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Kellie Maloney: I’m not homophobic, but I don’t think same-sex couples should have children

  • PantoHorse


  • GulliverUK

    Still homophobic I see.

    Advocating against LGB people having the same rights is irrational bigotry – there are any number of studies showing children do just as well in same-sex families as heterosexual ones. I guess if you’ve spent the last decade living under a rock, self-obsessed and insular, unaware of debate and facts on anything other than your own transsexual journey, then your ignorant attitude will persist.

    TIP: when I don’t know for sure about something, when I know I lack the evidence to make rational statements on something, I generally STFU. You might want to try that on matters you clearly no nothing about. It’s also pointless saying you’re not homophobic – you don’t get to judge, others do. Unless you can give rational clear statements about why you don’t think children should be brought up same-sex couples, then your statements are worthless. Besides, tens of millions of children are being brought up by gay couples around the world and doing just fine. It’s also settled law here.

    • GulliverUK

      World’s largest study on same-sex parents finds kids are healthier and happier than peers

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      If I could just correctly you there …. the studies show the children of gay couple actually do better rather than the same.

      • Daryl Lawton

        Some show better others show the same.

    • Kitty Barber

      I’m not transphobic, but I don’t think trans people should be allowed to live on the same planet as I do.

      • SpaceCadet Williams

        Pardon me, majority of us Trans do not support this pompous ass of a tranny so please don’t lump us all together.

        • Kitty Barber

          You know, I was being snarky, of course, and I wish I didn’t have to ‘lump’ you all together. But if you support feminists, then speak up in our defense! Thanks.

        • Ashleigh

          Just ignore her SpaceCadet… If you click her name, take a look at her activity, you see her whole life revolves around these freaky little delusions she has about trans people. She gives real cisgender feminists a bad name and makes us all look like hypocritical overly masculine caricatures!

      • Loirin Lancaster

        then where exactly should we live????????? In Never Never land, oh…..that’s right, you good people have that occupied already.

    • SpaceCadet Williams

      Pardon me… that’s LGBT. Majority of us in the Trans community totally agree with you.

  • CHBrighton

    Clearly she needs to do a lot more work on her own internalised homophobia. What would she say to people who said trans people shouldn’t have the same rights as others?

    • LJ

      Join their political party? Lol, I jest, I can’t say for sure what UKIP think of trans rights.

      • LJ

        I can hazard a pretty good guess though…

        • Sister Mary Clarence

          And you’d probably be right!!

  • Pablo

    I get it, it’s because she can’t have kids herself because she’s not biologically female. “Well if I can’t have kids then why should those homos have kids.” She’s disgusting.

    • doug

      The same mentality as Amanda Platell, but she’s barren.

  • kerrian

    As a gay man in a very long term relationship with 4 (grown up) kids I would invite her to see for herself how well our kids have turned out. There is absolutely no detriment, being a good parent has nothing to do with sexuality.

    • Palto

      Why would you want this homophobic ‘thing’ anywhere near your family?

  • Gruffling

    You can’t just accept one portion of LGBT, equality is equality is equality. If you want acceptance you need to give the same to people in YOUR community. Hypocrite.

    • Reb Kean

      Which community? She isn’t a member of the gay community. The LGBTQIXYZ community is a myth

      • Gruffling

        Hasn’t LGBT been the thing for probably more years than I’ve been alive? All of the appendices I’m not sure about because half of them seem to come from the tumblr age of everything on a spectrum getting its own name.

      • Kyle Whitney

        The Stonewall riots
        “, police detained anyone they could and put them
        in patrol wagons to go to jail, though Inspector Pine recalled, “Fights
        erupted with the
        transvestites, who wouldn’t go into the patrol wagon.” His recollection
        was corroborated by another witness across the street who said, “All I
        could see about who was fighting was that it was transvestites and they were fighting furiously.”[76]”

        • Paul

          oh so what. some trannies had a fight in new york outside a pub. do you really think that all gay rights come from that cat fight? do you really think that gay men and women need a bunch of men who think they are women fighting for their rights? trannies do nothing for gay equality. if anything trannies hold back gay equality.

          being a tranny has nothing to do with being gay. totally different issues. one is attracted to the same sex, the other thinks they are the opposite sex, no comparison – at all.

          • tom_beauchamparnold

            “oh so what. some trannies had a fight in new york outside a pub. do you really think that all gay rights come from that cat fight?”

            Yes, actually. They do.
            Respect your betters.

          • Paul

            in your deluded fantasy, maybe they do. but not in reality. stonewall wasn’t tsome sort of equivalent to he suffragette movement,. and btw, they weren’t all trannies, there were just as many gay men and women. look at the photographs of the event. trannies have hijacked the stonewall riots, they always do when gay men show them they have nothing in common with us.

          • DeColonise

            This comment by a gay man regarding what happens nowadays with gay rights and so on, in those movemnets, are pretty interesting:

            (from the user coelacanth)

  • Mark Y

    I’m not racist, but I don’t think black couples should have children.
    I’m not anti-semitic but I don’t think Jewish couples should have children.
    I’m not homophobic, but I don’t think gay couples should have children.

    • Loirin Lancaster

      that was a joke right?

      • Lisa Croxford

        My sarcasm meter is off the scale!!!

  • yardbird

    That’s Frank talking!

    • GulliverUK

      Yes, her alter-ego. It’s a shame Kelly didn’t emerge much sooner, Frank might not have been such an a rsehole – pretending to be someone they are not has ruined her, and a testosterone-fueled ultra-macho culture like boxing probably wasn’t the best place to be submerged in.

  • Bonnie Raymond

    Maybe she will one day resolve her issues and see that ALL people are equal.

    • Rumbelow

      Meh! I don’t think all people are equal but I do think that all people deserve to be treated equally

  • Mike – Bath

    What if someone said “I’m not Transphobic, but don’t think people should be able to change their gender”? I’m sure she’d have an objection to other people’s opinions attempting to limit her rights.

    • Ra

      I am not transphobic, but men and women should not be changing their gender after they have children. You chose a role when deciding to have children, you are responsible to them for the rest of your life. Ignorant people should not have children. It should be ashamed of itself.
      – making a point

      • RAnnie

        “It”?? You disgust me.

      • Chartreuxe

        ‘I am not transphobic.’

        Yes, you are. Changing genders does not negate parenthood.

        In case you haven’t noticed, ignorant people have children every hour of every day of every week of the year. Some children grow up brilliant and open-minded in spite of their parents. I did so. Nature can overcome nurture.

      • Steven Gregory

        Obviously some people will not get the point you’ve made.

      • Lisa Croxford

        I get what you are saying, but thats like saying people who have children should never divorce.

        Its not ideal, but the children will cope. Its not like its the 1950s any more its not *that* scandalous.

        If you think that children being exposed to a trans parent is inherently harmful then you are being transphobic.

  • spiritbody

    Homophobia, like other forms of prejudice, exists in degrees. It manifests in differing degrees of intensity. Of course one can have gay friends etc and still be homophobic to a degree. So I would suggest to Kellie that yes she IS homophobic- at least to a certain degree. There is clearly not 100% acceptance of gay people in what she’s said. The reason that it is homophobia, is that at the root is a fear. An irrational fear. It doesn’t say in this article exactly what her reasoning is, but Id guess that there’s a fear that the childrens development will be harmed in some way as a direct result of having gay parents. I see no evidence for that. Of course it could be argued that the children will be subject to prejudice and discrimination for having gay parents, but clearly THATS the problem. Not gay parents. If you wanna see an end to the bullying of children with gay parents Kellie, then start with your own attitude.

    • GulliverUK

      Gay parents would have more experience than anybody else at understanding with and having tactics to deal with homophobic bullying, since most of them would have real-world experience of it.

    • Ovate

      It is important to note, that the trans I met in the 1990s are not the same as basically straight queers that like to hang around. They did not try to date lesbians that reject male bodies, or ‘cotton ceiling’ shame them to have straight sex. It is homophobic at the core! They should get it out of their heads that they are lesbians, lesbians are the ‘L’ at the other end of the LGBT, if they wish to be like a gay female, then they should be more accepting of the concept of dating each other if they don’t care for men…

      I really worry about my trans friends that are not a part of this nonsense, because it is likely they will be affected when the nonsense backfires and there is a back lash and they are left behind in the post -op limbo..

  • jayjonson

    Why should anyone give a toss about what this bigot thinks about anything, much less same-sex marriage? She is stupid.

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      I agree. I hope we are not going to get her thought of the day on every topic from here on in.

      As far as I am aware transitioning doesn’t bestow any particular additional social commentary skills.

      The article seems to prove that point.

  • George Penfold

    “I’m not homophobic. I have gay friends” Well there we go then, all sorted.
    I never quite understand why we have the ” T ” in LGBT. It not a sexuality, nothing to do with being gay, bi or lesbian. Granted Trans people are a misunderstood minority that gets discriminated against. But then if we tacked every one such minority onto our cause we would have an acronym as long as your arm.

    • RaunchHox

      Well said George. They have no connection to LGB people because most of them are straight. I’m not too happy about a bloke in a wig with a moustache either.

      • Kyle Whitney

        The Stonewall riots
        “, police detained anyone they could and put them in patrol wagons to go to jail, though Inspector Pine recalled, “Fights erupted with the
        transvestites, who wouldn’t go into the patrol wagon.” His recollection
        was corroborated by another witness across the street who said, “All I
        could see about who was fighting was that it was transvestites and they were fighting furiously.”[76]”

        Cause they started the whole thing?

        • Paul

          you’re deluded. not only about what gender you are, but also about gay rights. go and fight your own battle, and we’ll fight ours. notihng to do with one another.

      • Lisa Croxford

        You make me sad. We’re all puffs and queers to the haters. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to be allies?

    • Daryl Lawton

      I am not sure we should start splitting after all we have been through.

      • Guest

        its because we are more visual and force issues to be addressed then the LGB community can throw us under the bus to get legislation passed, disagree then look how we got screwed in the same sex marrage bill.

        • Daryl Lawton

          That has nothing to do with what I said. Also the ssm bill has many issues that affect everyone it covers.

    • Emma Bell

      ts because we are more visual and force issues to be addressed then the LGB community can throw us under the bus to get legislation passed, disagree then look how we got screwed in the same sex marrage bill.

      • Daryl Lawton

        The ssm bill has many issues that affect us all and it does indeed need to be fixed, BUT for a “short fix” bill it isn’t as bad as it could be.

  • DaveSlater

    I don’t think the word “homophobic” should be used here. That weakens the actuality of the already-misused word even further. It’s just misinformed, that’s all. But if the title was “Kellie Maloney: I’m not misinformed, but I don’t think same-sex couples should have children” …actually, no, I would have clicked anyway.

    • GulliverUK

      It’s always better not to make any statements unless you’ve really thought them through and are able to articulate how to came to that view. The second reason why you should not make such statements is that it is upsetting for people who are discriminated against to be the constant focus of vilification, defamation and demonization – Kelly’s a p.rat if she doesn’t realise that, given her situation. When we speak we must be not stir animosity towards others without just cause.

      Articles tend to be short – Kelly would have to write a long extensive blog post or article to expound her exact reasons. Her opinions, as is, are worthless without a full understanding of her point of view. I mean, we wouldn’t agree with her anyway, because that debate is over in the UK, adoption by gay couples has been part of life for over a decade.

      She appears completely gaffe-prone and iept. Why make a statement on this social issue? Why not make a positive comment on same-sex marriage, or generally on equality and rights in this country. The best thing Kelly can do is stick a sock in it until she learns how to communicate without upsetting everybody.

  • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

    Well.. does she consider herself woman enough ti raise children with a man then? Unbelievable! I take back all the congrats and love i sent her.

  • Looks like Kellie has had issue with gays for a long time, being UKIP I am sure doesn’t help, she’d probably be a proud republican in the states… I know I am sourcing Wikipedia but there are links…

  • Stevie

    I want my equality but you can’t have yours, no time for her at all and as transgender I only hope she doesn’t become a press favourite, we don’t need her

  • Robert W. Pierce

    “I have gay friends”? If that’s the case then why was ‘she’ afraid to campaign in Camden in 2004 saying there were too many gays living there? What a liar and hypocrite. What a homophobe.

    • The exploding grandpapa

      Agree completely!! That’s something commonly said and I always feel myself yawning when I hear those words, as if somehow it justifies it! Though I would say you shouldn’t put ‘she’ in hyphens – a lot of trans people find it offensive, and you’ll just be regarded as another bigot and not taken seriously – when in fact you have a great point to make! :)

      • Robert W. Pierce

        I really didn’t mean to cause offence to anyone but I was under the impression she has not fully transitioned.

        • Gruffling

          Indeed Maloney is still biologically male. Which makes drag queen more accurate than transgender at this point seeing as how I believe the term relates to someone post-transition. (I’m simply referring to semantics and literal meanings of the words, I do not wish to cause offense)

          Also to the person above a hyphen is a dash not quote marks.

          • Elizabeth Veldon

            NO IT DOES NOT

            seriously, get your bloody act together saying ‘she’ rather than she makes you no better than she is.

          • Name

            Elizabeth is correct, drag and trans are very different things, though I don’t think he meant any offense… How I like to think of it is ‘Transvestites pretend to be the other sex, while transgender people pretend to be their biological sex’. Maloney, despite being a disgusting bigot, has always been a female. :)

          • Rumbelow

            I think your comment sounds confused, it really doesn’t clarify things… if anything it adds to any confusion about transgender people.

          • SpaceCadet Williams

            Transvestites are generally straight men who finds it sexually arousing to wear women’s garb. Transgender are people who are in the process of changing sex to match the inside. As a Transgender, I find this person appalling and her view does not reflect on the rest of us. I fought and will always fight side to side with my LGBT brothers and sisters for equality until my last breath.

      • TampaZeke

        I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if “she’s” offended. In fact, at this point, I’ll go out of my way to offend “her”.

        • Rumbelow

          Someone needs to sort out this homophobic beaches wigs.

        • Guest

          Not her in particular, other trans people who are not her, are you seriously this stupid?

          • Rumbelow

            No it’s obvious Tampazeke totally means just Kellie in particular.

          • Guest

            Then why did “he” reply in retaliation?

          • Rumbelow

            I guess because he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about hypocrite and homophobe Kellie as he made quite clear.
            Are you hypersensitive or something?
            Do you really think a specific comment about one individual means it is aimed at all?

          • TampaZeke


        • Palto

          I think this dude should just stick to being a boxing promoter.

          • Rumbelow

            ]Kellie Maloney really should stick to boxing promotion and cut the attempts at social commentary at which she is worse than useless.

    • TampaZeke

      The bigots who claim to have gay friends never REALLY have gay friends. They’re imaginary and only referenced when someone says something stupid and homophobic just as racists claim imaginary black friends.

      • TransAndProud

        Bigots like you, you mean? (saw your earlier comment)

        • MrSir

          I don’t think he’s (or “he’s” lol) actually a bigot, just uninformed, we’re all evolving together! Don’t put other’s down! He makes a good point!

        • Rumbelow

          Back off, save your ammo for the real thing.

          • Guest

            So why was it arguing with ‘the exploding grandpapa’? Either transphobic, or thick as porridge!

          • Rumbelow

            You can read and write but have you mastered comprehension yet I wonder?

        • TampaZeke

          You’re hilarious TransAndProud. If you knew me personally I’ll guarantee you would never say such a thing to me. It’s a shame that you didn’t get the nuance of that one comment; particularly when taken in context with all of the other comments I’ve made on this thread.

      • Robert W. Pierce

        What I find interesting in people who claim to have gay friends while opposing this or that equality legisation is that none of those so called ‘gay friends’ imaginary or not ever come forward to defend them or voice their disagreement. Our own equal marriage foe Ann Widdecombe claimed that during the legislative process she had many gay friends opposed to it, yet not one of them in support of it ever spoke out against her.

        • TampaZeke

          It’s actually no mystery at all. Someone who doesn’t exist can’t come forward to defend or voice disagreement. This is just further proof that these phantom gay friends and family don’t really exist. They live in a Never-Never land, with all the “black friends” and “Jewish friends” and “other friends” and purple polka dotted unicorns, that only exists in the minds of bigots.

    • When these people say they “have gay friends” they really mean they know of gay people in their circle of friends, they’re not friends directly because those gay people would want nothing to do with them. These people are “tolerated” by such “gay friends” because those gay people don’t want to cause a fuss and upset their actual friends, usually the person they and the bigot have in common.

  • Andy Diamond

    I’m not transphobic but I don’t think trans people who are against same-sex couple having children should change their gender.

    • Mr Sir

      I see some great irony in that, as the modern understanding goes, she’s always been a woman – she has children of her own… this means they were raised by a SAME sex couple!!! She’s not just putting down all homosexuals and bisexuals, she’s also putting down her own children! Talk about stupid!!

    • Lisa Croxford

      If you have to prefix any statement with “I’m not x”, you are x.

      Don’t presume to know and to be able to speak for the worthiness of all trans people

  • william

    So why did she have so many children when she was in several same sex marriages ? – as she seems to think she was a woman all along back then . . .

    • Rumbelow

      I guess she was being a male impersonator all those years and sort of had to follow through.

  • David Greensmith

    Oh, please make it stop with giving this awful woman the oxygen of publicity. She is clearly a bigoted idiot. “I’m not homophobic – I have gay friends”. Really? Well shame and pity on anyone who’d be friendly with a hateful bigot or think so little of themselves they’d continue to be her friend. How bizarre that she – a trans woman – thinks that children shouldn’t be brought up by same sex couples? Surely if her wife is a woman, and she is woman doesn’t that mean her daughter has two parents of the same sex? No more from her – please. It’s just irritating.

  • JackAlison

    oh god
    it must be her gender reassignment medicine
    really, its not the best look coming from someone who is less than beleivable in a dress
    its quite fantastic
    and I guess she wants acceptance??!!!

  • rapture

    She’s decided to be Frank in her putrid homophobia. Vile person.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    She’s entitled to her opinion, of course, but I can think of no logical reason for denying same-sex parents the joy of a family, if that is what they want.

  • TampaZeke

    Just as I suspected. She will not get my sympathy or my support. I don’t want to hear her whining about her situation. I wish she had just stayed in her closet. We don’t need any more bigots in the LGBT community.

    I notice she didn’t offer her opinion on whether or not transgender people should have or raise children.

    • Robsnw3

      Well said!!

    • Paul

      I dont think trans men or women should be able to have children. they’re too screwed up, why should a kid have to go through that with them? first I was daddy, now i’m mommy, I know I used to be called frank, but now I’m called kellie. i’m not a man anymore, i’m a woman. i used to be bald, now i wear long wigs. I’ve had my penis cut off. I’ve had some breast implants. my voice is higher because of my hormone therapy.I know these are mommies clothes, but now I wear them. confused? the kid would be.

      and the T should be taken out of the LGB. trans people have gender issues. LGB people are attracted to the same sex, they have nothing in common. they need different things, different laws, because they are different issues.

      • Cathy B

        For decades good people have risked all to further the right for human beings to live their life as they wish providing they do no harm to others. Psychiatrists used to believe homosexuals were “screwed up” and could/should be cured. Now because a bigot, idiot, hypocrit and likely racist happens to be trans you think it O.K. to post those comments – it isn’t.

      • Jenn

        People used to think homosexuals and bisexuals were screwed up, you seriously need to change your way of thinking dude or seriously, you’re no better than those who still hold this view about you. Live an’ let live man! xx

      • Bonnie Raymond

        Trans people usually know from early childhood but spend many years trying to fit other peoples’ expectations.
        It is not fair to them to say that they are acting on a whim. They are finally overcoming the overwhelming pressure to conform to their bodies’ appearance and committing to their inner selves.

      • James campbell

        “my voice is higher because of my hormone therapy” This would not happen. HRT does not change the voice of male to female trans people. Once the vocal chords have thickened as testosterone levels increase during puberty, other than in individuals whose voice did not break, only surgery to shave the vocal chords can raise the voice permanently. Many transwomen achieve a higher pitch via speech therapy and continuous practise. Conversely, the voice of transmen does deepen as they go through the equivalent of a male puberty under the influence of testosterone therapy. I should also add that in my professional experience (which is extensive) the children of trans parents are usually very well adjusted and have a much more mature view of the real world than their contemporaries.

  • Mikey

    with friends like her, who needs enemas.
    why does it seem that the trans community is so torn and divided over LGB people?
    it seems every other week some trans person comes out with comments or opinions that basically throw the LGB community under the bus.
    And yet we continue to include the “T” part.
    you know, I think LGB(T) people are better people than the norm. we even get kicked by “our own” and still refuse to disown them.

    • Lisa Croxford

      Its not news worthy when a trans person says they are for marriage quality or something, its a given. When a trans person does say something ridiculous like this the hiprocracy is so intense I must assume that editors of pink news have an orgasm just reading the copy.

      The trans community is 99.9999% behind the LBG community even if we get exasperated about the transphobia and the exclusion.

  • lee

    so its Ok for her Kellie to have equally and rights but not others -strange person

  • Darule Vozhak

    Insignificant, vile excuse of a human being. Would happily deny others the rights that she has, standing on the shoulders of LGBTQ campaigners of the past who won her rights for her, yet she denounces them. A truly hateful person.

  • Cal

    LOL. What a FREAK!

  • Tara Morris

    Well I don’t have to go along with what other Tran’s say, especially when they are milking their trans status in such a way. Tran’s Rights could do with out the likes of Tara Hewitte & Kelly Maloney. Their are a lot of bad parents out their that are straight & cisgender. As their are good family’s that are LGBT. Oh yes Kelly Maloney you are homophobic not to mention sort sighted.

  • Samantha Valentine

    Why has this made the news, a couple of years ago Coleen Nolan made exactly the same statement on loose women and it hardly made an impact and she recently was a judge for Miss sparkle in canal st manchester and the gay community had no problem with her being there,or is this because she is trans and the transphobic part of the gay community has decided to come out and bash her, the amount of time I’ve had transphobic abuse from gay people over the last five years is ridiculous but I’m being oversensitive (well according to the the gay people around there I am). there are gay people who don’t like trans people and there are trans people who don’t like gay people, get over

    • Guest

      Trans should stuff their T up their backsides and leave LBG alone, problem sorted.

      • Samantha Valentine

        You’re a coward and clearly you’re not that intelligent from your remark. P’s try leaving your name or are you like the rest of the bigots and hide away like the mardearse you really are lol.

        • Lola the Guest

          I think my remark was quite accurate and witty. I would love to know why you would think any different.

          • Cathy B

            Accurate as in it reflects your views – o.k. but witty?
            Why would you think that dropping the T from the LGBT acronym would resolve the problem? There exists transsexual bigots, gay bigots and heterosexual bigots I don’t think changing an acronym will resolve that. Continued education might.

  • UKIP and friends are homophobic; racist & sexist. If you cannot be your self in that party then why not find another. The way some parents, not mine, behave towards their children, then they would be better off in a loving accepting family and if that is a gay or lesbian family, I say let the children make that choice.

  • Brooks Austin

    While I find Kellie Maloney’s comments to be bigoted and absurd and disgraceful, I also find the amount of comments here using her transgender status as an argument against her to be equally offensive and bigoted and it makes those Pink News commentators doing so look like hypocrites to bash her for her bigotry while being transphobes themselves. And while I’m opposed to Maloney’s positions, it seems a bit hypocritical to me for so many gay people to get up in arms about it when gay people have no problems supporting Stephen Fry and Barney Frank even though Stephen Fry is sexist and Barney Frank is a transphobe.

    • Guest

      Come of it, this so called woman is a trailer trash and her opinions make her target

  • doug

    Of course, she admits to be being “confused”. In more ways than one it seems.

  • Ra

    Ignorant hypocrite and pig. Slap the stupid out of it.

  • Jason O’Leary

    Honestly, puts on a dress and really bad wig, and thinks they have the right to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. Nuff Said!!

  • Aron Sasportas

    How wonderful that, outside the world of boxing, Kellie Maloney lacks all power and all influence.

  • doug

    No, dear, men who always knew they were female should not have children with heterosexual women without their knowledge.

  • John-Paul Kesseler

    She’s lived a life in which for the majority of it she’s had to hide who she is and lie to others and herself. It is not surprising that she still holds onto some views that would indicate a lack of empathy for sections of our community.

    She may never evolve her thinking, but that doesn’t mean she deserves anything but all of the support she needs.

  • Steven Gregory

    With her troubled genetics, I hope she’s not having children.

    As for gays and lesbians having children, it’s none of her business.
    If she’s against homosexual couples adopting, until straight couples take home every child in need of a home, she should shut her disgusting word hole.

  • Omar

    Your still homophobic and you hate your own community.

    • Reality is sweet

      Please. The T doesn’t belong in the LGB community and never did.

  • Helen in Ireland

    She’s a twit. My wife is trans* and we are fully committed to marriage and adoption equality.

  • DeColonise

    Another homophobic male speaks, why am I not surprised.

  • RaunchHox

    Well, s/he’s be trying to get men into that ring for a long while!

    • Rumbelow

      Thanks for a bit of much needed witty humour, it gets so serious here sometimes.

  • one.second

    Not surprising at all. Transsexuals want to fit in the heteronormativ world so badly, they dream of one man and one woman, and a lot about their life is passing as the gender they feel they are. So of course, if you are taught these conservative views that are congruent with your inner feelings it is hard to put yourself in other people shoes and think about these issues with an open mind and rational arguments, especially if your own struggle takes all you got. So I take a deep bow to the transsexuals with on open mind for diversity, when all they really want is to be gender conforming and “normal”.

    • The vast majority of Trans people I know (and I know dozens from all backgrounds and age groups) are that they have open minds, open hearts and a keenness to stand up against bigotry and intolerance. Examples like Kellie are given undue amounts of attention and are made to appear far more representative than they are.

      • Lisa Croxford

        Everyone like to expose a hypocrite, I can hardly blame the papers, this story is gold

    • Emma Bell

      Sorry but what a crock really have you met many transsexuals. About the only thing i agree with is the passing and thats self preservation. But conservative views i think we must be the least conservative demographic in society. This woman is a dammed disgrace and by her own volition in interviews she has isolated herself from society and there fore would not be eligible for gender reassignment surgery she needs to sort her own issues out before commenting on others that she is clearly lacking in knowlage or compassion about.

    • Lisa Croxford

      Thats weird I know so many lesbian transwomen and gay transmen not to mention the gender queer people who would object to that.

  • Lewis Brand

    Sorry to say, but I think she gives trans people a bad name. Hqw can she spout this nonesense given her experiences ? Or is she extremely confused ?

  • Oh another one who should have stopped at “I don’t think”.

  • Ivan

    Easiest way to tell if someone if homophobic? They say:
    ‘I’m not homophobic, but …’

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, always…the big “BUT”

      • Ivan

        I can not lie – I don’t like big Buts

  • If those are the kinds of remarks you make when you’re caught off guard, you’re a homophobe.


  • Barry Scarfe

    It seems as if the people of South Thanet constituency in Kent are going to have loony-tunes Nigel Farage and his mad UKIP ‘party’ impose themselves on that seat in May next year. Hopefully, the Tories will either retain the seat or the Labour candidate will win. If Nigel wins, the people of South Thanet will go into history as being the people of the first parliamentary seat that was insane enough to elect a UKIP loon.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Kellie Maloney is deluded and in denial. She appears to believe that she has transitioned to being a real heterosexual woman – complete with the bigoted prejudices of what she perceives to be those of a “normal” heterosexual woman. Sorry, Ms. Maloney, you need to see yourself in perspective.

    • doug

      Apparently she also plans “to be the only female to guide the next generation of future British boxing champions.”

      How ambitious.

  • Wow, there is A LOT of Trans-hate being thrown around this thread. Take a moment to consider the irony please! Kellie’s gender identity doesn’t make her an A-hole, her political and social opinions do.

  • Dana Adalaide

    Says same-sex couples should not have children, but changes gender to female so that her daughters now have two mothers.. I really think that should be retracted as a statement because its just plain idiocy, sorry.. You’re against yourself. This is why the T is in the LGBT because changing gender makes you gay whether you like it or not!!! You can’t pick and choose!

  • JD

    Really we should accept ‘her’ last ditch attempt to stay in the headlines as a transexual after a lifetime as a man – but we shouldn’t be allowed to bring up children….. Dumb Ass C U N T (which I’m guessing she still hasn’t got!)

  • RAnnie

    Belonging to one minority doesn’t automatically confer understanding and support for others. Maloney was a homophobe, a bigot and a fool before transition, and she’s the same afterwards as well. Don’t expect a miracle conversion. She’s an idiot and a UKIP stooge. AVOID!

  • Chartreuxe

    ‘I’m not homophobic, but…’

    Yes, you are. You’re also bigoted, which is odd for someone who is transgendered. How did that come to pass?

  • datch

    Perhaps someone could let this person in on that neat little mathematical equation that proves, beyond a doubt, that when you say “I am not “x”, BUT”, that you are, in indeed “x”.

    Just one more piece of evidence, imo, that the T does not belong on the end of LGBT. The others are sexual or affectional orientations. T is a gender orientation. We are not all one community.

  • CaptainPedge

    Kellie Maloney: “I’m not homophobic”
    Yes, yes you are.

  • Smits

    given how utterly obsessed most of the world’s noisy trans women are with getting lesbians to ~validate their womanhood~ by kneeling down and sucking their dicks, it’s almost refreshing that Maloney is *only* advocating for us to be treated as second class citizens but allowed to remain in our lesbian and gay relationships, and not out-and-out correctively raped and forced into fauxmo relationships with straight people taking fake hormones.

    the whole trans movement has always been homophobic. transition ‘treatments’ were developed by experimentation on gay and lesbian bodies. the modern trans movement is lead by white, heterosexual men who get boners from wearing dresses and growing synthesised oestrogen moobs, and want gay men and lesbians to kowtow to them as The Most Oppressed Of All Time. Maloney is nothing special.

  • Ian123

    I’m not transphobic but after a certain age what is the point? Especially if you have children?

    • doug

      That went through my mind too, but I imagine repressing it would be just as unhealthy as trying to force life long celibacy. Look at the state of the catholic priesthood, for example.

  • ian123

    I wonder how many children of gay couples require professional counselling, not many I think, unlike Kelly’s daughter.

  • Steven Gregory

    Don’t tell us you’re not homophobic, let us guess from your words and actions.

    Her transition has been greeted with mostly positive support. I can guarantee it wasn’t conservatives or religious groups who helped shape that social attitude.

    What a shame she feels compelled to step on the necks of gays and lesbians. She really should reevaluate whom she believes to be her allies.

  • Loirin Lancaster

    Unfortunately there’s no level of shame regarding certain individuals, particularly this one.

  • There is a general theme I have spotted at work here…

    Someone disagrees with Kellie’s remarks, then makes transphobic statements or joke sat her expense despite her not being representative of all trans people, and despite the fact that such generalisations are offensive to the majority of Trans people.

    Trans person or ally says ‘Hey, that’s an unfair thing to say about Trans people’

    Others pile on top of said Trans person or ally and tell them they aren’t allowed to be offended or that they need to get a sense of humour.

    We are all meant to be allies, working together to fight prejudice and inequality, yet the T on the end have to put up with so much crap on a day to day basis from within the rest of the LGBT community as well as from outside it. I absolutely abhor the things that Kellie has said about gays and lesbians, yet I come on this comment section to find an equal amount of bigotry being hurled around by the very same people who are vilifying her for her own intolerance. Doing this makes you no better than she is.

  • Ovate

    Kellie Maloney: I’m not homophobic, I’m just, “homophobic”

  • Shan Taylor

    Im transsexual and im disgusted at her. What a homophobic wench. Gay parents are just as loving if not more loving than hetrosexual couples. Hetrosexual couples would be in uproar if gay couples said hetrosexual couples shouldnt be parents.

  • giddypony

    If he is trans, then weren’t his children raised in a two woman home?

  • James campbell

    I often wonder if the personal experience gained over the past 16 years, primarily treating young people’s mental health issues, has been wasted when anyone with access to a keyboard can write unverified, unsupported rubbish as if they were an authority, whose word is to be taken seriously. I have worked with many LGBT parents, some of whom are raising their own (genetic) child/children and several who have adopted (and some of these children have special needs). Without exception, all these couples take parenting very seriously and have always been prepared to go that extra mile for their child. I would go so far as to recommend that LGBT parents are role models of achieving success in one of the world’s most difficult jobs.

  • James campbell

    Speaking as one of those professionals who does counsel children, including those with LGB and trans parents, I can confirm that the majority of those who do require counselling do so not because their parents are LGBT, but because of the phobias, prejudice, vilification and bullying from those who regard their own sexuality/gender identity as ‘normal’. I know several teenagers whose parents are LGBT and regularly read PN. I am therefore concerned that some of the comments I read here (of all places) which display a rather warped and biased view of trans people (based on the ramblings of one bigot who happens to be trans) can contribute to the pressures placed upon these kids.

  • DeColonise

    Another male being homophobic, how rare.. not.
    Another male destroying for the trans community/movement, how rare… not.

  • KrashKharma

    I feel like the running theme here is that queer people can’t read sarcasm in text.

  • Amy

    You have childen with your ex wife. Now your going through the change. This will mean your kids will be being raised by same sex parents. What a hypocrit.

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