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Lionel Blair: ‘I can’t bear gay marriage – and I’m not camp, just flamboyant’

  • Roku

    I cant bear Lionel Blair so we’re even.

  • James

    To sum it up…. this man is a MORON

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Who really cares, Lionel? Nobody’s asking you to divorce your wife and marry a man. The problem with these loons is that they can never provide examples as to how a same-sex couple marrying affects their marriages and lives. I suggest he concentrate on his own marriage instead of other people’s.

  • dd

    Just an old and bitter closet queen

    • Rehan

      Oh I do hope he isn’t. I’m quite happy for persons like him to be firmly on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

      • TampaZeke


  • Locus Solus

    The anti-equal marriage campaign have 82 year old Lionel Blair? Damm, we’re in big trouble if a hugely popular, current and famous name like that is against us! :o

    • Daryl Lawton

      Who is Lionel Blair and is he related to tony?

  • GulliverUK

    We should pity the poor fool – he’s 82, nearly dead, nobody cares what he thinks, I never found him funny or likable when he was on TV – which was a long time ago. It’s settled law, move on you bigot. Bitter and twisted is never a good look.

    • Steven Gregory

      Wouldn’t one hope to become wiser and boundlessly understanding with age? He’s a waste of longevity.

    • Sevrin Caswell

      He’s a bitter and twisted old queen. He’s probably a closet case, but having grown up when it was illegal he hid it and only now realises he wasted his life.

  • Cheronie ‘macca’ Lynch

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!!!!

    • ECarpenter

      If you’re going to quote Shakespere inappropriately, at least get the quote right.

  • David Greensmith

    I don’t know whether Lionel Blair is gay. Now, though, I do know that he’s a bigot.

  • That There Other David

    Sorry, but I had to laugh at that heckle from the boy in Stockport :D

    As for Blair, well, who cares really? He was Yesterday’s Man long before yesterday.

  • Keith Francis Farrell

    It is sad that homophobia is so real, yes you do get very camp straight men and you get very straight acting gay men. We are all different. The sadest part is people saying two people of the same sex kissing makes them sick, you know watching straight people kissing and making out in public make me sick, why am I not allowed to do the same, is your love more important than my love. No we are equal. Why should I not have the same rights

    • Steven Gregory

      Lately I have read so many denials of the reality of homophobia by HOMOPHOBES. Ack!

      Yesterday I was riding my bike through the park and a couple in their 50s or 60s was kissing and holding each other with sincere adoration. I thought it was wonderful. Love is so hard to find, it makes me glad when two more people — any two — are happy; the world has improved that much more.

      I’m sure there are many non-gay people who see gays holding hands or kissing and are cheering inside that the world is moving forward toward love.

      • Nut_Lady

        As a straight woman, I can say I certainly do feel like cheering when I see a same-sex couple kissing. Of course, in an ideal world I wouldn’t even notice and they’d just be a couple like any other, but I do notice and it makes me feel happy for them.

    • TampaZeke

      “Straight acting gay men”? I know you and I come from a different generation but please lose the inaccurate and offensive term, “straight acting”, unless you mean, “acting like a man who loves vagina”. If you mean masculine, say “masculine”. Straights don’t own masculinity.

    • Wayne78

      I work in a supermarket and witness straight couples, kissing and cuddling at the checkouts, I politely ask them to stop because that’s what they do if I was kissing and cuddling my civil partner in the queue. Recently my line manager (also gay) and I witnessed a straight couple intimately touching and heavily kissing, when asked to stop they was abusive. A gay or lesbian couple would of been to asked to leave.

  • Pablo

    He’s a scumbag, I remember watching him on Celebrity Big Brother when he and another housemate stole a bottle of champagne and when they got into trouble he blamed the other housemate because apparently she shouldn’t have gave it to him, he was the victim. Senile old man.

  • Bikerman

    Despicable outburst from a big fairy dancer. He really doth protest too much. He would do well to shut up, keep a low profile and hope that some old trade with an axe to grind doesn’t out him in the same poor excuse for a newspaper he made this homophobic tirade in.

  • Mac

    A deluded fool who need someone to buy him a mirror.

  • lee

    who the hell is he to start making statements – listen love your be pushing up daisies soon stop being such a fresh mouth. Not camp? Are you on medication?

  • DTNorth

    As if we are going to pay attention to a man who would turn up for the opening of an envelope.

    Drop dead you old bigot.

  • David Waldock

    Fans of Just A Minute will remember how Lionel Blair once pulled off three men in a boat and twelve angry men in under a minute!

    • Ian

      Just a Minute? Surely you mean “I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue – the Antidote to Panel Games” for decades hosted by the late, great Humphrey Lyttleton, now hosted by Jack Dee, who’s steadily growing into the job, after Lyttleton’s death.

      There has been a running joke, of very long standing, about Lionel Blair’s performances in a BBC TV game-show based on the parlour-game called “Charades”.

      The phrases “Three men in a Boat” and “Twelve Angry Men” are, of course, the TITLES of a novel and a film respectively, which had to be told by means of mime only.

      [Sorry. I’m a sad Radio4 dévoté. Perhaps I ought to “get a life”!

      • Raybeard

        Well if you are, Ian, then I’m in good company.
        Btw: Wasn’t it this very same L.B. who, at a public swimming pool, once met Christopher Biggins and tossed him over a towel? I do believe it was.

        • Rich

          And who can forget the eager look on his face as he leaned over the Chairman’s desk to receive The Talented Mr Ripley? And the enthusiasm as he got stuck into Howard’s End for two minutes? As for panto in this year’s Snow White, they said one minute Lionel could be feeling Happy, and the next he’d come all over Grumpy…

  • Rehan

    But marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Oh well, he’s entitled to his opinion, I suppose – if he wants to come across as an ignorant old fool, that’s his business.

    What puzzles me is why anyone would be interested in his opinion in the first place.

  • RoughRugger


  • Peter Bird

    I remember all those years ago in my youth when seeing him on the TV made me cringe even then. Talentless, self-promoting old bigot.

  • CHBrighton

    When I was a teenager, realising my sexuality, I was very conflicted to think that I might be in the same club as the embarrassing Lionel Blair.

  • jayjonson

    AS though anyone gave a toss about anything the thought.

  • TomSatsuma

    “I can’t bear gay marriage”

    At 82 you won’t have to for long.

  • Adam Shepherd

    Why can’t he “bear” it? How does it affect him? Oh that’s right it doesn’t, the bigoted old coot. When he dies, well, he became a non-entity a long time ago, his death will go unnoticed

    • Steven Gregory

      He’s probably furious that he has spent nearly 50 years with a wife and now men can marry men.

  • Marion von K

    Why make such a fuss Lionel? Me thinketh she doth protest too much… :-)

    • Sim Morris

      Why this was deemed newsworthy is also worth querying.

  • Sim Morris

    Lionel Blair may not be gay, but his boyfriend certainly is.
    What’s the point of this story?
    The UK has equal marriage. Lionel Blair is 82. If he is opposed to equality then in what way does it possibly harm anyone.
    Is this going to be a Daily Mail style witch-hunt?

  • The Real Muddy

    Blair, i was just wondering if this word could one day be synonymous with Liar?

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    I thought he was dead! Ah well will not matter,soon will be, just a pile of dust.

  • Lee Hobson

    So glad he’s not Gay.He would give us a bad name vile man

    • Cal

      But he is.

  • metta8

    I have never heard of him before but he sounds like a jerk. Lionel…as they say..if you don’t like it, don’t get one. Mine your own business on what makes other people happy.

  • davetherave

    oh that will explain why he tried to touch up my partner on a train when he was in his navy uniform in 1975 , He was just being flamboyant . that will make him feel loads better . not

  • Magnus Hirschfeld

    “Come on! There’s campness there and we all know that he’s not, well, you know…”

    Ah, yes. He is from that generation where being gay was regarded by many people as so shameful and beyond the pale that they wouldn’t even say the word “gay” or even “homosexual”. They would say “he’s well … you know,” or they would say “he’s a bit ‘like that'” or “he’s the ‘other way'” or something similar. A remnant of the Victorian era, when gay sex was referred to in Law as the “Peccatum illud horribile, inter Christianos non nominandum,” (That horrible crime not to be named among Christians).

    Having worked in show business for so long, one might have hoped Lionel Blair, in spite of his senior years, would have met enough gay and lesbian people to educate himself and progress beyond such narrow-minded ignorance. Obviously this is not the case.

    My own parents, my mother almost 90 and my father 88 when he died last year, were always open-minded and opposed to homophobia, even in the 70s when I was growing up and it was rife. So being of that generation does not necessarily correlate with being homophobic, though it is more likely, unfortunately.

    One good thing about troglodytes like Lionel Blair is that when their surprisingly reactionary and childish views are publicised, it can remind us as LGBT people how far we have come, at least in the UK and similar civilised countries. Something we should never take for granted, given the suffering, courage and hard work of the many people who have made a stand for LGBT equality over the past century, both gay and straight.

    So thank you, Mr Blair, for reminding us of what our culture has managed to progress from.

    Just to end with another thought: reading some of the comments posted here, it was painful to see some commenters replying with comments gloating that, as an elderly man, he may be dead soon. Perhaps those kinds of comments are best avoided. Let’s not forget that there are elderly gay and lesbian people too, and that they will also hopefully read and comment on Pink News. I don’t think I would want to be reading comments like that from other LGBT people if I reach my 80s.

    • Steven Gregory

      Wonderful comment. Thanks for calling out the cruelty of ageism.
      It sounds like your parents achieved what I hope to achieve with age: wisdom and boundless understanding.

      I used to work as a home health aide and most of my charges were elderly. The difference between happiness and misery seemed to sidestep money, health issues, mobility or possessions. Some charges who had the most resources were miserable people. Others who subsisted were bright and cheerful. The difference seemed to be how they received people and treated others.

      • Magnus Hirschfeld

        Thank you, Steven.

    • Daryl Lawton

      I heard my grand parents using that “like that” phrase too.

  • dennis h

    a as been that as never been, what a self righteous fibbing as been,

  • Chris in LA

    Whatever Mr. Blair’s orientation may be, it is a fact that many gay men marry and have children. There are also many reasons why they choose to live that way and some are content to “have it on the side”. I have known several men of that sort. As for Mr. Blair, the best thing about him is the opportunity he provides for mirth in “I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue”.

  • Steven Gregory

    I had to research Blair, he isn’t widely known in the United States.
    If he had an ounce of perception and empathy, his encounters with anti-gay backlash based on assumptions about him would have brought understanding. Instead he’s thoroughly selfish and pitifully stupid.

  • Stevie

    Is that silly old tart still alive?,,,,,,, someone medicate her ovaltine

  • Dora Ng

    wow he is so insecure…

  • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

    Marriage is what the law says it is until the law gets changed. So he could say that he wished for it to be between a man and a woman but he cannot say that IT IS ONLY between a man and a women because then he is lieing as in England & Wales the law says otherwise.

    • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

      And for him to say that he doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage is just as crazy as someone saying that doesn’t believe in taxes. They both exist They are both law in England and Wales. You might not like it but they do not go away just because you don’t believe they exist.

  • AaronG

    Homophobic old queen

  • to_tell_the_truth

    Re: “Lionel Blair says he “can’t bear” the idea of same-sex couples marrying”
    Re: “and would definitely not consider himself to be camp.”
    He’s welcome to his ‘opinion’ on THAT, too. But he’s ‘batting 0 for 2’ so far!

  • LJ

    I can’t bear moronic opinions of washed up celebrities, but the law says that he is allowed to express them, just like gay couples are allowed to marry, deal with reality.

  • doug

    I always assumed Derek Faye was based on him.

  • TampaZeke

    Let me get this straight. He quit pantomime because he couldn’t handle being the target of the very same kind of homophobia that he slings?

    What a douchebag!

  • Jordy

    Glad to say, I’ve never heard of him on this side of the pond.

    • Roku

      Youre lucky!

  • Jeremy Wright

    The amount of jokes about him and Chrisopher Biggins on I am sorry ı haven’t a clue and he isn’t aware that he’s effeminate in any way. And he runs away at any insinuation he’s gay, yep definitely not a homophobe.

  • Cal

    I’m astonished that, at 82, he still puts so much effort into denying it. He’s making fool of himself with these fake protests about Equal Marriage. And as for pretending to be surprised that people find him camp? Well that’s a dead giveaway.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Lionel Blair was a really good entertainer in his day. I must
    admit I thought he was stereotypically gay but with also a desire to have a
    traditional family. Nothing wrong with that if you can pull it off. He says he
    isn’t and I believe him. He should know. Plenty of stereotypical comments on
    this thread though from the hurting unhappy. So he doesn’t think much of gay
    marriage or public displays of affection. That makes him a bad man does it and fully deserving of the derision you people have poured on him?

    • Peeps

      Yes it does. As you say stereotypically gay – when it suits, yet reinforcing just such a stereotype – and then turns out to be a complete hypocrite.

  • Ciaran

    Another homophobic bigot who doesn`t believe gay people should have the same rights as straight people.
    Well you know what they say, those that protest too much are usually the ones with something to hide.

  • Dan

    I do hope he’s NOT Gay, alas I’ve had it on good faith that he is – what a sham, he should just keep his big gob shut.

  • Brightonvirgo

    Who cares what he thinks, he makes these comments just to get his name in the paper. And let’s face it he has no other way of getting his name into the public arena. Just ignore him

  • George Penfold

    Irrelevant old has-been!

  • Robert

    Get a coffin for yourself you old freak!

  • Robert

    Blair get a coffin because you are a walking dead walking

  • David W

    FFS! Isn’t he dead yet? His opinions certainly died with his audience…

  • Peeps

    Well bet he’s been messing it with Operation Yewtree, every time there was a knock on the door. No wonder the old fruit has lost the plot. I mean David Walliams camper than him?

  • stephenmole

    As Derek Faye would say, ‘What dear, me dear, gay dear? No dear. Are you suggesting I have my shopping dropped off round the back?’.

    • dave

      What on earth are you insinuating?!?!

      • David_Gervais

        Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  • Palto

    I’m from the states, have only heard of him for about 20 seconds from reading this article and already can’t stand this obnoxious a-hole.

    My condolences to all the fine people who’ve had to put up this clown a helluva lot long than I have.

  • GarethJZ

    The people who hate are the ones who hide themselves and their secrets through their smoke screens having said that though, personally, I cannot bear creepy, perma-tanned, biggots myself. Why are you so bitter Mr. Blair? Missed the boat perhaps?

    • doug

      For many, particularly amongst priests and clergymen, same-sex marriage, finally, confirms their lives have passed them by (for good). Little wonder they are so bitter.

  • Bazza Oz

    Yet Lionel Blair visited gay bars, why?

  • RW

    Marriage only between a man and a woman? And here’s me thinking it was between two people- period. I have so much to learn.

  • Nicky Mitchell

    I once worked a gig on Eastbourne Pier, Lionel Blair arrived head to toe in a pink cowboy outfit with matching stetson and boots…tassels and all to do line dancing with the pensioners. If he is not gay, then he does a fabulous impression. I feel so sorry for him that he feels he needs to say anything at all and that he can’t simply just be himself, and allow others to do the same. Wake up love, it’s the 21st century.

  • Aucun Nom

    He’s already admitted in a 1999 interview that he’s sexually
    attracted to men and women and that he’s been “tempted”
    to sleep with men. The story was covered in a few papers at the time’S+HARD+TO+RESIST%3B+Mr+Clean+Lionel…-a060439514

  • So depressing to see celebrities you grew up with opening their old-man mouths and revealing themselves to be religiously delusional bigots.

    What’s coming next week, Paul Daniels ranting about immigrants coming over here and stealing our jobs?

  • Mark

    Lionel Blair you are a lier which I, unfortunately, know through a bike personal experience. Attacking other people who are comfortable with their sexuality is a nasty way of trying to hide your own.

    • Mark

      Vile, not bike (predictive text)!

      • TiggyTiger

        Oh, I thought you were on a bike with him and he groped you.

  • Sevrin Caswell

    Well that’s one less old fart not to be upset about when he snuffs it.

  • Brandur

    This guy is the biggest pillock I ever had the misfortune to watch. Saw him live at a quiz show at Granada Studios years back – totally talentless.

  • TiggyTiger

    He’s the epitomy of camp!

  • halling

    Who dear? Me dear? No dear. How very dare you!

  • darzan

    ..what a total idiot!..he’s always been a ‘CAMP and EFFEMINATE’ bloke in my book, and I find his defence boring and weak towards gay people…anyway we all need to realise that in many cases–because a man is married to a woman does not in any way say they are complete heterosexuals!! Think about it??

  • Philip Marks

    My feeling is, if you can’t bear gay marriage, don’t do it. But there’s no need to whinge on about it until someone proposes to you, is there?

  • clarkbennett

    I find it sad that instead of seeing the damage homophobia causes, not just to the LGBT community, but to the dignity of all people regardless of their sexuality, he would still be so dense.

  • Keith

    He’s 82 and not gay. Why do we care what he thinks or likes? NOT relevant.

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