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US: Atlanta man receives 10 years in prison for defending himself in anti-gay attack

  • one.second

    How on earth can they do that? Do they really think that he attacked five people at once with a pocket knife? This is ridiculous! And there is even footage of another homo/transphobic assault on camera before for one of these 5 guys! That is outrageous, you can shoot a black teen who was out for skiddles and walk free, but if you defend yourself against a severe homophobic attack, you are evil and need to go to jail for ten years! How can they be so unjust in the US? Very sad story.

    • Chris in LA

      “How can they be so unjust in the US?”, you ask. If only the question could be confined to the USA. Unfortunately, British justice defiled itself when some Irishmen were jailed for IRA crimes they were unconnected with, simply to give people the impression that the law was containing that terrorist problem. It really is sad that injustice can be practised with such blatant cynicism.

    • gutaitas

      Support him here:

    • Steven Gregory

      This is not parallel with the Trayvon Martin murder, and the PN report may not be the accurate account. Suppose in this case O’Donovan was a vengeful player who got into a hassle — perhaps because he was being taunted by a homophobe — and left then returned as stated. Here is a very different account of events:

    • sde20


      • smoother

        So? Supply the links, already.
        One can only assume you have found ‘reliable’ sources.
        When you make such claims, please identify your informational sources in the same posting.
        Not doing so leaves many questions with any reader.

  • chrono

    Disgusting outcome

    • MJ

      Why ??

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    I hope that loads of money will pour in, so that he can successfully appeal and beat this sentence, which in itself is a hate crime. It’s hard to believe that this can happen.

    • Unfortunately the money is almost irrelevant in these cases, the judge ruling on it won’t want to admit a bad decision (these are some of the most ignorant and arrogant people you could ever have the misfortune to meet). In the WM3 case they raised plenty of money from around the world, with celebrity backing, and the judge blocked every attempt to hold him accountable and hold a retrial. Eventually the money was used to check DNA evidence independently (which the police, the Judge and legal system there all tried to block too) and it eventually went back to court on new evidence.

      Damien Echolls still had to confirm guilt in court in order to eventually be freed.

  • RJ

    This sounds like a disgusting screw up by an unfortunately underpaid public defender. I hope he is able to appeal to a smarter court and have the sentence thrown out.

    • David Jordan

      He took a plea deal rather then risk a much worse sentence if it went to a jury trial which considering its it a red state would have considered him guilty the second they heard he was gay, not mention the judge (a republican who’s coming up for re-election soon) wore his bias on his sleeve during the sentencing hearing.
      And despite evidence of these five being involved in two anti-LGBT attacks, no action has been taken against them.
      Its a kangaroo court system in the USA run by DAs and judges playing to the mob.

      • Halou

        US judges are voted into their seats along party political lines?

        • State judges often are. Federal judges are appointed to life terms, specifically to avoid having to please public opinion.

        • belgium2

          Not in the state of Oregon.

      • belgium2

        Either we’re not getting all of the information, or his legal council was horrendously negligent. A jury trial would have been fine in Atlanta – it’s a large enough city to have enough open minded constituents to pick from. I mean, the Indigo Girls are from there for heavens sake. He should appeal.

  • Gavin

    So the choice is either being killed or saving your life & serving 10 years of that in the brutalised US penal system. Absolutely sick.

    • MJ

      No. Look up the real story.

  • polargirl360

    So much for the Conservative platitude: “Stand Your Ground”.

    • “Stand your Ground” only applies if you’re white, Christian and straight.

      • Halou

        And use a gun, of course. It’s only defense if you use a firearm. /sarcasm.

  • Keith Patrick Murphy

    Simply outrageous, unjustified and I smell a bribe. This man acted in self defence, he gets punished while those homophobic pigs go free. Is this what justice is supposed to be? God I”m so annoyed and furious at this.

    • Steven Gregory

      Sounds more like pure bigotry, no bribery needed.

    • No bribes needed in the South. They’re mostly tobacco-chewing, knuckle-dragging, Bible-thumping, cousin-fu**ing idiots.

    • MJ

      Don’t be annoyed. The truth of the story is that he returned to the party later (after having been kicked out) and started stabbing people. That’s the true story and why he was sentenced like he was.

    • MJ

      And with that name of yours you should save your annoyance for the traditional anti-Irish behavior of the gay ghettos of America rather than this other American story of a particular gay criminal in Atlanta.

  • MarkB


  • kenthomes

    This is in the south….what do you expect?

    • MJ

      I grant you the black police force in Atlanta can be homophobic, but if Pink News reported the truth of this story you’d know the gay guy WAS the attacker.

  • Steven Gregory

    I searched for a legal defense fund for Luke and came across numerous “independent media” posts branding Luke and his friends as “anarchists, communists, socialists (really, which one, can’t be both).” It appears anti-gay bias in this case is robust and grammatically handicapped.

    Please contact Lamda Legal Defense Fund and ask them to take up the case on appeal. This is their contact form:

    • I’m reminded of the West Memphis Three case, where three teenagers were locked up for more than ten years for the murder of three kids, and the fact that one of them listened to Metallica was used AS EVIDENCE of their “Satanic” lifestyles and beliefs.

      In contrast, reports of a mentally deranged man leaving a mess of mud and blood in a nearby restaurant toilet was almost completely ignored in the case.

      This is really what it’s like in the backward, ass-end of the US, where they still believe in the Devil and they still attack anyone over any slight difference.

      • Steven Gregory

        Excellent parallel: In the South justice is overrated, but spiteful actions are par.

        • MJ

          How is THAT an excelent parallel ??

        • MJ

          hello ??

      • WM3, otherwise known as ”Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme YOUR SOULS”. Also proof of just how backward the judicial system is (especially when you bring in the Ozzy & Twisted Sister trials, regarding a young boy’s suicide).
        The way cases like the aforementioned, transphobic attacks and attacks such as this are handled show that society is still looking for a scapegoat and so the ”freaks” of society are targeted.

      • MJ

        This case is hardly related to the circumstances of the West Memphis 3 case in even the slightest way.

    • wadeisin1971

      Check out this CBS news report about the incident. Not the same as what they reported here.

      • Steven Gregory

        Perhaps this could explain why Lamda Legal was not involved from the beginning. What messy reporting on so many fronts.

    • gutaitas

      You can support him here:

      • Steven Gregory

        Please read this and let me know what you think? It seems much more complete, and was originally filed the day following events.

      • sde20

        Do not support him, he is a liar.

  • Ben

    That’s just sick… So what are you supposed to do when you’re been attacked in a way where you would most certainly die if you don’t defend yourself. Are you supposed to just take it and die? Hell no… You fight back.
    This is shameful for the courts to even suggest that he might go to prison for self defence.
    I’m sorry but someone needs to step in and stop this. Whether that’s the government, human rights or anything. But this needs to be stopped because that’s removing peoples right to self defence.

    The attacker is the criminal, the attacker caused the incident, the attacker chose the victim. So don’t punish the victim for something he had no control over.

    • MJ

      It wasn’t self-defense.

      • Ben

        So what would you call it exactly then?

        Someone is attacking you, stabbing you. Then you hit back with or without your own knife What do you call that? Cause to me.. Thats self defence. without it, he would have been dead.

        I tell you know if someone was attacking me, with fists or knifes, I would certainly fight back in “self defence”. If it is a choice between me going down or them going down, I would choose them every time. I’m not a violent guy in any way, but put me in that position and I’ll defend my self… Any means necessary.

        Yes, maybe this guy shouldn’t have actually been carrying a pocket knife in public. But charge him with “possession of a dangerous weapon”, not for what he did to save his own life.

        • MJ

          He went back to the place he’d been thrown out of, to stab the guy he’d had a beef with. He stabbed others after they jumped in.

          • Ben

            Oh, well if that’s the case then sorry, my mistake. However this article on pink news doesn’t come across in that way. This site states he was attacked, then he defended himself and escaped the incident, then received treatment and was then arrested.
            Where did you hear that he went back? Its not mentioned here.

          • MJ

            See the links here to other reports from other sources. (It’s not your fault. Pink News was sloppy not to verify. I’m just ticked off that this story was spun this way when there are REAL gaybashings out there).

          • Ben

            Ah ok, well Pink News really need to catch up and sort their articles out then.
            So yes if thats the case then yes, he should certainly go to prison. Self defence is one thing, but to actually go back with your own knife… That’s stupid.

          • MJ

            The only problem I had with the case was that I thought the sentence might be too severe, but then I found out he’ll almost certainly only do two years and the rest will be on probation.

          • Ben

            Yes, and it would also be interesting to know what the other men were sentenced to. I bet you it wasn’t as much as 10 years.

        • MJ

          In other words, normally I’d totally agree with your philosophy. I’d take down whoever was attacking me, too. It’s just that this case is about a different situation entirely.

  • The sentence itself can now also be considered a hate crime. This young man was brutally attacked by a bigoted mob of neanderthals, and now the equally bigoted legal system in Atlanta has attacked him again.

    The judge and anyone else involved in the decision making in this case should now be facing hate crime charges themselves.

    • MJ

      Do you even know the true story with this case ??

  • David H

    This whole situation just beggars belief. I’m sure (I hope) common sense will ultimately prevail at appeal – but the fact that he was even charged let alone convicted is absolute insanity.

    • MJ

      He deserved to be charged, AND imprisoned. You just didn’t get the truth of the story.

  • Oral Rubber As it appears that Pink News has no journalists but is a cut and paste operation, so to be helpful the facts are in the link provided. Turning to the Judge in the case, Judge Todd Markle more on can be found at and at—walter-f.-george-school-of-law-18176 “History-Mercer University was founded in 1833 in Penfield, GA, under the leadership of prominent Georgia Baptist leader Jesse Mercer. The University moved to Macon in 1871. The second-largest Baptist-affiliated educational institution in the world”, At his own website can be found He is Member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church and an Elder of Presbyterian Church (USA). The Governor Nathan Deal attended Mercer University and like Todd Markle is a Republican. Let’s hope that the lawyers at the Southern Poverty Law Center take an interest in this case?

  • That There Other David

    Together with what’s been going down in Missouri this week this shows the United States has fallen completely off the right path. America, take a long hard look at yourself before it’s too late.

    • JSM

      The US has never been on another path. They started their country by kicking out their (former) friends and neighbours who then moved to Canada and became the United Empire Loyalists. It was all a consistent pathway from there

    • MJ

      Missouri ?? (lol)

    • MJ

      How are the riots in London a few summers back any different from the Missouri riots in the U.S. ?

    • MJ

      What do YOU think should have been the sentence for what this guy did ?

    • MJ

      hello TTOD ?????

  • George Penfold

    Confirms my opinion that America is barking mad!

    • MJ

      No. It’s just that Pink News lied to you about this story. He returned to the place he’d been thrown out of and started stabbing people.

  • Rehan


    • MJ

      What makes me speechless are the readers of Pink News eventually finding out they were lied to about this story, yet they’ll STILL keep coming back to Pink News and acting like everything they read is true. Where are the standards with anyone these days ?

  • Keith Patrick Murphy

    There is now an update on Yahoo News about this. They want to banish him from Georgia after his second year then transfer him;_ylt=A0LEVzFED.5TTjAAB_tXNyoA

  • Jake


  • Redheaded Stepchild

    Punished for being gay? Looks that way.

  • Robin Day

    But some guy can kill a kid claiming he was “threatened” and get away with it? Sickening.

  • John Farabaugh

    Back in 1995 I myself was beaten by new Kensington police thru a traffic stop which injured my neck and back. My court records can be accessed thru the PA courts and western district of pa my civil rights I was told were violated worse than Rodney king at the time. I was thrown into maximum Westmoreland county jail for 2 weeks then released paying fines. As I sued several and got many put behind bars or are now dead by natural devise. I got no compensation. I am a gay male that was victimized in Pittsburgh PA that wasn’t kind. The court took my belongings out of Allegheny county and judge John smittle now deceased (hope god erased his soul) gave my stuff to his friend Dianna of Westmoreland county pa. I’m after all these years have struggled to get my physical health back but financially I’m still struggling in debt and currently unemployed as a skilled electrical designer that deals with homophobes throughout America. I could do like robin williams and end this life as who would care. I feel sorry this Atlanta man went thru pain defending his livelihood. I hope he gets compensation for the courts wrong decision to even put him in jail in the first place. I’m 46 myself my records are accessible to the world to see how the legal system did me wrong. I didn’t have and still don’t have any support base in this world. If I’d at all ask for help in any form I’d probably be laughed at like Pittsburgh PA did in 2001. I’m thinking of what to do I’m unemployed again and about to just give up. I’m John Farabaugh, some my already know me. I hope American laws change to end all discrimination but sadly I’ll be joining those who have up soon myself. Anyway.

  • wadeisin1971
  • Steven Gregory

    This account by CBS local news is completely at odds with the Pink News posting and is a very likely scenario:

    Man suspected of stabbing 5 people at New Year’s party denied bond
    Posted: Jan 01, 2013 3:53 AM MST
    Updated: Jan 29, 2013 4:09 AM MST
    Richard Breaden/CBS Atlanta- Police investigate a home where up to 6 people were stabbed during a New Year’s Eve party.

    A man kicked out of a New Year’s Eve party and returned, stabbing five people early Tuesday, was arrested and was in court Wednesday.

    Luke O’Donovan, 19, was not given bond.

    O’Donovan and Andrew Mainor were involved in an altercation and O’Donovan was asked to leave the home on Gibson Street, according to officers on the scene.

    Police said O’Donovan returned around 3:30 a.m. with what appeared to be a knife and stabbed Mainor.

    Others tried to subdue O’Donovan, at which time he began stabbing all of them.

    A woman called 911 as she attempted to drive several victims of the stabbing to an area hospital.

    Two people sustained stab wounds to the abdominal and leg areas which left both semi-conscious at the time, police said.

    During the scuffle, O’Donovan was cut on his lower back.

    All together, three victims were taken to Atlanta Medical Center, one of which was in critical but stable condition. A fourth person was taken to Emory University Hospital Midtown. There were a total of six people injured.

    O’Donovan was charged with five counts of aggravated assault.

  • wildseas

    Injustice and homophobia at its best. The best of the best the American way, the land of injustice and hate.

    • MJ

      You need to educate yourself on the truth of this case.

  • Stu Green

    What is the matter with the justice (so called) system, how can that be right. The poor man has nearly been killed but homophobic thugs and yet he is punished further with imprisonment.. What a bunch of stupid blinkered bigots the so called justice system must have in that state.. CRAZY !!!

  • Steve Voysey

    Just knew this had to be in the US when I read the title. Does the concept of ‘hate crime’ not exist there?

    • MJ

      This report by Pink News isn’t the truth of the case, though.

  • MJ

    How can Pink News actually print this fictionalized account of what really happened in this case, yet be trusted to be credible reporting ANYTHING in the future ?

  • MJ
  • Ian

    Apparently he came BACK at 3.30 in the morning and stabbed them. Not self defense. REVENGE

  • torture666killer

    If he didn’t take this to trial and took the deal, they obviously had him on something.

  • sde20

    You would not know if your sister was your cousin or your aunt in the deep south. Ignorant inbred red-necks…

  • Paul

    And here I was thinking things were getting better!


    Wait a minute.. I’m late to the party but…. Why did he accept a plea deal? I don’t understand why he accepted a plea deal if he was a victim. What kind of attorney did he have?

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