how?

    • Ian

      It is precisely in order to prevent the physical appearance of secondary sexual characteristics of either gender that modern psychologists, psychiatrists and surgeons like to delay the onset of puberty by pharmacologic intervention.

      Hence the importance of recognising ‘gender dysphoria’ in children as early as is practicable.

      • Right-Minded

        Ian, that is just scary. You’re talking about using drugs and chemicals to delay puberty in CHILDREN (causing untold damage) who for all you know may grow up and regret this hasty decision you would be forcing on them.

        The fact is there is an alarming lack of scientific basis for you to be advocating such bizarre and heinous treatment for ‘gender dysphoria’.

        • Rumbelow

          Delaying the onset of puberty for a time buys a person with gender dysphoria some more time to make the difficult decision of whether or not to transition, so rather than forcing a hasty decision as you suggest it’s actually quite the opposite.

          • Ian

            I completely agree with you, Rumbelow.

            Furthermore, I can’t help but feel that the choice of “Right-Minded” as a posting sobriquet indicates [perhaps subliminally] “any whose views coincide with mine MUST, de facto, be right-minded”.

          • Absolutely agree with you.

          • Right-Minded

            Well I don’t really know the facts that people are basing this crap on, so I’ll back off. But delaying a natural process could lead to stunted growth or health trouble later in life.

            And how long can it be delayed for realistically, a child should not be making this decision until at least 18 – if its delayed that long they’ll turn into a freakish man/girl.

          • Septet

            Oh yeah, that makes sense. Force trans children to go through an unwanted, unreversible, and frankly painful puberty before “allowing” them to transition.

          • Right-Minded

            Far better to let them grow through the natural process of puberty than mutilate them – now that IS irreversible and damaging.

            You seriously need to get your facts and perspective right, no one forces children to go through puberty, instead CHILDREN are being forced by pushy brainwashed parents and doctors into pumping them full of chemicals and hacking their genitals off, It’s just monstrous.

            Adults can make their own minds up, but children just do not have the life experience or awareness of the consequences, what if they grow up to regret it, their lives are ruined!

        • Ian

          Please be more PRECISE about the “untold damage”.

        • These medications have been in use for over 30 years now for the treatment of precocious puberty and NOBODY bats an eyelid about that. A far greater number of children are treated for precocious puberty than are treated with the same medicines for delaying the puberty in children with acute gender dysphoria. They have been shown to be safe (do the research Mr Right Minded) taken for the shortish time period that they are prescribed for.

  • Jim Smith

    Most transsexuals I know also have better fashion sense, and look fantastic… I think maybe this “lady” could do with paying a bit more attention to them, get rid of the 70’s glasses and at least be a bit of competition before she slings her vile crap at a group of great people.

  • NickDavisGB

    Anybody know her facebook page or email address so she can be trolled.

    • john lyttle

      God beat you to it Nick.

  • chrisd87

    Not her again!

    TBH it’s probably time to stop publicising the ravings of this unhinged woman. Yes, it’s good for a bit of a chuckle but it’s probably just encouraging her to continue.

  • Keith Francis Farrell

    This ugly hag has the ability to run people down. Has she never looked in a mirror

  • Carlos

    This creature needs to look herself in the mirror , vile , disgusting , twisted human being rose west twin sister

    • john lyttle

      Yep. And Julia is the evil twin.

  • violets49

    ‘Grotesque’ as a description just about fits the kippers one and all, so why should they expect their transexxuals to be any different?

    • Baggiebod

      Even though she’s actually part of the English Democrats after being removed from UKIP!
      Take the blinkers off!

  • Baggiebod

    Why put ‘former UKIP candidate’ and not ‘English Democrats candidate?’
    This appears to be biased reporting.

    • LJ

      Because who the f*ck are the English Democrats? I could see your point, but she is talking about UKIP here, I think it’s pertinent.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    As grotesque as she is, UKIP is a party of the grotesque, anti-immigrant, anti-EU, anti-equal marriage. Ironically it has a small group of token gay supporters which I find equally repulsive and who also are against equal marriage.

  • rapture

    To be honest, i’m not going to rush to the defence of the vile kellie Maloney homophobic/transphobic git or any other uncle tom self loathing trans/gay peeps that are involved in ukip’s agenda of inequality for LGBT.

  • Right-Minded

    Well I actually agree with much of what this woman has said here – there are more than a few ‘transsexuals’ in UKIP, some of them quite high profile; and if we’re honest it will take extensive surgery to make Frank/Kellie look vaguely convincing.

    What I always struggle to understand is why a lot of these people are quite homophobic, Does anyone understand their logic?

    • There are homophobic trans folk for sure, just as there are transphobic gay folk. It’s important to make sure that we do not create stereotypes out of this, otherwise as a consequence, all gay and trans folk become begin to look like bigots or haters. Trans folk transition because they need to feel authentic rather than look convincing. A compassionate society would see that.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    And the pages of Pink News are plagued with the grotesque Julia Gasper. What kind of doctor is it anyway? I thought to get a doctorate in ANY field required at least a modicum of education.

    • Truth

      You can quite easily buy doctorates on-line. I know someone who bought one in music from a university in somewhere like Malaysia. They now style themselves as Dr.

  • will_in_the_UK

    As a heterosexual male who came here from a link to same story from another blog, even I find this baffling. Did she get her doctorate by writing to Jim’ll Fix It? This makes me want to bang my head against a wall to get rid of the dumb and all the stupidity people spout from ill conceived notions and a barely workable oven to make their half baked ideas with.

    So what if people are trans? It only seems to bother her. Maybe someone needs to be given a pill and told to chill out. Oh the irony of her and the fact her irony does not work well and all the attire she has is a bit creased (which is slightly less than her brain as that has more fold in it than a badly folded napkin). Perhaps a rainbow event should be held outside her dwelling. Would like to see that on the news.

  • James campbell

    As an aside from discussing this rather repellent woman can I reassure those who worry that delaying puberty in young people diagnosed with gender dysphoria by means of medication, that although all drugs carry a degree of risk, this type of medication brings more benefits than risks. The medication is classed as a GnRH analogue drug which can be used to suppress pubertal progression. Several of the young people I have treated (my field is child mental health) have experienced varying degrees of gender dysphoria. For most, this decreases as they mature, but approximately 16% present with persistent GD and can, without support and careful assessment followed by treatment, become a suicide risk.

    Talking therapy can only go so far in easing the situation in this population and whilst a thorough, detailed assessment by a multidisciplinary team proceeds, puberty marches on. With persisting cross-gender identification it is characteristic for severe distress to be exacerbated at the onset of puberty, due to revulsion toward unwanted physical changes. Young transwomen have to cope with all the changes which define a male puberty whilst young transmen face a future in which they have to cope with menstruation and breast development.

    The rationale for hormone treatment to suppress puberty is to reduce the psychological distress associated with unwanted pubertal development in the biological sex (which can result in hormonal self-medication, self-harm or suicide). Prescribing GnRH analogue medication can delay the puberty whilst a diagnosis is undertaken. This is not done on a whim by the professionals involved. Hormone treatment for pubertal suppression and subsequent gender transition needs to be individualised within stringent protocols in multidisciplinary specialist units.

    Gender dysphoria can occur in children as young as 3 to 6 years of age. Treatment with GnRH analogue to suppress pubertal progression is started at around 10–16 years of age. Cross-sex hormones are then introduced at 15-16 years. I have worked in several parts of the world, including Europe and New Zealand and my experience of the use of this medication in diagnosed cases of GD in young people shows it to be a safe and essential treatment for the condition.

    • A good read ~ very informative ~ thank you.

  • Chrys Clay

    ‘Some ideas are so obviously wrong only a very intelligent person could believe them’ George Orwell. What would he make of this witch?

  • white squirrel

    ‘A man who has his genitals surgically removed is a eunuch, not a woman. He is also insane’
    yes – a MAN who does so would be a eunuch although not necessarily insane
    as it might be done for many reasons, not all related to mental health

    a transWOMAN however is not a MAN and never was
    plus of course the genitals are not removed merely re-arranged a bit [ok a lot] to match those your mind expects to see
    ok it makes you an infertile woman – many women are – that does not mean they are not women
    there is more to life than having a vaginoplasty
    totally agree
    if nothing else there is putting it to good use once its done
    ps what happened to the Kellie Maloney story about her ‘wanting to be male agian’ which i’m sure I saw a newspaper headline declare the other day

  • Steven Gregory

    Is Gasper trying to pass as male or female? She doesn’t even pass for human!

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