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Performance artist to have sex with different man every day for a year

  • Jones

    A “project”? Okay then…

  • LJ

    You mean that isn’t the norm for everyone?

  • Cal

    “explore the link between loneliness and casual sex” More pretentious rubbish from the performance art world.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      Do you think as it’s performance art, he’ll charge an ‘entrance’ fee :)

      • JackAlison

        look at his pic
        I want my money back

  • Sam Gray

    Wow another “artistic” moron with an ego… like we dont have a few of them already.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    What an idiot!

  • It’s always risky to present challenging artistic ideas to people who don’t know the first thing about artistic endeavor. I could have predicted that the only responses to this would be flippant, dismissive and unintellectual in the extreme.

    It’s like discussing the work of Monet with Daily Heil readers.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      Unemployed layabouts with degenerate ideas are not artists. He’s one reason why homosexuality was considered a mental illness for years.

      • JackAlison

        youve muddled it up again.
        THIS IS ART!

        • Silly Old Bastard

          I hope you’re not pretending to be an intellectual by elevating this sad nonsense above what it is, outrageous narcissism, so you can talk bullshit with the best of them.

          • JackAlison

            no asswipe!
            ur doing a MUCH better job addressing or undressing the BS than I eva could

          • Silly Old Bastard

            Whatever your ego might be telling you, you are not a pleasant man.

          • Lavoix

            It would be interesting if he was sent back to Russia to complete this, would it be so well promoted, im sure Putin would take an interest…it wouldnt be so easy to find a guy a day there.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            During the era of the Soviet Union, he would have been thrown into a mental hospital. Perhaps he still might be if he went back. I don’t think artistic endeavour as a defence would have cut it then and maybe not even now.

          • JackAlison

            I luv and look 4wd to ALL of ur comments silly ol bastard

          • Silly Old Bastard

            Why don’t you type English. Abbr on blogs is such old hat.

        • Cal

          A broad definition of art by any standards.
          I just wiped my arse with a bit of silk. I think I’ll frame it and wait for someone gullible like you to buy it. Let’s start the bidding at £10,000.

          • And it would be art, whether you like it or not.
            You do not get to decide what “qualifies” as art, it doesn’t belong to anyone and not a single person here can dictate from their layman’s position what is “acceptable” as an artistic creation.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            Art is not a weapon to beat people over the head with as you are doing. It is subjective. If you were to walk by in the street and kick out of your way an empty plastic bottle (a receptacle itself a form of art) , no one could accuse you of being an ignorant hater of art. You just don’t see the bottle as art. Why should you, it’s just a plastic bottle. Should you find yourself walking past the door of the Russian engaged in what he said he’d do, are you close to an artist? Let’s say you hold your ground and say you are. Someone else walks past that closed door. Are they ignoring art? They don’t know he’s in there let alone what he’s doing. Art is then happening but no one’s aware, therefore art is not happening. It cannot be art then to those who do not realise it as art. But it is happening as far as
            you are concerned. And you can keep it all for yourself, that’s what everyone else commenting on this are alluding to.

          • Cal

            But this is where you are are wrong. You are a victim of contemporary art fascism. I absolutely DO get to decide what is art. Are you saying that we “laymen” must rely on experts to define art for us? This is surely intellectual insecurity. Art is subjective. The fact that you include the crude example I gave above as art, to me, renders your definition of art meaningless.
            This paragraph is art. Discuss.

          • JackAlison

            thanku i stand corrected

      • Old men with a warped and authoritarian view of society and a wish to control others based on their own notions of “morality” are certainly no better.

        • Silly Old Bastard

          I’ve seen your website. You are the last person to lecture on morality.

          • JackAlison

            yes ive seen his website 2
            an a jolly good idea would be to buy you a double dong long enuff to go in ur mouth and in ur *ss
            now im all confused?!!
            Which hole do you talk out of ?
            cause in ur case the brown stuff comes out at BOTH ends

          • Silly Old Bastard

            How incredibly funny you are. I’m still laughing now, and yet I don’t want to.

    • Mario

      Did you just compare his ‘art’ to Monet? Oh please.

      • No I didn’t, read my comment again and attempt to comprehend it.

    • JackAlison

      im sorry using monet and this guys sexcapades is NO comparision
      except perhaps if he does outdoor f*cking
      “en plein air”

      • Read my comment again. I compared the public reaction to this form of art to the reaction of readers of the Daily Mail to traditionally accepted art.
        But thanks for proving my point for me.

        • JackAlison

          the thx is self congratulatory.
          I didnt prove ur point
          but ur hell bent on PROVING A POINT
          go right ahead
          the guys “work” has all been done b4….yawn

  • Ben

    Ye I think this is a little idiotic to be totally honest. I know its his choice. But I know if I found a guy I really liked and thought I could fall in love with, I’m sure I would move on quickly if he told me he slept with 365+, in fact double digits would put me off.

    • JackAlison

      yes but think of all that c*ck thats been up there? its a well worn cadbury canal. could be interesting. THATS IF HE TAKE IT UP HIS sh*tter

  • Mario

    “It’s easier for a gay man to do this kind of project… it’s why I feel lonely.”

    No sweetheart. The reason you feel lonely is because you don’t feel an emotional connection anyone at this moment in time (friendship or relationship).

    p.s (wear a condom).

    • Steven Gregory

      p.s. wear SEVERAL condoms and don’t kiss.

  • clm1990

    I wonder how long before he becomes a walking biohazard

    • Steven Gregory

      With this kind of goal, it’s not difficult to imagine he’s already a cesspool of infection.

      • Lion in Winter

        You assume that he is a cesspool and is infected, and therefore imply that anyone he has been with is also, and that anyone who would be with him would soon be. Why?

        • Steven Gregory

          Well, there’s a hint in the comment to which I am replying. By the way, YOU are the one who adds the bit about anyone who goes with him, and you’re trying to attribute that to me. You’re quite a piece.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    As for this man’s line about sex being easier for gay people, that’s complete nonsense. Every casual sex set-up available to gay people has a straight equivalent, but what’s more important to consider is that the whole damn world is a set up for heterosexual liaisons! That’s the reason why gay people so often feel like aliens!

    Is this man gay? If not, does he think he’s being artistically
    outrageous having sex with a different man each day for a year? Is it
    going to be “murder” for him?

    This individual sounds uninformed.

    • Rumbelow

      “…the whole damn world is a set up for heterosexual liaisons!”


      Some people need a permission slip to do what they want to do sexually and I imagine that is what this guys “art project” thing is in reality.

      It’s his life but I find what he says he’s about to do rather sad.

  • Chris

    Just what we need – a (gay?) man being promiscuous. Like we don’t already have this unwarranted label attached to us already :(

    He should keep contact details for all of them, just in case he picks up an STD somewhere along the line. However, I doubt he’ll bother.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      He’ll be gay alright. If mainstream media pick up on him.

  • white squiirel

    given this is ‘performance’ art
    my purient thoughts wonder which ‘role’ he will perform?
    and why stop at just one man – he could perform both roles and have two men at a time
    will it be in public like that asian women did a few years ago?
    she did several hundred men in one session
    maybe he could to the same ?
    maybe even 365 or more every day around = 10,000 for the whole year
    now that would be a performance

    • Silly Old Bastard

      A real chance of his lower intestine dropping down

      • Lion in Winter

        Bull. If it can handle a daily bowel movement, it can handle this. And you assume that his sex will only be one way. No wonder you are silly, old, etc.

        • Silly Old Bastard

          He strikes me as one of life’s eager victims, so don’t be surprised that by this time next year, he’ll have an @rse glowing like a stop light.

          • JackAlison

            I thought it was green for go

        • JackAlison

          yes a very very silly ol bastard

        • Silly Old Bastard

          Your post stayed in my mind so I did a bit of investigating. Very shortly, he’ll be depositing small amounts of faecal matter on his sheets during the night. It then gets worse, but with the help of a couple of incontinence pads a day, no one around him should detect too much. Might be an idea if he didn’t stay in one spot too long to stop people pin-pointing the source.

  • NoTNoShade

    Two Words…Anal Prolapse

    • john lyttle

      He might be a Top. He might not be into anal at all.

    • Mario

      looooooolll!! omg i burst out laughing!

  • ian123

    The Daily Hate will love this and stories like it. Thanks fella.

  • TWS

    To paraphrase some of the gay men I knew back in the 1970-1980’s… “been there done that.” In fact they would probably consider 365 unprotected encounters in a single year as a lackluster effort. Reminds me of the adage that just because you do something doesn’t mean you should.

  • JohnM

    If this is art then I am a lost MIchelangelo.

    • john lyttle

      Yep. Flat on your back, staring at a ceiling for years…

  • S D

    The things people do in the name of art!

  • MJ

    Are ALL Russians trashy ?

  • jaz

    People are, of course, entitled to do as they like and the purpose of art is to challenge, but frankly this is not art. This is cheap and tawdry sensationalism that will blowback against gay people everywhere. I am delighted that the comments on this post have been universal in their condemnation.

    • No, they haven’t. Some of us actually studied art, and still do. Some of us understand that there is no universal diktat on what Art must conform to, or what a creative idea has to be.

      Saying “this is not art” is actually extremely ignorant. But, this is not the first time we have seen this response either. Cubism and Impressionism were both criticized and rejected by the wider public and the art world for many years, with claims that “it’s not art”. It was radical and outrageous to many.

      The truth (something the majority here utterly reject) is that anything created can be considered art, regardless of what YOU personally want to claim art is not.

      • Mark Y

        you mention cubism and impressionism in the same breath as this guys work? Now that’s funny, and a bit stupid.

        Of course, anything can be art, if you believe in what Duchamp said, the question is, is it good art? You think it is, apparently, as you are defending it as a work, but no one else does think it’s any good. They’re just opinions, and every other opinion is as valid as yours. If someone doesn’t think it is art, that’s their opinion, and to them it isn’t. You don’t get to decide what anyone else thinks is art or isn’t. That’s up to them.

        • You (and others) seem incapable of reading and comprehending statements in plain English.

          Read my comment again. I stated that Cubism and Impressionism were both rejected as not being “art” in exactly the same way people here are rejecting something they flippantly don’t see as art.

          The fact is that the majority of people have absolutely no understanding of what art is, and they feel compelled to call anything they don’t understand “worthless”.

          Just because YOU don’t think something is art, does not mean that you are right. Anything created by an individual can be called art, whether you want to stamp your feet in refusal and disgust or not.

          This is why I wrote my original comment – most people are so ignorant when it comes to art they will utterly reject anything not created on canvas or paper, anything they don’t understand, or anything they feel they have an imagined right to attack.

        • “You think it is, apparently, as you are defending it as a work, but no one else does think it’s any good.”

          Actually, the question is whether it appeals to you, as describing something as being “good” or “bad” is subjective.

          Personally, this doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. But, that is not the argument I am expressing here. My argument is that too many people are simply dismissing this as being worthless and “not art” because it doesn’t conform to their notions of what art is.

          They are wrong. Art is anything created by anyone. That’s the reality of it, and it’s utterly depressing that a group who usually considers themselves to be more open-minded and cultured are no better than Daily Mail readers in their complete and utter rejection of something that challenges their perception.

          • Rehan

            Art is anything created by anyone.

            Surely you mean ‘art can be anything created by anyone’?

            And you must know that that current (post-modern, if you prefer) definition of art is not absolute and unambiguous, and it’s not accepted by everyone even if it prevails among those who’re actively involved with – or, more to the point, those who profit from the promotion of – contemporary art.

      • jaz

        You will forgive me if I don’t indulge in some 6th Form argument about “what is art?” Instead I shall wish you a very good day.

        • The question of “what is art” is discussed at every level of the creative world from secondary school to university, and beyond.

          Anything created by a person can be considered art. That’s all that needs to be said, and no amount of faux-outrage by uninformed critics who don’t know the first thing about creativity will change that.

      • john lyttle

        Bloke, this would only be vaguely interesting to me in the Outlaw/Outrage tradition if he was straight… and maybe not even then.

  • Eamon

    He does it, and it’s called ‘art’. I do it and its ‘shameful’ and ‘uncatholic’.

    • Yet everyone else here is calling him shameful and claiming to be some authority on what art must be (or must not be). Did you not read the comments? They contradict your point.

      • Garry

        BT, I love you but you need to take a deep breath and count to 10 :P

    • john lyttle

      If it isn’t dirty, you aren’t doing it right.

  • Riondo

    Oh, dear. At least Tracy Emin’s self-publicizing nonsense shows a bit of wit and style.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    This isn’t art. It’s just a man sleeping with many men. Where’s the self respect?It does nothing but reinforce the tired stereotype that gay men sleep around, can’t stay faithful and are riddled with disease. The casual sex/loneliness link is one that has already been established. It’s not true for everyone but having been single when I was 10 years younger, I can already say that. i didn’t need to sleep with 365 men to make that claim. Casual sex whilst fun (when single), it’s also quite hollow and not as fulfilling as being in relationship (for me anyway). I studied art from GCSE to Art College. i would have been laughed off my course if I tried something like this. Mind you, I don’t think Graphic Design and sleeping with 365 men really mixes. Unless I was to create a book to go with it. lol

    • JackAlison

      sounds like a lotta stereotypes have rubbed off on you
      pretty nasty vitriol
      if his ass is as wide as the CHUNNEL after his 365 days of purgatory thats his business
      really , u only have to worry about ur obviously tight salt encrusted chunnel with a broomstick firmly lodged up it
      NOT his

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        Vitriol? Hardly. The man is attempting to sleep with 365 men in a year. I would criticise anyone who planned to do such thing. There’s no self respect and he will only end up with a name for himself. He doesn’t need to sleep with all those people to make the connection he plans to make. The conclusion has already been made. If he wants to publicly make such an announcement, people will feel obliged to comment. Get over it.

        I’m quite happy to know I am tight and not some loosey goosey who has to think twice about letting out a fart.

        • JackAlison

          wow …lol…..lil too much info
          thx 4 that
          really says heaps and why ur so inverted and threatened

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            LOL I’m not inverted or threatened at all. Why would I be threatened? He can do what he wants but I can also criticise him. This is a comments section after all and I have freedom of speech.
            I have had my fair share of safe fun in my single days but now I am very happy and settled in my relationship.

          • JackAlison

            lol…..welll thats nice 4 you
            and IM happy YOU MADE THAT choice
            n im happy its working for u
            just as HE is making a choice
            I might freeze dry my faeces and have lady gaga dress n it at the next red carpet event…my choice
            its a great big wonderful world of choice
            his choice is NO less valid than urs

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Yes it is nice for me. Yes it is working for me. Yes he is making a choice but his choice comes with consequences and opinions.

          • JackAlison

            There you go again.
            Really hard 4 u to give up the ” consequences”
            Just let him perform.
            Its free.
            N ur free to watch or walk away.
            By all means criticise.
            But wait until hes begun.
            None of us REALLY know what he is going to do like thst other guy who claimed he was gonna lose his virginity on stage
            Turns out was a storm in a tea cup. Whats interesting is u immediately jump the gun n make all of these overtly sexual assumptions. Maybe hell give blow jobs or hand jobs n call it sex??!!

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Well no, there will be consequences. He will most likely have a name for himself. That’s pretty much a given.
            I’m not stopping him from performing. I won’t be watching and yes I will criticise. Oral is still classed as sex anyway.

          • JackAlison

            yes from the peanut gallery and your PICTURE PERFECT HALLMARK CARD LIFE with a white picket fence

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            No ones life is perfect. I find it odd that you take the criticism of a stranger so personally.

          • JackAlison

            I find it remarkable your so quick to pry over that picket fence to make judgements about an art happening that hasnt even eventuated…

          • JackAlison

            “Well no, there will be consequences..” oh god the school maam again….lol…tut tut tut

          • Lee W Dalgleish


          • JackAlison

            yup ur yawning is catching……Double

          • JackAlison

            “… with consequences and opinions…” like its ANY of ur F*cking business?! like y are u sooo hung up on him …… just quit comparing him to ur life…….ur gay….u should have learned “live and let live” by now instead ur behaving lika raving fundamentalist

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            I think you should get a grip and stop throwing your toys out of the pram. You seem rather immature and defensive. Maybe learn to calm down a bit and grow up

          • JackAlison

            Oh not at all…I just wont let ignorance and stupidity win.
            particularly ur smug brand of it.
            self satisfied. judgemental. arrogant and completely outta touch with any one elses personal freedoms except of course yours!

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            I’m neither smug or stupid. I’m not arrogant either. Merely voicing an opinion. I am entitled to that. Maybe you should stop being such a sad little pr*ck and move on.

  • Beautiful Son

    if this was really art then he should consider doing it Annabel Chong stylee and ‘do’ 365 in one sitting…

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    He does not value his life? STD is serious case.

  • john lyttle

    Guess what? I’m a performance artist.

  • john lyttle

    How unlike the home life of our own dear Queen.

  • john lyttle

    This would only be remotely interesting/challenging/transgressive if he was straight.

  • john lyttle

    I can think of no better time or occasion to quote Boney M: “Oh, those Russians!”

  • DAVE

    I WOULD D HIM ;)

  • DAVE


  • Steven Gregory

    Art imitates life.

  • speedgeek

    Arrogant to assume 365 men would fancy him, surely? Also anything palls after a while, even sex. Not that I can remember, it’s been so long….

  • Benjie Watson

    I’m trans so bear with me here guys. Wouldn’t this potentially cause him a lot of pain, I wonder, both physically and emotionally too? I don’t sleep with guys anymore, myself, but back when I did, I felt discomfort having heterosexual sex a few days in a row, and I could never imagine having sex every single day and especially with different people. I also feel that if loneliness is a problem he is only going to make it worse by conducting ‘art’ like this. Doesn’t he want to feel emotionally entwined with one special guy or simply do what he’s doing here and perpetuate a stereotype about gay men? Bless him, if you are reading this, please reconsider because like Lee (below) said, I agree this isn’t really art exactly and well it’s not really all that healthy either. I’m not saying gay sex isn’t healthy or nice, in truth I don’t know what it’s like, but 365 men in a year is just bonkers. In my entire life to date I have been with a maximum of 2 guys in one year. It just blows my mind thinking about it!

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