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God Hates Fags church to picket Robin Williams funeral

  • LJ

    Don’t even bother leaving angry comments, that is the whole point of what they are doing. Move along.

    • Mark Y

      Damn right. They’re not internet trolls, they’re living breathing reality trolls. They’re so desperate for attention it’s pathetic.

    • Andy Diamond

      Absolutely. I usually send e-mails to people to make them aware that the LGBT community does have a voice. I would never spend any energy on these people though.

    • Tristan

      Agreed. I will respond to their comments with love. With love for all my gay brothers and sisters and all those who love us and support us for who we are.I love you all. I loved Robin Williams and his support for our community. Life is precious. It has its ups and its downs. Lets be there for one another during the tough times and lets be there together to celebrate the good times. #Peace #GodHatesNoOne

    • Jess

      I am leaving angry comments for Pinknews for giving the cult the media mileage it does not deserve.

    • runner_j

      I agree 100%. I say we just wipe them off the face of the earth.

  • Brian Martenis

    I think “Father, forgive them as they know not what they do” is an appropriate response. They only harm themselves with their hate. This is why Jesus said we should treat others as we wish to be treated. They apparently missed that suggestion.

    • Steven Gregory

      Quite the opposite: they know exactly what they’re doing.
      Perhaps a better prayer should be: “Father, if you exist you surely can’t allow this to go on in your name.”

      • Raymond G. Whitham

        Yes, like that worked to stop Hitler and others like him throughout history.

  • Andy Diamond

    Personally I think the best way to deal with those people is to ignore them completely. I mean, this is a group of – as far as I know – a handful of people whose only purpose in life is to spread hate. I feel sorry for them because they must be very unhappy.

    • Sevrin Caswell

      It’s the kids I feel sorry for, they are going to be effed up for life.

      • bigg3469

        Unless they’re brainwashed inbreds from that cult. Remember the Westboro Baptist Church is made up of family members of the late Fred Phelps and no outsiders are allowed to join the cult I mean “church” unless they “marry” within the “family”.

        • Siri’s World

          That’s not completely true. I live near them. A lot of them are related to each other, though.

      • Siri’s World

        Most Kansas Christians are just like Westboro. The only difference is that Westboro has had some publicity.

  • Ben

    Have some respect you arrogant haters.
    I thought that bible was supposed to teach respect, trust and forgiveness. Why are they so hateful. How can they even use the word “hate”.

    • Alexander Kelso Shiels

      They cant spell, they thing “hate” actually means “Love” to them. Their just no brainers!

    • Oral Rubber

      No Ben the bible teaches hate, murder, robbery, rape, and genocide and all in the name of a lunatic sky fairy with murder out of its tiny mind. They are hateful for money, they hate for cash, they love money and the more they hate the more money they make, it’s a love hate thing.

  • DTNorth


    I look forward with glee for the youtube clip of their “church” burning to the ground when the American public finally and fully rise up against these monsters.

    • Steven Gregory

      I think a drone strike is in order.

    • jr janes

      I thought “hate speech” was illegal ??

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        Not in America.
        A fact we live with every day.

  • Keith in SALFORD

    So I’ll try it another way, PN.
    Does anyone know where Freddys grave is?
    I need a chit.


  • Halou

    This article was written because?

    • Sim Morris

      Because Pink News is looking for page hits.
      The fact that it is promoting extremist homophobia in the process is irrelevant to it,.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    It’s the only way they can get people to take any notice of them. A sad bunch of losers.

  • Peter

    Absolutely disgraceful it is tragic. That church does not preach in gods name, they use him as a shield to preach their bigotry

  • No

    In what universe is this an appropriate cover image for a story like this? In what universe is this an appropriate story to run on the day he died?

    • Sim Morris

      This is Pink News – you didn’t think this place had any class or decency did you.?

  • rob

    and if a ring of people join hands around the church and grave yard you wont be able to do this will you!!!! :)

  • Jones

    What a shame that 99% of people are against them on this, all the tributes to Robin have been positive which is detrimental to this “Church”.

  • Gerry

    As usual, PN gives WBC all the publicity and promotion it possibly can. PN really should find something better as clickbait.

    If WBC do something at the funeral, then report it afterwards, but don’t waste space promoting things that probably won’t happen. Even then, it wouldn’t merit any more than a mere footnote.

    • jamestoronto

      Don’t come down so heavy on PN. This vicious cult is reported on by many other gay news sites as well as — on several occasions — by the mainstream press. In fact. the first time I heard of these sickos was on CNN and CBC. I understand that the WBCult crave attention but I think, if they try to pull this one off they may be asking for a lot more than the realise.

  • Jordan Mykal Cross

    And these were the same people who begged the public not to picket Phelps funeral. And to “let the family grieve in peace”. These are not people. They are selfish, disrespectful MONSTERS. I am surprised we have not heard about his grave being graffitied yet….”

    • Sevrin Caswell

      If I was able to I wouldn;t just graffiti it, I’d take a massive dump on it.

  • Craig

    How damned inhuman and heartless! I hope that there’s a bloody great human shield to shelter Robin’s grieving family from these exhibitionist lunatics.

  • Donald

    All media needs to stop referring to this as a “church” and start calling it what it really is – a cult.

    • Jess

      All media needs to stop reporting about the cult.

    • Kat

      And a hate group.

      • No: It is The Ancient of Days That Will pass sentence on those who condemned themselves.

    • qcubed

      This is valid for every religion.

    • The God Channel Worshiped A False Prophet – He Said He Could Cure Mental Health in a day. A lifetime of abuse cannot be cured in one earth day – maybe one God Day. The God Channel took all other evangelists off air and even took him to the old Jerusalem. The God Channel is False – and have you not got a Statue of Satan in America.
      In Brixton before the Brixton Riots I attend quite a few Pentecostal conventions and was asked to lay hands on people. At one convention they were drunk in The Holy Spirit and in Tongues when someone touched my leg from behind and I felt the power of the Holy Spirit reach out to them through me. If I say the Pink Paper is My Church – Then The Pink Paper Belongs to My Jesus Christ Superstar and he walks like a man and does not wear a Bra. Amen

    • Русская мафия уборщик

      ALL churches are cults…

      • justa nothernigger

        except islam , right ?
        I am postive a good atheist liberal would never dare say anything mean about the religion of

  • Arrow54

    We are commanded to love thy neighbor as our selves. We are commanded to love the sinner and hate the sin. It is not our place to judge. It is Gods. Also,contention is not of the Lord. A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. God loves all his children, even with their imperfections as all good parents love their children, even when they are little brats or have done something that is wrong.

    • Oral Rubber

      Hello love, now do sit for a moment and take a deep breath, and out slowly, good, here’s the good news, there is no god, no not one, and there has not ever been one, so no commandments that mean a hill of beans, no judgement, no loving the sinner and hating the sin because, sin is a made up idea used to make money by an elite that new this to be the truth but kept people like you in ignorance, they love your money but think you are a moron. Gibber on if you must about god and wrath and all the usual tosh that flows around it, like water in a sewer. Or wise up and be free to think for yourself, try it, I think you may actually get to like it.

  • epidavros

    God hates Westboro Baptists. But they know this already. Their place in Hell is assured.

  • Sebastian Bell

    This is disgusting. I’m ashamed to think of these people as human as they are acting like animals. Have a little compassion.

    • Sim Morris

      Are you talking about the WBC?
      Or are you talking about Pink News’ decision to advertise extremism?

      • Mark Y

        why don’t you fck off then and stop reading this website if you don’t like it, stupid imbecile?

  • lee

    there all going to hell

    • Sim Morris

      No they are no – there is no hell or heaven or god.

  • You do realize that by publishing this as news, you are complicit in giving these people a voice!

  • Jock S.Trap

    If they know they’ll get Headlines of course they’re gonna do it!

  • William Mckenny

    The only place that HELL exists is inside the walls of the Westboro Baptist Church! And by the way Fred Phelps was a closeted homosexual.

  • Steven Gregory

    Another family outing. I wish police would stop showing up to protect them until AFTER there has been an incident.

    • Raymond G. Whitham

      That sign was meant for the Tea-Repugnican’ts.

      • justa nothernigger

        and you think the left cares about your rights or our values in this nation?
        How anyone could openly support the left blows my mind.
        I mean, the republicrats are no different , they all suck as well.
        Donald Trump is our only hope left.
        All those that want to whine and cry for homos ,criminals , jihadists , and massive 3rd world invaders , need to leave america and go where evil democracy and European civilization doesn’t exist.
        You know , like central america , africa , or the paradise known as the middle east..
        Aren’t they all the virtuous ,and honorable races and cultures according to liberal marxist progressive psychotics with mental illnesses?
        Pathological altruism is the downfall of ALL western civilization.

  • Roku

    I believe in freedom of speech- to a point. Picketing funerals is sick, evil & should be illegal IMO. I cant even imagine the effect such an awful, heartless display must have on the friends & family of the bereaved.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Unfortunately, the U.S. has no hate speech laws. People have no right to not be offended, stigmatised, denigrated, dehumanised. One man tried to sue WBC for picketing the funeral of his son who was killed in Iraq but lost as a result of first amendment protection of freedom of speech. Apparently, these hatemongers can can incite violence as long as it doesn’t actually lead to it but if there is a likelihood or imminence of it happening, then one can be arrested. One would think logically that preventing a crime is better than allowing one to occur. Yet, one can be charged for disturbing or disrupting a religious service. Makes no sense to me.

      • Roku

        Crazy isnt it? Yet again the religious get special treatment.

        • Robert W. Pierce

          Yes indeed, Roku. The other day, an American conservative was lecturing me on how better the U.S. laws are on free speech saying how he felt sorry for the UK, Canada and other countries with hate speech laws, in fact how much better a system it is than ours and others. I think we can all beg to differ on that one.

      • PattyJM

        It seems that they have quite a scam going here.

        They come and do and say the most offensive things then when someone tries to stop them they sue for violation of their first amendment rights.

        When they came to Portland, OR, a few years ago they put an American flag on the ground and stood on it. Later one of their number stuck a flag’s corner in his belt and dragged it behind him – over a wet Oregon street. As an American and a veteran that offended me more than their “God hates fags” signs.

        • Oral Rubber

          You are absolutely correct, the family behind the Westbro business are lawyers, they make money out of bystanders being offended, that is the mainstay of their business they hate for money. They want to be physically attacked so they can sue, they want to be opposed so they can sue, that’s the business they are in, they hate for money. They are professional haters, just like Republican politicians / broadcasters / pundits / ‘christian’ preachers who rake in the cash out of the pockets of the devout haters who attend every week. God bless America eh?

      • honeybadger

        We don’t need hate speech laws. You can’t legislate stupidity. It needs to be ignored. And when necessary, slapped.

  • Mike

    These people get off on other people’s misery; they are not human yet alone Christians!!!

  • I seriously hope this is not true. Any church or person who says they are Christians would know better than to ride on the coat tail of a tragic lost of a family dealing with the aftermath of trying to cope with this lost. Surely if this church looks into it’s own doors, you’re going to find everything they are protesting against, in the pews, choir, and the pulpit. It really sadden me to see that as people, we have yet to evolve into something better than what we could be, into something as lowly as the creature we in cage. If man keeps judging man for being different from what they perceive as different then no one is safe. Let the family and friends of Robin Williams, a talented Comedian and Actor, grieve in peace.

    • Peggy Hill

      These are probably the people that tortured Robins family on social media. Maybe instead of bird poop, a bolt of lightning would be more appropriate.

      • All I can say is that they are so busy, criticizing the family of a man who played a gay man in a movie years ago, that their morally decayed presences on the inside of there building is filled with corruption, thieves, loneliness, and lose souls looking for love that they should be giving the people around them not people miles away that they know nothing about except what they are being told.

        • jamestoronto

          He also played a gay man in “Night Listener” which is an often forgotten well-done movie of his based on an Maupin novel — although that was not the central theme of the movie. And he will be playing — seems odd to say will — a gay man who comes out late in “Boulevard” which I think is to be released in December (but don’t quote me).

          • Thanks jamestoronto, for that insight. Yet people look at actor’s with talent, and willing to take on rolls that others walk away from because of lack of knowledge, and love for their follow man just seems to look for things to keep hating. The world is in bad enough shape and don’t need this kind of reason to keep hating.

  • Sim Morris

    it is truly disappointing that Pink News is still relentlessly promoting extremist homophobia.
    Did the WBC contact Pink News directly to tell them they were picketing.
    The WBC proactively contacts Pink News with stories like. They have no intention of picketing this funeral – but why would they bother.
    Pink News is spreading their messsage of hate for them

    • Alexander Kelso Shiels

      Yes its time to just ignore these Bigots.

  • Sevrin Caswell

    Someone seriously needs to burn down their church, with as many of them inside as possible!

    • Morbid Brenda

      since when is murder and arson a reasonable response?

      • Sevrin Caswell

        have you ever read the bible?

        • Testosterone

          Surely you do not mean that. The last thing you want is for their to be a civil war. LGBT would lose.

          • white squirrel

            a civil war between the wastepaper basket cases
            around 25 members
            and LGBT some 6 million
            [300 million in USA times 2%]
            LGBT would lose you say
            you must be on same planet as WBC

          • Testosterone

            No, the numbers are more like 250 million versus 10 million. And since the men are not really men, but partially female…all those broken nails…

          • Oral Rubber

            You being a ‘real’ man eh? Home school you really do need to get out a lot more than you do with you it’s not so much the nails as it is a broken record. I really feel sorry for you, drop by anytime you like we never turn away our own.

          • white squirrel

            all humans born of women are partially female
            all human embryoes start female
            this is why their are gays and trans people
            your 250 m vs 10 m assumes that every last person who is not gay would be opposed to and fight agaisnt gays
            use of thought and reason would show you that such is unlikley to be the case
            as many hetero would side with gays
            so i suspect that the true numbers in the scenario you seem to be suggesting would be [at most -prob far less] 10 miillion active on each side -the rest indifferent

          • Testosterone

            Is transsexuality a manifestation of a birth-defect?

          • Oral Rubber

            Is ignorance the product of home schooling, yes it absolutely is as proven by your comments. We can still see you hiding in that closet by the way.

          • Sevrin Caswell

            wtf? civil war? I guess the bible is a great manual for starting a civil war too…

      • white squirrel

        it isnt
        but that does not mean it wont be done by an unrerasonable person

  • Jess

    Congratulations, Pinknews. You bit the bait and now Westboro Baptist Cult is enjoying their undeserved publicity.

  • Maurice Mizrahi

    And lets not forget they are tax exempt by the laws of our country Isnt it time to end that little perk?

  • RedDevil9

    Might be a step too far if they picket a funeral of someone as high-profile as Robin. He has that many fans, that the Phelps might just mysteriously disappear, never to be seen again.

  • Daniel Spence

    They really are trying their damnedest to stay in the news since Freddy croaked

  • Rob

    I wonder how many of the churches members actually saw a Robin Williams movie and did they walk out all disgusted or protest outside a cinema or did they enjoy the movie?

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    They always get a huge response from people showing up just to block them from having a negative affect. This time, they will probably be met with thousands of people blocking them.

  • Bonnie Dorton

    The bible say’s we will know His disciples by there fruits. These people who say God hates are wrong God loves– They hate!!

  • Love not hate

    Westboro Church is the deeils Church. Robin Williams gave more charity, help support Chris Reeves and his kids. How dare idiots like you that go to the Devils Church. Your the one that will end up burning in HELL.
    This man has 3 woderful children. Apparently your not familar with severe depression. It’s like caner it will eat you up. Show dignity to this wonderful family that lost a father, husband and more friends then you have that comes to your evil church.Focus on your problems, imperfections. No one wants your input.

  • MP

    What a pathetic church! Bunch of uneducated morons! I am sure Robin Williams is laughing wherever he happens to be.

  • si

    we know whaqt they are like but is there any real need to reproduce their pictures on here. You’re just spreading their evil pictures

  • Peter Bird

    These nutters are no more Christian than the Islamic State nutters are Muslim. If it weren’t for the grief and misery they cause decent people, they’d be no more than a silly joke.

  • I am of the belief these Westboro Cult types do not get out much…
    I am also realizing that some psychology and psychiatry people will be getting mass bookings from the Westboro cult one day.

  • TWS

    I believe there are three biker gangs who showed up at the death of 9 year old girl who would be more than happy to show up in San Fransisco and have a ‘chat’.

    Beside isn’t the leader of the Westboro in Hell now anyway? I mean what’s the point?

  • Tamara

    Sad. Let the man rest in peace for goodness sake. His poor family has enough heartache. Mean people suck.

  • m.g

    not going get angry just fount one thing funny about all that “The Topeka-based anti-gay church, known for their ‘God Hates Fags’ banners, are currently in San Francisco for their ‘God Hates the Media’ campaign, targeting the headquarters of Apple, Facebook, and Twitter.” stop me if im wrong but they tweeted these pictures on twitter and there in san francisco starting a campaign about god hating media. if you cant stick to your own religion why have one.


    Westboro church are an absolute disgrace and shouldnt be taken seriously!! They claim to be godly but are more like satan

  • RedDevil9

    Shirley Phelps-Roper is as butch as they come. A classic closet case.

  • tk

    correct me if im wrong, but doesn’t the bible clearly state that the right for judgment is reserved for god alone? and doesn’t it also say that the works of god are his and his alone? and im pretty sure it also says something about not having false gods and idols. so by my account im sure that by calling on people to attend a “church” event for anything other than worshipping the word of god, would make the “church” leader a false idol since his followers actually follow him, to judge others in gods name…well there seems to be an issue… false idol (church leader), judging others (gods job), in gods name (doing gods work)… well I know what group I don’t wanna be standing next to come judgment day.

  • bigg3469

    The Unholy Inbreds of the Psycho Cult of Evil Fallen St. Fred Phelps aka the Westboro “Baptist” Church (?) the most hated church in the universe are going to picket Robin Williams’ funeral? Let them dare to try!! Every member of the San Francisco LBGT Community should come to Robin Williams’ funeral and drive out those Bigoted, Homophobic hate mongers out of San Francisco like the diseased pest that they are!

  • William Linares

    I will be waiting with rocks ready to throw at them.

  • Testosterone

    I’ve noticed that actors who play an exceeding number of gay roles, more often than not, turn out to be gay.

    Was he gay or not?

    • John Dunbar

      Robin Williams was MARRIED, you jackwad.

      • white squirrel

        being married hetero does not prove hetero
        I recall reading something about gay hollywood actors having sham marriages to maintain public appearences

        • Testosterone

          Exactly. Kristen Stewart should come out already. Go look at pictures of her in her childhood. She is at least bisexual.

          • Oral Rubber

            You first honey, come on big boy show everyone how it’s done..

    • Oral Rubber

      I’ve noticed that most homophobic men are closet homosexuals with mental problems. They substitute their hidden desire to have sex with a real living man with a pretend relationship with an imaginary person called jesus, is that what’s going on with you?

      • Testosterone

        Blah..blah…that is a tired statement, concocted by true homosexuals as a means of inciting disgust into the individual that is confronting them. It is no different than an animal that is being chased by prey, defecating as a means to incite disgust into the prey to avoid being chased.

        Homosexuality is a birth-defect of the hormones that determine male/female. Most of you LGBT know that you are biologically abnormal. All of these decades, you have been trying to figure out a way to achieve normalcy, while diverting attention away from the “biologically defective” part. The result is that homosexuals feel that they cannot tell the truth, that they are born gay and that it is a birth-defect, so they struggle, and some commit suicide.

        Blame yourselves for suppressing the truth, trying to have your cake and eat it too.

        • Oral Rubber

          You’re a home school boy I can tell, no really I can, home school it shows by your comments, closet case, I bet you are sitting there with your thumb stuck in your ass dreaming of jesus getting up close and personal. Sad little boy with only his thumb and a box of doughnuts to play with. So “private only status” I see, bit of a billy no mates, what a shame.

          • Testosterone

            And you are gay. That trumps everything – the worst of the worst.

          • Oral Rubber

            Try again love, the worst of the worst is living a lie, hating yourself for living, believing in a religion that is death to the reasoning mind, loathing others for living a happy free life that you deny to yourself, being a puppet of the snake oil salesmen and women who make millions out of your fears and ignorance in the name of a god that never existed in short the worst of the worst is the life you live right now, come out of the damned closet already! Why are you hanging around the gays love, do you think we haven;t seen dopes like you before, do you really think we don’t know the truth about you? We do.

          • Testosterone

            I think that you know that you are biologically different.

          • Oral Rubber

            From you most assuredly, and far superior to you in every possible way, so home school closet boy, what was the name of the dinosaur j-sus was supposed to be riding on when he went to Disneyland according to your text? Still hanging around with the gays too eh? You must be loving it.

          • Testosterone

            You act like this site is for LGBT people only.

          • Oral Rubber

            You act like I give a damn what you think, I don’t. You drop in here wanting to act the christian warrior, but, you just prove to anyone reading your tripe that you are a typical closet case with an itch you just cannot scratch. You are a bore at best and an insignificant bore at worst. Come up with something new, go on shock us with the scope and depth of your home schooling? Failing that simple request could you just go away and bore your fellow delusional christian haters?

          • Testosterone

            For someone who does not give a damn what you think, you have responded to my messages more than all the other people here combined.

            I will not go away. You should be happy that I am here. After all, I learned what I am doing by watching that LGBT does.

          • Oral Rubber

            Sweety pie, you can’t see it but it is as plain as day you come here because you are gay and hate yourself for being so. You have an obsession with being butch, as though a real man just can’t love other men, you are an idiot for thinking that because it is not true, real men do love other real men. That you are a self hating gay is a cause of sadness for us, you can’t keep away from this site, which really is for LGBT people, and we understand that. I love my life, I have friends I love, I have a man I love, I am very fortunate. Get real, home school and get a life that will make you happy, we wish you well. You are obviously in a very bad place in your head and I sincerely hope that one day you will find the courage to, come out of the damn closet, and be happy. End of, no more, good luck.

          • Testosterone

            There you go again, a male, acting like a female. The only people who call me sweetie-pie ever had breasts. You need to man-up.

          • Oral Rubbed U up..

            Precious nobody has ever called you anything but demented or mental because you, my pet, need treatment for your neurosis about being a closet case. Still do keep ranting on love it must be better than going postal on fine day?

          • DAVID MICHAEL

            Yeah so what. And you are different from us. And black is different from White, and Asian is different from Indian, and we all are different from Horses. Get over it. Don’t let it get your panties stuck up your crack. You seem obsessed with rage over differences. Look around ding dong, everyone is “different” in one way or another. That’s life, quit trying to change or destroy it, because, you can’t. Lots of wasted energy there rage boy. You could be a star, but you are playing the town idiot. But, I will say, you do it well. Don’t you have a big brother who could pound some sense into you?

          • Testosterone

            Different is not the right word. That is a the problem – a group of people are born with a birth-defect, then engage in surreptitious behave to convince us that it is not. This is the true perversion.

            In the USA, LBGT lobbied the American Psychological Association heavily to get the word normal inserted somehow, somewhere, in an official document that was produced by APA. Homosexuals were in APA when it finally happened. They lobby our Center for Disease Control to stop using terminology that stigmatizes HIV. They lobby the Food & Drug Administration to be able to donate sperm and donate blood. All this lobby? And for what? To make homosexuality, and the acts and diseases that go with it, appear normal in the eyes of heterosexuals.

            Homosexuality, and the entire array of L-G-B-T-Q-XYZ is caused by birth-defect. It is not merely different. If I see someone from Mongolia or Africa, that person might look different. But when I see the lesbian sister of a model, I do not see different. Her cranio-facial structure does not look right. She looks like she has a kind of birth-defect.

            Quit living in denial. There is undoubted at least one hermaphrodite or transsexual person who has read this thread and is shaking his/her head because they know that THEY have birth defect just like you, but you L-G-B are hypocrites who think that you are better than they are. You are not. You merely have less visible anatomical aberration.

            Just admit it.

          • Oral Rubber

            Oh! You big sad old closet case, all those words and so little sense in any of it, so sad, and I say this to you in the kindest most caring way possible, and it’s so boring love, really stultifying stuff. Why not go and stand in front a mirror and say to the person you are looking at, hey stop with the boring and just come out already? But then you’d need to be a real man to do that so you won’t will you home school?

          • Testosterone

            If you really are a man, yous should stop using words like love and dearest. Those are female words. Man up!

          • Lumberjack

            Oh! Kissyface I only do it to annoy you, and it does, it does. So I’m guessing that you are bit on the small side and have a massive complex about not measuring up, right? I think I am love, I think we have got your number, tiny and a closet case, still live with your parents eh? Course you do.


          Haha, you truly are a half a laugh. We all meet in the bushes at sunset to make sure everyone keeps that story straight and under wraps. WE didn’t ever want anyone to find out. This is heart breaking. The news is out. Oh fiddle dee dee. Now what are we going to do??? You really got our number Testies. I just can’t believe someone as naive and dork struck rediculous as you actually hit the jackpot. Ding!Ding!Ding! Good going, You are a real winner. Write a book? Pulitzer prize maybe? Pen name Estrogen? Never know, better get typing. No not with your toes dummy. Oyvey.

    • I have noticed.
      You are not acting…

  • Testosterone

    Homosexuality is a birth-defect of the sexual endocrine system. LGBT needs to admit this and quit trying to force us to think that it is normal. Homosexuality is not normal.

    • John Dunbar

      *Levels his 5mm minigun at you and squeezes the trigger, unleashing a hailstorm of hot lead which shreds your unarmored form..*

      • Testosterone

        I am American, and under US laws, we are allowed to take threats of injury or death seriously and defend ourselves with deadly force. Most of us are armed, as you know, some of us essentially 24×7. Hope our paths never cross, Mr. Dunbar.

        • Oral Rubber

          Are you ever coming out of the closet? Or do you weigh 300 pounds and still live with your parents?

          • Testosterone

            Never in a million years would I have ever thought that someone who names itself “oral rubber” would have the nerve to denigrate someone else. Fail.

          • Oral Rubber

            It’s a play on words dearest, Oral Roberts con man snake oil salesman, jesus tripe peddler so Oral Rubber is quite good I think. So is it the doughnuts that have caused the blubber or is is just you can’t get out the closet because the door is too tight?

          • Testosterone

            Just exercising my rights. You LGBT do it all the time.

          • Oral Rubber

            Try exercising your brain it will be more beneficial to you.

          • HATE is not a right.
            HATE is a crime.

          • Testosterone

            I will not let you vilify me or verbally abuse me as a form of censorship. I do not hate LGBT people. I do think LGBT leadership is filled with hypocrites who attempt to suppress the truth. The truth is, at the very least, hermaphrodites are born with birth-defects.

          • Closetbuster

            Yep, you are an obvious 100% self hating closet case, and I think John Dunbar has your number right on the button, so “butch” is any of this actually getting through to you?

          • Testosterone

            No. I actually feel sorry for you LGBT.

            You are everything you claim others to be. Your hate runs deep. You self-loathe. You are sexually rapacious. You are hypocritical toward other B and T of LGBT. You are totally lacking in objectivity about your birth-defect. You are verbally abusive. It’s like you start out a social disadvantage of, say, a -2, then proceed to make it a -8.

            I see why the word gay was chosen. You guys are not really gay, you are walking cluster-f*cks of moral distemper. You chose the word gay for the same reason a fat person calls herself thin – as a direct counter-statement tot the truth.

          • Jesusisnotmydad.

            That’s it put your foot down (size 4, boys narrow fitting) and let those gays know just how you feel about them. You are so angry, so frustrated, and so far in the closet you should be calling us from Narnia.You do realize that we are just laughing our socks off at your ranting don’t you? Knock yourself out sweet cheeks.

        • Ah but your comment is no longer within the protection of US borders…

          • Testosterone

            But I am.

        • John Dunbar

          Gee, Testy, i’m an American, too.. and if you think John Dunbar is My real name, then you’re an even bigger idiot than I first thought. What I DO think you are is a child.. probably about seventeen, living in your Mommy’s basement.. and it’s hilarious that you think a 5mm minigun is a real weapon.

    • white squirrel

      Religion is a brain-defect of the CN system. patriachal religion needs to admit this and quit trying to force us to think that it is normal. belief in ‘god’ is not normal.

    • Oral Rubber

      You really think you are? Come out the damn closet you dope and pull the cross out of your ass so you can speak without your mouth being full.

      • Testosterone

        And you are gay. That trumps everything.

        • Oral Rubber

          Well dearest it sure beats being a home school moron with a fixation on a fictional god figure, and it really does trump living a life self hating because others are living theirs free of bigotry and fear. So do tell why are you hanging around the gays love? Looking for a date? Need a bit of encouragement? What?

    • Psychologist

      You are of course WRONG !
      Homosexuality is entirely normal !
      However, what is NOT normal, is your clearly high level of homophobia !
      HomoPHOBIA is officially a psychological disorder – as are ALL phobias !
      Homophobia is caused by you denying your OWN homosexuality !
      It much feel very claustrophobic for you, living in a small closet !

      • Testosterone

        HomoPHOBIA is officially a psychological disorder – as are ALL phobias !

        So arachnophobia is a psychological disorder? That wold make 90+% of heterosexual women and 80+% of effeminate homosexual men afflicted not only with endocrine disorder (homosexuality), but also a psychological disorder (arachnophobia).

        • Oral Rubber

          See, this is what home schooling does for you it keeps you in ignorance, makes you befuddled in reasoning, and above all leaves you yearning for a pet dinosaur like the one J-Sus was sitting on when you last went to a creationist theme park. Sad, but not to worry, we are enjoying your stupidity and that’s good.

        • Psychologist

          Yes, that’s correct ! A PHOBIA IS a psychological disorder.
          Some are mild disorders and affect very little of someone’s life, where as some people’s lives can be devastated by their phobia.
          HomoPHOBIA is a “projected” fear of one’s OWN suppressed homosexuality. You seem to be very homophobic.

          • Testosterone

            You’re full of it. You just don’t want to admit that you do not want to admit the truth.

    • HATE is something you are indoctrinated with.
      HATE needs to have laws that actually deal with what the goal of hate is.
      HATE is an infectious disease.

      • Testosterone

        Not hate. Unless you mean that LGBT hate hearing the truth – that homosexuality is Darwinistically abnormal. The entire LGBT spectrum is caused by birth-defects in the sexual endocrine system.

        • Teabager Baggins

          LOL just priceless! Are you wearing a tinfoil hat as you type up your madness?

    • John Dunbar

      Hey, MORON.. homosexual behavior occurs in almost EVERY other mammalian species on the face of the planet.. going to claim that they all have a purported “birth defect of the sexual endocrine system”, too? What a load of crap. On the other hand, I CAN prove that Conservatards like you DO have a brain defect, one which makes you HARDWIRED to be gutless, selfish cowards… behold:

      • Testosterone

        Yes, those are birth-defects. Birth-defects do happen in nature. If they did not, there would be no birth-defects.

    • John Dunbar

      See, Conservatards like yourself have an abnormally small Anterior Cingulate Cortex, the center of the brain which is responsible for things like hope and charitable behavior. You also have an abnormally LARGE Amygdala, which is the brain’s reptilian FEAR center.. making you constantly AFRAID of EVERYTHING. Thus, you fear anything/anyone which is outside of your own narrow little scope of personal “normalcy”.. which, in the case of IDIOTS like you, means the narrow little defile that your religion has programmed you to think in… your idiotic belief in a non-existent “cosmic parental figure”, and the “Cosmic Jewish Zombie”. And thus your phobic reactions to nearly everything.. which is also why Conservatards like you cling to your guns, because they make you feel empowered. Not to mention that they also help you compensate for your case of Teeny Weeny Peenie Syndrome.

      • Testosterone

        Behold, a person who would rather suppress the truth than let it be known.

  • RU_Nutz

    The next time one of our country’s gun toting nutcases decides to go on a shooting spree I hope they target the WBC instead of a school or mall.

  • Peggy Hill

    Robin will be up in heaven looking down at WBC and telling jokes to God about them. They are a big joke and they are taking on the master.

  • white squirrel

    WBC seek attention
    standard behaviour for toddlers under 3 years old

  • qcubed

    If only we could expunge people like this, with lethal force, from the nation.

  • Granny Annie

    I don’t usually quote the bible but I believe there is a verse in scripture that refers to these people; it simply it says, “JESUS WEPT!”

  • RogerRobberstad

    Sic sic sic people! The gates of hell is open for “members” of this “church”.

  • mc

    Beware lest you be judged as you judge. My God did not make the WBC his spokespeople ! God can Speak for himself! When we all face him in private, after death. WBC, leave Robins family alone!! Let them have peace at his funeral.
    The only one who will really judge Robin is God. I’m sure God can see beyond the hateful BS you WBC people spew out. Robin Williams was an ambassador of love. I’m sure God put him on this earth to bring joy to people that were sad. and now God needs him for something more wonderful.
    God Bless you Robin. May your soul rest in peace !

    • Oral Rubber

      Your god is a genocidal psychopath that nobody in their right mind would touch with a soiled stick. Robin Williams is dead, gone forever. The dead don’t concern themselves with the living because they are dead. No god judges anyone because no god exists. The lawyers in the Westbro business hate for a living, they don’t believe one word on the signs they make, really they don’t, but they depend on you thinking they do. They play with your need to believe in your god and they manipulate your outrage to get them closer to the only god they truly believe in, money!

  • Bruce Wayne

    I look forward to the day when someone being picketed by these inbred knuckle-draggers finally decides enough is enough and sends the loony bunch on their way to hell. In the bloodiest fashion, of course.
    And good riddance it will be.

  • Tiff

    The reason Robin Williams dressed in drag was because he was in a comedy film. It was supposed to be for entertainment purposes, nothing more.The man was clearly straight, so what makes those Baptists think he was upholding gays? I’m sure that he didn’t have a problem with gays, and neither should the Baptists. A true Christian would know that the Bible says “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” -Mark 12:31. The scripture isn’t referring to your next door neighbor, it is referring to the other people around you. Everyone, including gays. After all “For God did not come into the world to condemn the world, but through him it might be saved” -John 3-17

    The signs those Christians want to put up around Robin’s funeral site are inappropriate, and do not show love for the man whose soul is at rest. If the Baptists want to attend Robin’s funeral, they should preach that his soul be in the hands of a just God. That is the only thing that should be preached at someone’s funeral. We cannot say where his soul will go, for we are not God. To condemn him or anyone else because of sexuality is wrong.

    Personally, I thought Robin was an inspiring actor and he brought joy to many people’s lives. I am deeply saddened by his passing, and I would like to say to his family that many other people all over the world share in your grief. And do not weep, because Robin’s soul is at peace as he awaits the final judgement of the Lord.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I bet they laugh every movie Robin Williams was feature. Yet their hate over power the laughs and giggles watching Robin Williams.

  • velvet_rose

    Horrible horrible people! It’s people like these that drove his poor daughter off the internet with their vile comments and images

  • The God Channel Will Be Dead if They Do

  • Richard Dean Jones

    Why dont gays FLOOD the church by the hundreds every sinday, are there not enough gays who have the guts to go to church there? Imagine if hundreds showed up and peacefully attended church, the members would soon quit, and the problem would be over !

    • LJ

      Because that would be harrasment and indimidation, I’d rather not sink to their level.

  • Jen

    Matthew 7:1-3King James Version (KJV)

    7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    The first sin was pride, they are not glorifying God when they desecrate funerals. The members of this church are glorifying Satan.

  • sarge

    I hope the vet motor cycle grope shows up and then they take off as they sure don’t want a confrontation with then for sure and the media should not cover them protesting and they will go away. I am on an honor guard rifleman an if they ever show up to one of ours I carry a clip with real rounds and I damn sure lock and load

  • Colin Cass

    This Evil Cult should be banned as other hate organizations are in civilised countries,These are just nasty bigots ,full of hate have no place in modern society.They certainly are NOT Christians& i am sure that they will get a shock on judgement Day!

  • anon

    WBC garage drive + sack of 9 inch nails + sack of quick drying cement = no WBC pickets for a while

  • anon

    while i dont in any way endorse property damage
    if the WBC had no transportation other than public ones
    they would find it much more difficult to send any pickets out
    and if the vehicles they own are secure then the driveway leading to the road is not
    just a thought – I dont suggest in any way that anything illegal is actually done

  • anon

    while i dont in any way endorse murder
    couldnt the next yank teen-angst high school social-misfit nutjob rifle-rampager choose their target to be of benefit to the world?

  • white squiirel

    given how much WBC are a laughing stock in USA
    the proverb they quote ‘fools make a mock of sin ‘ could just as easily apply to WBC

  • white squiirel

    WBC – a reason [tho not the only one] why i am not and never will be xian

  • white squirrel

    I notice my previous three comments were deleted by PN
    fully justified i guess given their suggestions of what to do about WBC

  • Ronald Touchet

    I know this is upsetting news for a lot of you. Robin Williams was a wonderful man who touched many people with his acting and the word he did off screen. However don’t call for punishment for these people of hate. Look how miserable they are, having to attack a dead man and his family. The worst suffering they will ever endure is living with themselves. They know it, they just can’t see it.
    Plus they will never get to enjoy a Robin Williams movie without betraying their nutty cause. That’s harsh lol.

  • Bob

    Sick people. Too stupid to kill.

  • James Huffman

    It is so wrong for a church to hate like that. God wants us to love everyone. Gay people are no better than the rest of us. It’s people like this that make the real Christians look bad. All sin is bad so why don’t these people make up signs to hold over their kids head for every lie they have told. Let it read I’m a sinning liar, and let them walk down the streets with it. These people are not Godly.

  • justa nothernigger

    death to faggots!

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